Your new best friend on the internet. Watch RWBY, Achievement Hunter, Red vs. Blue and gen:LOCK. #RTXAustin: July 5-7, 2019.
RT @OfficialgenLOCK: Yaz and Val are jumping into action with the new gen:LOCK Holon tees! Shop now:…
RT @JoshtheFlanagan: Looking for your #Day5 fix? A very sleepless Season 1 returns to the @RoosterTeeth site TOMORROW! Season 2 coming back…
All these #RTCommunityDay posts are making us miss #RTXAustin! Take us back!
RT @CatMomAlexi: My favorite part of RTX was doing my first cosplay and it was so fun to meet and talk to people who came up to me for pict…
It's @FionaNova's first time on #AlwaysOpen and she's bringing a certain je ne sais quoi. Watch the season premiere now:
RT @flyz11: One of my favorite #RTXAustin memories would have to be meeting my Always Open Family!! They all had such great things to say a…
Magicians are stealing jobs from hard-working Americans and something needs to be done about it! #GetFact
RT @NlNACOLADA: @RoosterTeeth This #RTXAustin gave me an experience I would’ve thought I could only dream about with some of my best friend…
Are you going to #SDCC2019 this week? Make sure to check out the Rooster Teeth Panel with @bdunkelman, @GeoffLRamsey, @IAmLindsayJones, @sorola, @adamkovic, @ArrynZech, and @Kara4tx!
RT @KFuerstenhaefer: Ah it was only a week ago that the fun ended. #RTXAustin #RTCommunityDay
Tweet your #RTXAustin memories (bonus points for pictures) with the hashtag #RTCommunityDay and we'll be sharing a few throughout the day!…
We have some news for you! A new season of On The Spot is starting this coming Wednesday!
We know post-RTX blues can hit pretty hard, but we're in this together! For #RTCommunityDay tomorrow, we want you to share your favorites memories from #RTXAustin!
DBX is back! To kick things off, we've got a smackdown between Teen Gohan vs. Superboy:
The show must go on. Preston is feeling the pressure on this week’s #CampCamp:
Theater Mode is back! This week, @FunhausTeam is watching Killing American Style. Check out the preview below:…
@burnie might be on to something. Watch the season finale of Murder Room here:
We don't know why you guys want a whole streaming service dedicated to @MaxCookie, but you can have it.
RT @OfficialRTGames: A little bit sweet, alotta bit salty, CR45H & BURN is a mercenary-duo fueled by a maniacal fire demon housed inside a…
What are you doing to protect yourself from magicians? @_TrevorC is here with a few tips on keeping your money out of their hands. Get Fact:
Didn't get to see @STUBERmovie at #RTXAustin this year? Don't miss in theaters today! #ad
It's #CheerUpTheLonelyDay and @ibesuper is on a mission to point out everyone's loneliness.
A few familiar faces stopped by @elliswes' portrait studio during #RTXAustin.
We’ve learned about Pre-Viz and Modeling, now come hang out with @christheFER and friends from the RT Animation Team as we dive into the 3D Animation process with @FullSail and answer your questions. #ad…
#AlwaysOpen returns this Monday with a brand new season!
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Thanks to our #RTXAustin guests who stopped by @elliswes’ portrait studio!
DBX returns this Saturday, July 13th! Meet our new host, Ringmaster! Also, now you get to vote on who you want to win each episode! Make sure to follow @DEATHBATTLE for more info.
If you haven't watched the latest episode of #CampCamp, may we politely suggest that you do? #CampCamp:
@FunhausTeam is kicking ass and taking names with an action-packed summer! Check out the new season of Funhaus Presents: Theater Mode!
Place your bets! Who do you think will win the Amazing Coffee Race? #RTLife:…
We've got @christheFER on the #RTPodcast to share some more information about our partnership with @FullSail. He's also going to be hosting the next livestream tomorrow at 4 pm CT all about the animation process! #ad
Shout out to everyone who performed at @KindaFunnyVids comedy night at #RTXAustin! Several people did stand-up for the very first time, and everyone crushed it. 📷: @nyc_ryanb
Gavin or Google? Google or Gavin? Which one said it? Let's find out, hey! Are you feeling lucky? Play along! #RTPodcast:
Just a few of the MANY amazing RWBY cosplayers at #RTXAustin!
RT @OfficialgenLOCK: The Complete First Season of gen:LOCK is now available to own digitally! Get it on iTunes:… ht…
RT @burnie: Started from the bottom, now we two names up from the bottom.
Have you all watched the season finale of Murder Room yet? Spoiler alert, @_TrevorC, @GeoffLRamsey, @burnie, and @bdunkelman kill everyone.
We interrupt your summer to remind you that you need to do your back to school shopping eventually! Why not knock it out now?
Tune in to the #RTPodcast if you weren’t able to catch it live at #RTXAustin... or even if you did and you want to relive it!
A few pics from Day 3 of #RTXAustin. Hope you all had as much fun as we did!
RT @MattHullum: The sun sets on another amazing #RTXAustin. Thank you to the @RoosterTeeth community for a magical weekend!…
RT @AchievementHunt: How's everyone feeling? 👀
We invite random people to come on our Big Bang Bus to talk about deep space! #GetFact
Let's send some love to the fantastic Guardians who went above and beyond and made this year's RTX special! We could not do it without their hard work!! ♥️♥️♥️
That’s a wrap on #RTXAustin 2019! See you next year!
We’re not ready for #RTXAustin to end, but we’re all ready for Off Topic.
Things are winding down at #RTXAustin, and now is the perfect time to unwind with a @KrakenRum cocktail. #KrakenRum #RELEASETHEKRAKEN #ad
RT @Variety_TV: Animated Series ‘gen:LOCK’ Sets Adult Swim Premiere Date
@FunhausTeam is so excited about their panel they wrote a song about it!
@OlanRogers explains what @Finalspace is in 30 seconds, but it should only take about 5 seconds to convince you to watch if you don’t already!
RT @OfficialRTGames: Serving up an extra spicy plate of smack talk on the #RTXAustin Center Stage with #ViciousCircle 😏 watch it live NOW!…
@katiesimrell’s Cammie cosplay is incredible! 😍
Come down to center stage to watch the #ViciousCircle smackdown between @FionaNova and @AH_Michael!
EVERYTHING at the RTX Store is buy 2, get 1 FREE! That's right, everything.
Not sure what the Chip Show is? @TroyBakerVA and @nolan_north are here to fill you in.
@_TrevorC, @UncleBlazer, @AH_Michael, and @GeoffLRamsey are ready to Smash.
The first season of #genLOCK is coming to @adultswim on Toonami August 3!
RT @OfficialgenLOCK: We're excited to announce an upcoming Viz manga for #genLOCK!
RT @OfficialgenLOCK: Explore more of the #genLOCK world in the upcoming @DCComics series written by @cpkelly and @JacksonLanzing, with arti…
Day 2 of #RTXAustin is in the bag. Let’s see what the 3rd and final day has in store for us!
@KindaFunnyVids Comedy Night was a huge success. 2 hours and 16 minutes of straight laughter. Shout out to all the comics who performed!
Thought we’d show you how we warm up for #OnTheSpot! 🍌🍌🍌
Thank you to everyone who came out to the RTX Cosplay Contest! There were so many fantastic costumes. #RTXAustin
It’s #RTPodcast time with @sorola, @GavinFree, @PhillyD, @bdunkelman, @burnie, & @sorola!
Things are heating up at #RTXAustin! Cool down with Josh's favorite cocktail made with @KrakenRum. #KrakenRum #RELEASETHEKRAKEN #ad
Team up, save the world. #genLOCK #RTXAustin
RT @OfficialRTGames: What’s an Uncooperative Shooter without a little smack talk? The crew at @RDCworld1 world is checking out #ViciousCirc…
You’re gonna want the sound up for this one. 😂
MOONBALL! Bring your Moonball throwing skills to the @Stubermovie Moonball Madness booth now! #Stuber #ad
Which #ViciousCircle character do you identify with the most, and why is it Peggy Sue, the giant horrifying chicken?
The #MK11 Tournament is today! Watch the action unfold on Center Stage with surprise guests visiting all throughout the tournament! @ELEAGUETV @ATT #ad
@UncleBlazer tells us all about @adultswim’s Tigtone in a single breath.
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