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Jeff Sessions is a remarkably, and willfully, ignorant man.
RT @SarahHuckabee: When you're attacking FBI agents because you're under criminal investigation, you're losing twitter.com/politicalwire/…
What do you guys think the next crazy-old-man thing President Snowflake will say will be?!? @realDonaldTrump
RT @BetoORourke: In the fall, I signed a discharge petition calling for a vote on the Dream Act. Was told to hold on, wait until next year.…
RT @BetoORourke: 11 town halls in 30 hours starts tomorrow! 🚙Rockwall 🚙Greenville 🚙Sulphur Springs 🚙Emory 🚙Mineola 🚙Tyler 🚙Canton 🚙Terrell…
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RT @jonfavs: 2017 saw the fewest number of jobs created in 6 years. 3.5 million more are uninsured. Premiums are up. And Trump has taken…
RT @EditorJeffSir: The very best of an outstanding roster of Top 50 records this year! The top 10 from @Japandroids @AlexLahey @GretaVanFle…
I hope you all won the arguments with your family at Xmas! #MerryChristmas
RT @eolsencreative: Top 10 Songs of 17 On Ex-Husbands/Wives @quietcompanytx In Undertow @alvvaysband THE SOUND @noahgundersen Cold Blood @j…
RT @Mr_DrinksOnMe: A Gazelle entered a shop in the state of Colorado. The owner decided to give him some chocolate and biscuits. He left an…
Afrin is so powerful that Chuck Norris makes Chuck Norris jokes about Afrin.
Wouldn't it be great if Muppet Babies was all on Blu-ray?Please RT @Disney @WaltDisneyCo @TheMuppets
If George Lucas had made Jar Jar Binks a bottle of Afrin, the Phantom Menace would have been the best Star Wars movie of the entire series.
If Rian Johnson worked a bottle of Afrin into the plot of The Last Jedi, the Rotten Tomatoes audience score would be as high as the critics score.
If you don't think Muppet Babies was a great show, go fuck yourself.
If a mutant was born with the power of Afrin, that mutant would not only be the greatest X-man, but also the greatest superhero to ever exist.
Afrin is proof that aliens have visited from the future and given us their advanced nasal technologies.
If you put god's tears in a 1 FL OZ (30 mL) bottle w/ a nasal tip, you would have Afrin.
Afrin is proof that magic & sorcery exist on Earth.
Quick update on astrology: still horseshit.
RT @JScullyClemmons: Gettin' the holidays goin' right at the @quietcompanytx holiday house party. ift.tt/2zhXdeo https://t.co/zKgS…
RT @LesWeiler: @quietcompanytx holiday party. Love these guys. https://t.co/gBLQSwHM5T
Is Newsradio the dark horse best sitcom of the 90's? I think it very well could be.
But Mueller needs to clean house of partisans twitter.com/StevenTDennis/…
So only people with no political opinions can work on investigations or prosecutions? How did that work when you were AG?
Texas needs to clean house and we will at our earliest opportunity. You don't represent us.
I haven't talked about the new Killers record enough, but it's like the opposite of the FCC's net neutrality decision.
Hahaha @MooreSenate, never stop eating shit!
RT @danpfeiffer: Paul Ryan is as responsible for the rot at the heart of his party and the political system as Steve Bannon or Trump.
5 HOURS AND 0 MINUTES til I see The Last Jedi https://t.co/FkNeN4Kx3n
Hey @FCC we support #NetNeutraility and a future where @AjitPaiFCC is unemployed
RT @BlisterPearl: Today, they'll vote to take our #NetNeutrality Then they can really get down to destroying our free & open internet. Th…
While we are all celebrating Star Wars today, don't forget that @AjitPaiFCC is a loathsome corporate shill. #NetNeutrality
10 HOURS AND 30 MINUTES until I see The Last Jedi https://t.co/fdStZntYDf
26 HOURS AND 46 MINUTES until I see The Last Jedi. https://t.co/dFVGX8kg5Y
30 HOURS AND 53 MINUTES until I see The Last Jedi. https://t.co/qP6AW9D0I8
RT @GovMikeHuckabee: Roy Moore won’t concede; says will wait on God to speak. God wasn’t registered to vote in AL but the ppl who voted did…
I know I'm tweeting about politics a lot but as soon as America feels normal again, I'll go back to trying to win #JenniferLawrence's heart
Way to go, Alabama. Now fuck off forever, @MooreSenate
RT @jonlovett: Happy Hannukah to Roy Moore's lawyer.
You're a reasonable person living in Alabama, today is the day you get to save America, & all you have to do is your civic duty. Vote Jones!
"The America I love still exists at the front desks of our public libraries...and at the office of @CAH" - What I think Vonnegut would say
So now east Texan friends/fans/fam, you need to realize that you can no longer vote straight ticket republican without endorsing pedophilia
Hometown embarrassment, @replouiegohmert is in Alabama today, apparently trying to find a new low, and campaigning for a pedophile.
The truth is that people like @SpeakerRyan love Jesus Christ for the branding but detest everything he said. #MerryChristmasYaFilthyAnimals
RT @JohnFugelsang: Sadly, the Roy Moore pedophilia accusations have successfully distracted from Roy Moore being a batshit lying homophobic…
RT @bessbell: Republicans of Alabama: Voting for an accused pedophile because you don't want people to be gay and have abortions doesn't me…
I think a lot about what Kurt Vonnegut would've said about the world in 2017. I think I could probably guess that he wouldn't be optimistic.
All of the Holiday House Shows are officially SOLD OUT! We can't wait to party with everyone. https://t.co/PmL9tiJkuA
Hey @V8 , big fan of these energy drinks. Can we get this Peach Mango business in a diet? https://t.co/01tFtajCX6
The funny thing about @MooreSenate is that he was already an indefensible piece of shit before we found out he was also a sexual deviant.
My greatest hope is that one day @SpeakerRyan and @SenateMajLdr are poor.
I doubt we have any followers that support Roy Moore but if we do, you can go fuck yourself, you pedophile enabling, soulless fuck.
Our 6th Annual Holiday House Shows start THIS WEEKEND! There are only a handful of tickets left for our DALLAS... fb.me/8RHx0OGJG
Has anyone since 1992 been able to say "It's 2 in the morning" w/o immediately following w/ "got the fatburger?" https://t.co/skbTgNJPW2
Guess who's playing Free Week this year?! We'll see you Sat, Jan 6th at Barracuda Austin! fb.me/CIPtVxpk
RT @Scout_Finch: This is Senator John Isakson of Georgia. He's worth an estimated $10 million. The average construction worker in Georgia…
Rebublican lawmakers are running out of ways to say "fuck You" to the working class.
RT @SenFeinstein: UPDATE: Republicans finally released their 500-page tax cut bill—drafted ENTIRELY behind closed doors. We’re probably vot…
I applaud @jonfavs & everyone at @PodSaveAmerica for speaking with non partisan moral clarity about sexual misconduct
What can we do about what's going on in Libya? Legitimately asking.
See @Whataburger... @Pluckers is ready to spend the rest of their life with you... twitter.com/Pluckers/statu…
@Whataburger If @Arbys is gonna buy @BWWings, you should totally 1-UP them & buy @Pluckers.
I'd just like to formally announce that @Whataburger & QC are officially dating now. We've had a crush on her for y… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
The 6th Annual Quiet Company Holiday House Shows are here! - fb.me/GaBVhirz
The 6th Annual Quiet Company Holiday House Shows are here! - eepurl.com/dbVpfv
It took a full 15 mins to get through the drive-thru line. This @McDonalds is trying to be @Whataburger SO HARD.
The 6th Annual Quiet Company Holiday House Shows are here! - fb.me/11AEPulzl
The 6th Annual Quiet Company Holiday House Shows are here! - mailchi.mp/quietcompanymu…
"The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear." - Buddy the elf fb.me/3XUt1aHUn
@RollingStone called to say that we were PROBABLY going to be named “Band of the Year,” but we would have to agree… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…
But seriously, call your congressman today and let him know that your vote can be won or lost on the issue of net neutrality.
I feel a little bad about that last tweet. I do feel like we need civility in our political discourse...
Fuck @AjitPaiFCC and the FCC. Call your congressman and defend net neutrality! Please! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone but you, Ajit.
Danny Rand is still terrible. More likable now but still terrible. #TheDefenders
Finally getting around to The Defenders. Never finished Iron Fist, doesn't seem to matter.
I think what introverts REALLY love is posting articles about how awesome introverts are.
Phantom Planet reunion, please.
Lot of inherent classism at the beginning of Uncle Buck
Hey conservatives, I promise you don't like Roy Moore more than we liked Louis and Jesse L but you don't see anyone defending their bullshit
Tickets for the 6th Annual Quiet Company Holiday House Shows are on sale NOW! DEC 8TH in Dallas! DEC 9TH in... fb.me/DD936M82
RT @jonfavs: “How was your day?” “I destroyed my coffee maker because the company that made it stopped advertising on a show where the host…
I liked a @YouTube video youtu.be/7jjcAuEYW9M?a The Duck Song 2
RT @ClintSmithIII: Just so we’re 100% clear: the senate race in Alabama is between a man who prosecuted members of KKK & a pedophile. Thi…
You don't get to decide when a victim feels safe or bold enough to come forward @Ed_Henry_HD9 .
@ed_henry_hd9 Have you no shame, sir?!?
RT @YahBoyAang: Now that I have 280 characters I’d like to remind everyone that Long ago the 4 nations lived together in harmony, then ever…
RT @JamesGunn: I will say once again: Sexual predators know no political affiliation. If you believe the stories of Weinstein & Spacey, it…
RT @ClaraJeffery: She was 14. He was an assistant DA. He found/groomed her in a custody hearing. He kissed and groped her against her wi…
RT @ModernOutsider: Friends in Vancouver, you officially have plans for tonight! Go see @walkerlukens at @biltmorecabaret - tix here: https…
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