Our new EP, "On Corners & Shapes" is available everywhere digital music is sold/streamed
I am very nervous.
Remember when DC made a Justice League movie and didn’t even think it was worth having Superman shave a mustache?
I feel like one of the best uses of anyone’s energy is in trying to avoid a beef with Eminem.
Hey @toothandnail let’s get that @sf59 “Have yourself a merry little Xmas” and Seven Day “o Holy Night” streaming, eh?
New Black Widow trailer looks fun
That new Taylor Swift xmas video is pretty goddamn adorable.
Hey @hulu I never want to see another goddamn pharmaceutical commercial ever again. Can you make that happen?
I like the Mandalorian because we finally see a Mandalorian actually so cool stuff. Boba Fett is a poser bitch. All he is is a cool hat.
Oh well, guess we will just confirm more life-tenured federal judges until he reconsiders. twitter.com/johncornyn/sta…
Yeah, you’re a dick
RT @101XHomegrown: Hey friends, be sure to flip on @101X tonight at 9pm! The show will have lots of new stuff from the likes of @TrailOfDea…
I’m thinking of deleting our band Facebook page and starting over.
Kevin’s mistrust of adults is 100% justified. #HomeAloneLostInNewYork
It’s super possible that I will never see Fantasia again.
My daughter and I started watching Smallville together. I’d forgotten how Jonathan Kent is a total dickbag to Lex all the time.
Finally tried @tacobell for breakfast, and you know what? It was delicious. What a time to be alive!!
RT @SGATXResists: Jammin’ to the new @quietcompanytx single en route to CO. https://t.co/w0nyM3Ksy7
RT @HarrisFootball: Austinites! Go see @quietcompanytx tomorrow! twitter.com/KUTX/status/11…
Remembering Lily & James Potter today https://t.co/dzxjUgJaBQ
I wish @mewithoutYou would make records forever but I’ll try to smile because it happened, not cry because it’s over.
I think they grew @mattgaetz in a douchebag lab.
RT @andrwfhenderson: i pledge not to spill 4.9 million barrels of oil into the gulf of mexico twitter.com/BP_plc/status/…
Oh cool, another episode of @TheGoldbergsABC where Bev is overbearing and Erica is a selfish bitch and they all learn the same lesson again
RT @KUTX: We're one week out from the @GirlsRockAustin Benefit featuring @quietcompanytx, @shybeastmusic, @OtisDestroyer and more at @barra…
My newest celebrity crushes are @BillyWayneDavis and @katystoll
Can’t stop listening to this song by @lookpark today. This whole record is fucking amazing. https://t.co/WtVXMp8mhI
RT @musicaustin: Head to @barracudaaustin and support @GirlsRockAustin with the likes of @shybeastmusic @quietcompanytx and @OtisDestroyer…
Me and Paul are ready to see some goddamn @OurLadyPeace
Here’s the thing about @FlyriteChicken , it is too expensive BUT it is the best chicken sandwich I have ever had. #Superflystyle
The two new @GreenDay songs don’t sound like Green Day to me at all. They’re cool as hell though!
Last I checked, no one had a gun to anyone’s head saying you had to like Marvel movies. Fuck off and let us have fun at the movies, dickwads
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RT @KUTX: Don't miss the @GirlsRockAustin Benefit at @barracudaaustin on Nov. 1 featuring: @quietcompanytx @shybeastmusic @OtisDestroyer…
Someone bring me bbq, please.
Take your kid to Fiesta Texas so they can witness the Flash Pass and you can teach them about some classist bullshit
Tomorrow @papertigersa in San Antonio! 25 years of @Weezer ‘s Blue Album (& a little Pinkerton too.) also Color Candy as @Alanis https://t.co/Khq7UfYHPF
RT @papertigersa: This Friday! Our dudes ⁦@quietcompanytx⁩ are gonna Blue Album your face off. Also “No One Else” is the best track on tha…
A drinking game where we drink every time an older comedian says some version of “you can’t say anything anymore!”
I think @Reddsaidit is the star of the Baldwin roast.
@LindseyGrahamSC you’re a joke.
Newsradio might just be the best sitcom of the 90’s
I’m playing a solo show on Friday. I’m playing a new song. I will try to play it correctly. https://t.co/LbVGdh3dd4
Fuck summer in its stupid fucking ass.
Daily, I go from “I could be in a relationship!” to “I should be celibate forever...” with bipolar rapidity.
I wonder what crazy email forward @ksorbs is gonna make a movie out of ne....oh youtu.be/Epff4PkE3Y0
Today for lunch, I think I’ll have a nap on the floor of the conference room.
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There’s literally a “straight pride” parade happening. I hope they finally make straight marriage legal!
Fascism is bad, in case you’ve never read a book.
Patriot Prayer are fascists
I work in an office full of conservatives. Just had a conversation about climate change. I can guarantee you all that we are fucked.
I wish prayer worked. I’d be praying some dark-ass prayers. Also voodoo. I wish voodoo worked.
Our new record has a name. Now all it needs is 10-15 completed songs.
RT @_NewSlang: New Midland record out today, folks. https://t.co/tYSjbwzwBp
Just drove by an 18 wheeler that looked just like Ultra Magnus
Proud boys are Nazis.
You’re way too fucking stupid to have your job
@senatemajldr go fuck yourself
RT @ClubDadaDFW: TOMORROW: @MarginWalkerDTX presents @quietcompanytx with The Deathray Davies and @SEALIONband dadadallas.com/event/1868835-… h…
RT @ClubDadaDFW: A lot of shows to start your August with… @transmitdallas @quietcompanytx @sealionband @Pdaddynthehyena @soapradjams @the_…
RT @ClubDadaDFW: This Saturday, @MarginWalkerDTX presents @quietcompanytx with The Deathray Davies and @SEALIONband! https://t.co/3tYK97hV…
Why do Progressive insurance adjusters wear aprons?
“Leave Here A Stranger” might be the best @starflyer59 record. It’s so goddamn good.
“Leave Here A Stranger” might be the best @sf59 record. It’s so goddamn good.
Did that thing again where I sat on the toilet playing solitaire too long and the automated lights went out. Hate that.
A Million Ways To Die In The West is a super underrated movie. #sethmcfarlane
The Cranberries fucking sucked.
The Fresh Prince should be streaming. @netflix and @Hulu are fucking up.
RT @mohawkaustin: Just announced: @quietcompanytx with @GentlemenRogues, @ramsvelas, @aubreyhaysband Friday, September 6th! Tickets on sale…
The Dandy Warhols cover for the new Veronica Mars season isn’t cool. Bring back the Dandies, please.
I think Nintendo should make Alf a playable character on Super Smash Bros.
If you don’t like ALF then fuck you.
I’m so thankful to everyone I’ve met through music that hasn’t been a super off-putting weirdo! #2blessed2Bstressed
I ate a Beyond Meat burrito at Freebirds two days ago and I’ve made so many mud pies since then.
“We Are All Where We Belong” but about astrology
RT @velvetbluemusic: our friends @quietcompanytx play Weezer'z 'blue album' on July 20th - Austin, TX @ Empire Garage . . . https://t.co/Aw…
RT @danpfeiffer: In the eyes of much of the political, trying to be good, but not being perfect is a much worse sin than not even trying ht…
RT @trevordowdy: This is on Saturday! Quiet Company covers the Blue Album! Mt Grey covers Songs for the Deaf! Color Candy covers Jagged Lit…
The Sandlot is to Summer what Home Alone is to Winter. Almost.
RT @ChrisMosser: Incoming! is my @Spotify playlist of bands and artists playing in Austin in the next few weeks - right now featuring Austi…
RT @SGATXResists: @jonmbauer I think everyone should pay attention to these local Austin bands: @quietcompanytx @TheSourNotes @gofeverban…
“The zodiac is an excuse for people who want to talk about themselves without the burden of making sense” - @louisvirtel THANK YOU!
I already love Maya Hawke
Stranger Things 3 is not fucking around
RT @denaedibrell: So pumped to get to see @quietcompanytx in exactly a month! Just bought my tickettt
Remember when we didn’t know what a dweeb @ksorbs is?
RT @SGATXResists: I will die on this hill: @quietcompanytx “The Alone, Together” is truly a rockin’ masterpiece. youtu.be/5ysZZGUbhiM
Hey @Pluckers the volume of trivia guy is aggressive as hell and it’s fucking up my life
Here’s @SomeMoreNews doing the lord’s work youtu.be/aDMjgOYOcDw
I honestly don’t think I’ve ever laughed at/with Jay Leno
I wish I’d told Kevin Sorbo what an asshole he is at Wizard World last year when I had the chance.
I hope Netflix makes the Chronicles of Narnia right, because those old Narnia movies suuuuuuuuuuuucked shit.
I’m getting @longjohnslvrs for lunch today and it’s all I can think about.
I can’t wait for Christmas, guys!!!!
@IwriteOK is doing the lord’s work.
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