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Who's gonna win it all?
Make no mis-steak, the beef between @bdunkelman and @GavinFree is thick cut. Who will be rated A1 on this year's steak-off? Tune in to the #RTPodcast to find out!
The #RvB17 season finale is this weekend! Catch up here:
Always Open: Come for @BGibbles' birthday chicken, stay for the flawless dolphin impressions.
RT @MrAndrewRosas: A little bts from the new @RoosterTeeth Short where @drewsaplin has to spit in our boss’s face. Sorry @burnie https://t.…
Get ready Campbell Campers! Camp is almost back in session. #CampCamp season 4 premieres on June 1st.
@sorola is ready for the steak-off tonight. Are you? 🥩🔪
We're heading to @Fullsail's #HallofFame week! Join @TheMilesLuna, @JordanCwierz, and @christheFER at the Rooster Teeth Panel on Wednesday, Keynote on Thursday, and more! #ad
RT @Collider: Our exclusive reveal of @RoosterTeeth's trailer for Season 4 of #CampCamp, a very NSFW show that embraces animated insanity.…
It's week two of #Fit4RTX! @eddyrivas is back to teach us how to do a proper push up.
Check out these amazing #CampCamp Campers as Pokemon trainers! See more:
Episode 6 of HCTT World Series in gif form:
RT @AchievementHunt: Leaked footage of the #GameOfThrones series finale.
#RWBY Sketchbook: Penny Polendina Grab one of the 500 Limited Edition Prints here: ttps://
This week's #OnTheSpot in less than 30 seconds.
Me to my alarm clock each morning. #RvB17 episode 11:
$200 to anyone who has any idea what the hell Sheriff @AH_Michael is babbling on about.
Stop the gif to see which #CampCamp character you are!
Check out our next #RWBY Sketchbook drop which includes a Limited Edition Penny t-shirt and print! Both have limited quantities, so don't wait:
Play the game, solve the case. Murder Room is back June 2!
Can you believe that #RTXAustin is only 50 days away?! We're prepping by attempting to name 50 things we love about RTX in 1 minute! We'd like to see you all try 😏
Bragging rights are at steak. The competition is beefy. You do not want to miss this rare event. Tune in to the #RTPodcast this Monday, 5/20, for a very special Steak Off.
Who is more likely to make an appearance in your nightmares, Andsay or Godd? #OnTheSpot:
Throwback to our short-lived rock 'n' roll careers. #RTtbt
Here are the first lines from a few of our favorite Camp Camp characters. Some things never change.
Any chance this ref has some past life grudge against @AlfredoPlays?
RT @fantaisieally: It’s #RTCommunityDay and I just want to remind everyone I love you all and I can’t wait to hang during RTX
@markiplier is an expert of 𝑚𝑎𝑛𝑦 things.
RT @VestedHearts: For #RTCommunityDay my tip for #Fit4RTX is to not just stop at these numbers. If you do a set and feel you can do more th…
This is NOT, we repeat, NOT a sponsored video. But we will accept all of the massage guns that Hypervolt would like to send us.
RT @ToriJCaboose: Hey. It's #RTCommunityDay. These next few weeks MANY are doing the #Fit4RTX challenge. And here is my advice: Stretch. I…
It's #RTCommunityDay! Tweet us your best tips for #Fit4RTX and we'll share some throughout the day.…
“Green is the color of failure.” See where the HCTT World Series losers go when they get out:…
Tomorrow is #RTCommunityDay and we want to see your tips for #Fit4RTX! Tweet us your health tips and tricks or send some words of encouragement to those who are participating.
How long do you think it takes @burnie to measure his head? Place your bets before watching! #RTPodcast:
What's the strangest thing that's made you cry?
Happy birthday, @BGibbles! We hope you have one hell of a day. 👹
This shirt packs a stylish punch! Check out the two new Yang shirts in the #RWBY Manga Collection: Chapter 2:…
We’ve got @markiplier on the #RTPodcast today! Watch live: 🔴
Who has more fun? Like for blonde, RT for brunette.
Working on getting #fit4RTX? @eddyrivas is here to teach us proper form. First up, the squat.
RT @bdunkelman: Who allowed me to be surrounded by this much beauty?! New Always Open today. 😍
We've got some BIG #RTXAustin news with our friends over at @DCComics!…
This Mother’s Day, we decided to ask some RT Moms exactly what they think we do here at Rooster Teeth.
Have you watched #RvB17 Episode 9 yet? It's out today for everyone:
Happy birthday to @AlfredoPlays! Hope your day is mind-blowingly awesome.
Me lying to myself about working out and eating right. #RvB17 episode 10:
You learn not to question these things.…
This self-defense class could save your life. #RTShorts:…
We’re loving all of these #RWBYCosplay TikToks!
Rooster Teeth as Pokemon: A Thread.
Disclaimer: @MaxCookie is NOT actually pregnant with a baby @JonRisinger. Don’t be fooled by this incredible visual effect. #OnTheSpot:
Who else would buy an RT Screaming Roomba? ✋
Introducing the #RWBY Manga Collection: Chapter 2! 💛… 🖤
Introducing Netflix Scroll, where you never have to choose!
Every time. Submitted by Reddit user CoolestNero
“I did not leave my job at the Foot Locker for this.”…
RT @RTXEvent: We are very excited to announce the Community Panels and Community Corner Artists that will be part of #RTXAustin this year!…
Pikachu newest Camp Camper confirmed?
@ChrisDemarais seems way too excited about this “hypothetical” question. 🥩 #RTPodcast:
Today we celebrate ten years of at least one #RTPodcast a week! 🔴
What’s the laziest way you’ve embraced technology? #AlwaysOpen:
The pressure of Monopoly has finally cracked @brucegreene. Catch up on Hardcore Tabletop: World Series before the new episode comes out tomorrow:
You could WIN sold-out Platinum badges for #RTXAustin and the RTX Animation Festival! The best part? It’s all to support the great work of Extra Life and GameChanger. Enter now:
#RTXAustin is just around the corner and that means Fit4RTX has officially started! Join us for the 8 week program and share your progress with #Fit4RTX! Most importantly, remember to go at your own pace and have fun! More info in @chattykinson's journal:
RT @sorola: Tonight’s #RTPodcast marks the tenth anniversary of us putting out at least one podcast every week.
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