Our new EP, "Are You a Window?” will be available Father’s Day Weekend (June 19th) wherever you stream your music.
I’m gonna start doing a lot more Facebook shows because taxes are fucking me super hard
So @ladya is suing someone for having their name before they thought of it...how about Lady C where the “c” is for “colonizer?”
RT @GailDrakes: If she -- #TheRealLadyA -- put "Think Again, Colonizer" on some merch, I would spend money I can't spare to buy it!!😂✊🏾 (La…
RT @ira: With the way @ladya is acting I think the "A" might stand for "antebellum" smh
At the beginning of IJ&TLC, Indiana Jones blows up a ship, presumably in the middle of the ocean. How does he get back to shore?
Don’t forget: Only shop in black owned businesses today #BLACKOUTDAY2020
In Home Alone 2, @realDonaldTrump tells Kevin the lobby is on the left but my man Kev finds it on his right. We all should’ve known then.
We’re live on Facebook now.
Ben Shapiro just needs someone to follow him around and say “why don’t you cry about it?” like 100 times a day.
Austin, I'm listening. I heard the pain in your testimony last night. I hear your calls. We have to do a better job. Police violence must stop. I support the 5 remaining #8cantwait policies for Austin. #ATXCouncil will vote on these police reform policies and more on June 11th. https://t.co/QXXTi0x9EW
Very disappointed in you. I can’t unsee the videos of our city’s police essentially attempting to murder protesters.
Fire Manley and every other cop caught on video abusing their power.
These are insufficient. We are demanding that you #DefundAPD and reallocate resources into avenues that will address sustemic inequalities in our city. Don’t half-ass this, because we’ll still be marching, calling, and voting next week, next month, next year if we have to.
Stop eating @ChickfilA for the love of god https://t.co/PGFAlmvokw
Most of our parents were around for Civil Rights. How many of your parents have stories where they were on the side of justice?
How is anyone supposed to feel safe knowing that the @Austin_Police dept is free to walk the streets?
Your president has always had, & continues to have, the grossest boner for violent authoritarians. npr.org/2017/05/02/526…
RT @vanitaguptaCR: I want everyone to understand what the Senate is doing right now. Senators are not responding to COVID-19 or passing cr…
When you say “all lives matter” what you are really saying is “I cannot stand for literally anything to not be about me.” #blacklivesmatter
RT @davidhogg111: The Republicans that talk about needing guns to fight a tyrannical government are pretty fucking quiet right now.
Talking about how Neville glowed up super hard, we’d both hit it
Are wizarding kids in normal school until it’s Hogwarts time?
Why is Ron’s sandwich wadded up?!?😂
Hagrid just abandons HP at the train. “Oh he found out he’s magic like 30 minutes ago and a lot of people want him dead, he’ll be fine.”
Do you think Olivander is weird as fuck to all the kids or just Harry?
Griphook, you sack of shit...
My GF turned her house into Hogwarts for date night, complete with Butterbeer, caldron cakes & chocolate frogs. Now we live tweet HP&TSS.
RT @congletonjohn: regarding the riots: to be fair. there was a very intelligent respectful man politely and peace-fulling kneeling before…
RT @kieroncg: If you have 10 bad cops and 1,000 good cops, but those 1,000 good cops don’t turn in the 10 bad cops, you have 1,010 bad cops.
What if this Thanksgiving instead of everyone figuring out how to tolerate their racist uncles or whatever, we just fought them?
I wish I believed in Hell.
RT @SarahKSilverman: Police fire tear gas into a peaceful protest of George Floyd’s murder but stood like the goddamn Queen’s Guard when wh…
Does anyone else hate the “people you may know” feature on @Facebook ? Let me turn that shit off, Zuck!
The world doesn’t deserve @okgo They write the best songs. They make the best videos. youtu.be/a5j50F4rlzA
Can’t we just take the money we’d spend on a Blue Angels flyover and break it up evenly among all the nurses? https://t.co/1pjG8nNxJ8
I hope you kids like jazz chords!
Tried CBD for the first time. Also tried hypnosis this weekend. Starting to realize that nothing works on me the way it does for you all
Plandemic is going viral but Wonderfalls got cancelled after one season...we aren’t a serious people.
A relative sent me that dumbass Plandemic video, I used it as a chance to teach my daughter about critical thinking.
RT @velvetbluemusic: SF59 'This Recliner' out 5/14 : youtu.be/vKNHBoY7j0w
Had one of the most stressful dreams of my life last night. Involved Quantum Leap.
We’re live on Facebook now
RT @ReDandelions: Q is for Quiet Company (@quietcompanytx if you'd like to look them up here) #musicalalphabet #quarantinecreating #quaran…
RT @HarrisFootball: That was a short one...are you listening along? Are we sharing a moment or what? I didn't plan this! It's really on sh…
I think the internet is trying to get that Puddle of Mudd guy to self harm.
Also, why the fuck did The Mick get cancelled?! @KaitlinOlson is a goddamn national treasure!
I don’t know what the fuck Quibi is, but this T Mobile commercial has me convinced that it cannot possibly be cool.
I like Venmo because I can see the promoter that stiffed us on a show in December paying other people just fine.
RT @totalvibration: Virtual concerts streaming today, 4/4: @Uncancelled_ fest (Snail Mail, Lauren Jenkins) @LowCutConnie @vijayiyer @brent…
Well, I guess that’s sorted then..😂 twitter.com/billywaynedavi…
Our thoughts are with Adam Schlesinger. His work in @fountainsofwayn and beyond make the world better.
If anyone is handing out sponsorships, I use both @5hourenergy and @ZzzQuil daily. They are products I believe in.
RT @theloyaltyfirm: 🚨 Just added the April music to our Ongoing 2020 #Spotify playlist. Loosely quarantine & pandemic themed jams to enjoy…
Have enough of you made some version of the “I’ve been social distancing for years” joke yet? https://t.co/ciFoqTkI5m
RT @mobleywho: Just heard from a family friend who contracted coronavirus & had to be rushed to the hospital with acute symptoms. She said…
RT @TheCJMorgan: I'll do some Austin #emo leaning bands too. Help me out @quietcompanytx I Love you But I've Chosen Darkness ...Trail of…
RT @congletonjohn: i never knew so many of you fuckheads played guitar.
If your band uses bongos or conga drums, I probably don’t like it.
I want to eat a big goddamn bag of cashews https://t.co/KLDbh9Vhat
I wonder if @wellsfargo and their ilk will cancel people’s mortgages while everyone can’t work. I wonder what the landlords will do to help
RT @danpfeiffer: 1. Trump fired the pandemic response unit created by Obama after Ebola. 2. Trump cut CDC funding 3. During H1N1, 1 milli…
If you’re celebrating #SXSW being cancelled, please promptly, and aggressively, go fuck yourself.
Counting calories is less fun than eating like I expect to be executed.
Does Tulsi know she’s still running?
Nostalgia is a hell of a drug. I just want a pill that makes it like it’s 1989 & my mom brought home Little Caesar’s & a cookie cake
RT @arynkeen: @Marsicans @sxsw I highly recommend catching @quietcompanytx at @barracudaaustin this Friday night if you aren’t able to book…
The internet ads people are targeting me super hard with all the new things Pizza Hut is offering and IT IS WORKING.
RT @nbcsnl: 𝗙𝗹𝗶𝗽𝗽𝗲𝗱 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘀𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗰𝗵. https://t.co/t8qHcGRUhY
RT @busblog: @g_ack The few times I attended SXSW were some of the best times of my life. I am so happy you all are going to keep the party…
RT @MattBesser: Especially bummed #SXSW cancelled cuz I was finally going to stay the full week to see the music side of the festival. I ho…
I love SXSW and I’m very nervous for our future.
I have never gotten sick of watching Newsradio over and over. Best show ever, man!
RT @kaity_lulu: It's 2020 and I'm still listening to Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon @quietcompanytx safe to say that shit resonates
RT @SGC0L0RAD0: @quietcompanytx and @magicrockersotx, two of my favorite bands, are playing on the same bill @barracudaaustin March 13. I n…
We have a couple shows at SXSW next week. Please come but don’t fucking touch me.
My moral compass was shaped by Marvel Comics, Vonnegut, & the Sermon on the Mount, so I voted for @BernieSanders
Chris Matthews is insufferable
The least surprising thing about that debate was when @ewarren beat on Bloomberg’s old ass like she was being paid by the spank.
That is who she is. That is who she has been this whole time. She has spent her entire career defending consumers and workers.
Stop worshipping wealth, ya fucks.
I’m going to see Sonic the Hedgehog tonight. I dunno why, but I need y’all to know I would’ve still seen it when he had human teeth. #sega
RT @thepsychogeoff: I put together a (late) birthday show again this year. It's late because my January sucked. This show will rule, thoug…
If you wanted our next record to be about politics or feelings, I’m sorry. If you’re hoping for “concept record about Disney’s Gargoyles”...
I bet everyone feels this way about whatever Weird Al Yankovic record was the first they heard as a kid, but Alapalooza is a masterpiece!
RT @LowinATX: Big thx to @Playback_Austin and @AustinChronicle for premiering our newest jam. DL/Stream via @Bandcamp here. Up on all strea…
Gave up sodas for New Years, and I’m trying to do this week with no sugar. This sucks. I want that delicious poison. Give it to me.
Whoever is running @DollyParton ‘s social media deserves a raise! They are crushing it!
I miss @theweakerthans
Romantic feelings of any kind are a real hassle, huh?
RT @c47d: More amazing music! Writing for this feature just reinforced to me how incredible all this #Austin music was. Seriously worth che…
Hey @YouTube I’m sorry for whatever I watched that made you think I wanted to see PragerU ads.
RT @g_ack: @sxsw @ASinclairmusic @buenosdiazmusic @YourBUHUbanD @bofalebill @CurseMackey @dosseytx @EmilyWolfeMusic @erictessmerband @gofev…
Cici’s Pizza is so fucking good. I wish there was one closer to my house!!
Don’t forget that in season 2 of Gargoyles, Goliath fights nazis, beats up Odin, defends the rain forest, and makes friends w/ an alien.
I wish I was friends with @RealClancyBrown . He seems like such a cool dude and what a career!
RT @jealex: It’s a @quietcompanytx kinda afternoon 🔥
RT @barracudaaustin: 🔮 #FREEWEEK | Jan 4th at #BarrysClub 🌟 INSIDE: @quietcompanytx @darkbirdband @ColorCandyTalk @sooper_theef 🌟 OUTSIDE:…
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