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Nomad of Nowhere critters by RT employees. Make some of your own and share them with us! 👀 https://t.co/HPqHmWfTde
Join @KyleTaylor416 and @TheMilesLuna as they navigate confusing maps and janky camera angles on this week's #BackwardzCompatible bit.ly/BzCsigh ⭐️ https://t.co/bw00dltTK7
He's only there to shame you for not properly breaking down your boxes. twitter.com/bexmix/status/…
@bdunkelman and @_TrevorC recreate their first date on this week's #ForTheWin. bit.ly/ForTheWin129 ⭐️ https://t.co/7matCHNJ0y
Check out this week's Fan Art Friday to learn about featured artist Brianna, AKA @inkocculi, and her Sky Factory-inspired illustration of @AchievementHunt! roosterteeth.com/post/51679667 https://t.co/2CkASMcUqB
RT @FunhausTeam: The first episode of Funhaus Theater Mode is HERE! 1991's "KILLER NERD!" Time to shove this movie in a locker. FIRST Mem…
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The creator of the wildly popular "@PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" (#PUBG) talked about unexpected success and trying to stay on top at #SXSW Gaming with @RoosterTeeth's @AshleyJ. atxne.ws/2pj7ocA https://t.co/dqHz7gCUlE
Rooster Teeth's @sorola, @ScrewAttackChad, @AlfredoPlays, and @Skilltacular recently attended the @FullSail #FullSailHOF and we have the footage to prove it. Learn about their degrees in games, technology, and animation: bit.ly/2nERJ7j #ad https://t.co/1fC6QYX9AC
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RT @margaretominey: Come watch #NomadOfNowhere with me! Can’t wait to chat while we watch the first episode! twitter.com/roosterteeth/s…
The Nomad of Nowhere premiere is here! Go on and meet the dreaded Nomad! bit.ly/NoNEp1RT ⭐️ https://t.co/et9raCgNHV
The Rooster TV schedule is here! Tune in to svod.roosterteeth.com/live/rooster-t… starting at 10 AM CT tomorrow! https://t.co/YMqtw1wek7
The Rooster TV schedule is out! Head over to svod.roosterteeth.com/live/rooster-t… starting tomorrow at 10 AM CT! https://t.co/UXCpoalEt5
These guys are ready for Nomad of Nowhere to premiere tomorrow! 👀👀👀👀 https://t.co/cEnmKBdcP7
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Last week's episode of Million Dollars, But... is now available to watch on YouTube! bit.ly/MDBS5Ep6YT https://t.co/6ysDjlUvco
@sorola, @JonRisinger, @MarcusGrayDoor, and @tobindavidlee had a blast at the HP–Intel® Digital Artistry House! We'll be showing you some of the stuff they designed soon, but in the meantime, check out these photos from the event! #ad #HPSXSW https://t.co/7OMpW5wpmA
@nickrutherford and @kirkcjohnson brainstorm the upcoming "Smash Brothers" adult film on this week's #OnTheSpot. bit.ly/OnTheSpot129 ⭐️ https://t.co/tf5qqwHnhA
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#RWBY Chibi Director @PaulaDecanini has some news about a Chibi break! Read all about it: roosterteeth.com/post/51677130 https://t.co/zKrjUctnbL
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Traveling abroad? Grif and Simmons have some advice that will surely come in handy on this week's #RvB PSA! bit.ly/RvBpsaATripAbr… ⭐️ https://t.co/HSUaaDWHvu
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We love the 15th of every month because it's #RTCommunityDay! Wear your RT merch today and see if you can spot other community members in the wild! 👀
Join @burnie, @bexmix, @ChrisDemarais, and @rupertmurdachs on an all-new episode of Million Dollars, But... Hide your pets! bit.ly/MDBS5Ep7 🐶🌭⭐️ https://t.co/Ijryrjeq9X
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Poor Gus. Watch the #RTPodcast which is now available to everyone! twitter.com/RoosterTeeth/s…
You've gotta be more specific when you're talking about steamed hams. #RTPodcast bit.ly/RTPodcastPS483 ⭐️ https://t.co/lYz4JOrPsn
RT @bmoviesd: Our visit to the set of #sxsw film BLOOD FEST got just a little bloody. birthmoviesdeath.com/2018/03/13/a-v…
RT @burnie: This Lazer Team 3 trailer came together so quickly. Let me know what you think! twitter.com/abc/status/973…
We love this photography site that @Mader62 made using @squarespace! Create your own and share it using #RTSquarespace for a chance to be featured in an upcoming #RTPodcast! bit.ly/RTSquareSpace #ad twitter.com/Mader62/status…
@sorola, @JonRisinger, @MarcusGrayDoor, and @tobindavidlee have arrived at the HP–Intel® Digital Artistry House! Stop by to meet up with them and check out the latest tech from @hpbusiness, @intel, and @microsoft. Visit bit.ly/2FkgGQr for event details. #ad #HPSXSW https://t.co/xUcIqzSmUk
RT @RTXEvent: RT Live events specialist @ClarissaATX has some exciting community announcements to share! roosterteeth.com/post/51676305
@nickrutherford shows us why his mom wants him to be a singer on this week's #StillOpen. bit.ly/StillOpen60 ⭐️ https://t.co/nSqLuejl2x
RT Live events specialist @ClarissaATX has some exciting community announcements to share! roosterteeth.com/post/51676305
Some 40-year-old dudes learn that they really enjoy prostate exams. @sorola is not one of them. #RTPodcast bit.ly/RTPodcast483 ⭐️ https://t.co/KLjyQ8Hr9G
RT @WhatsTrending: .@RoosterTeeth's @burnie & @bdunkelman discuss their new horror film and the future of web video at #SXSW 2018. 🎬 #Comca…
Are y'all ready to rock? Nomad Of Nowhere premieres this Friday, 3/16! https://t.co/tqkEK2PsGT
She'll be there until noon CT if you wanna ask her a question! twitter.com/bdunkelman/sta…
Wanna be a part of the live studio audience for this week's #OnTheSpot? Now is your chance to get tix! eventbrite.com/e/on-the-spot-… https://t.co/KL426h2AbL
@sorola, @JonRisinger, @MarcusGrayDoor, and @tobindavidlee will be at the HP–Intel® Digital Artistry House tomorrow, 3/13! Stop by to meet up with them and check out the latest tech from @hpbusiness. Visit bit.ly/2FkgGQr for event details. #ad #HPSXSW https://t.co/UIdNog5lmK
RT @SadiqKhan: Great to meet @RoosterTeeth team and founder @sorola. Looking forward to welcoming them back to London in September for an e…
Join the @AchievementHunt gang as they drink, joke, and blunder their way through the action/thriller Birdemic 2! Get your tickets now: bit.ly/TheaterModeLive https://t.co/eGr7YKczAy
On this week's #AlwaysOpen, @bdunkelman, @IAmLindsayJones, @MarielSalcedo, and special guest @nickrutherford discuss the pressing issue of whether or not hotdogs are sandwiches. bit.ly/AlwaysOpen60 ⭐️ https://t.co/CutL0YlCNS
From this weekend's #BloodFest party at #SXSW. Thanks to everyone who came out to the party and the screenings! https://t.co/xEedLaQOqq
Stop by Reddit's #SXSW party tomorrow (3/13) at The Belmont. Interactive AMAs by day (with our very own @bdunkelman) and live performances and DJ sets by night! RSVP here: redditsxsw.splashthat.com https://t.co/6ANjxY7VM9
@AndyTheBlanch tries to explain himself after saying he's only used a tampon once. #RTAA bit.ly/RTAATampon https://t.co/7jsRmK6lXq
RT @ebregman: Good morning, @Spotify #RTPodcast https://t.co/x4iqoMrGw4
VP of Engineering, Mike Quinn, has a few updates on the the new RT site! roosterteeth.com/post/51673593
4 years a go, @burnie and @sorola came up with the best #SXSW panel name. #RTAA youtube.com/watch?v=GrYCP9… https://t.co/D3jaO30SG6
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We’re about to premiere #BloodFest at #SXSW! https://t.co/3DqGUbcKyo
RT @MattHullum: Great news! Tickets available to the public for our #BloodFest @sxsw premiere tonight at 12:30! We’ve been upgraded to the…
IMPORTANT INFO FOR THOSE COMING TO BLOOD FEST TONIGHT! Originally at the State Theatre, now next door at the Paramount! twitter.com/sxsw/status/97…
RT @AchievementHunt: The family is getting together for #LPSpringBreak, streaming only on Rooster Teeth First with two rebroadcasts after t…
One week until Nomad of Nowhere premieres! Skout is ready, are you? https://t.co/GoF1khUfxF
Grab a taco, sit down, and watch @TheMilesLuna and @KyleTaylor416 play Fatal Frame II on this week's #BackwardzCompatible (with a 'Z') bit.ly/BzCGarbageFood ⭐️ https://t.co/4IlOD21eKg
Red Vs. Blue writer/director Joe Nicolosi (@TehPwnShop) has some news about #RvB season 16! (and about an ingrown hair in his beard roosterteeth.com/post/51673575)
New @CowChop merch for the monster within. Shop: bit.ly/EwCowChop https://t.co/biF4Wf3W4h
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Join your 2D host, @JonRisinger, on this week's #ForTheWin! bit.ly/FTW128RT ⭐️ https://t.co/gdvP50L83f
#BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle featuring Team #RWBY is available for preorder at Amazon and Gamestop! https://t.co/8cWhZTfJHO
RT @RTXEvent: RIP Early Bird Pricing. #RTXAustin tickets are now available at the regular price! RTXAustin.com https://t.co/xIyji…
This week's Fan Art Friday winner is @LeonRyan for this illustration of @sorola as a grumpy old man. It's... perfect. Visit roosterteeth.com/post/51673576 to learn how to be featured next week! https://t.co/SPkuKX3uNc
One week until Nomad of Nowhere premieres! Until then, let us introduce to you Skout. https://t.co/Yi4dnoQEdG
Awww yeah, season 5 episode 5 of Million Dollars, But... is available on YouTube! bit.ly/MDBS5ep5YT https://t.co/SFPG3Gku1p
RT @fox7austin: New @RoosterTeeth horror comedy film #BloodFest is premiering at @sxsw. @LaurenOnFOX7 got details abt the film from @bdunke…
Last, but certainly not least, is Layout Artist @reidnoodles! Reid started working at RT 2 months a go! After working on a computer all day, Reid loves doing traditional drawing and art. And she is AMAZING at it. (seriously, go check out her Instagram- reidf) #RTLadies https://t.co/HtZd2HlI6B
We've got quite a few wonderful women on the events team, and Events Assistant @shelby_engquist is no exception! Shelby has been at RT for 4 months, and when she's not helping plan RT events, she likes to see live music and travel! #RTLadies https://t.co/ayFu9w2vmW
HR Manager @WatersRaphaela is an adventurous foodie and a strong yogi. She says that career wise, these two years at RT have been the best of her life, but we're the lucky ones! #RTLadies https://t.co/IZHTByDo2t
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We have some awesome women working on your favorite animated shows too! 2D Animation Producer @margaretominey has been at RT since October 2013. She's a serious whiz kid, and actually went to a Science and Engineering magnet high school! #RTLadies https://t.co/mMDUMKuueb
We have some awesome women working on your favorite animated shows too! 2D Animation Producer @margaretrominey has been at RT since October 2013. She's a serious whiz kid, and actually went to a Science and Engineering magnet high school! https://t.co/WTr565ejoz
We shot a bullseye with our amazing Programming Coordinator, @MelissaDeVarney. Melissa has been at RT for almost 3 years, and her hobbies include shooting Olympic recurve target archery! #RTLadies https://t.co/pv4qDptGcu
RT @RTXEvent: The events team is going live to answer all of your #RTXAustin questions! roosterteeth.com/post/51670105
This is Account Coordinator extraordinaire, Jess! She’s been at RT since May of 2017, and her claim to fame is that Taylor Swift once commented on her IG pic when she dressed up like her. You can catch @itsjesslonett improvising with her troupe, Boyband. #RTLadies https://t.co/U2PfNXPXO3
It’s time to tune in to our 3 hour livestream for #InternationalWomensDay! Join some of the #RTLadies as they chat, play video games, and raise money for @GirlsWhoCode! svod.roosterteeth.com/live https://t.co/rPMNzDlDSc
Broadcast Babe alert!! It her, @MarielSalcedo! Mariel has been with RT for 4 years, including her interning days. She loves grilling meat & spends way too much of her free time reading articles about personal finance! “Let me teach you how to budget, baby.” -Mariel #RTLadies https://t.co/tc7oaP9eke
Art Department Coordinator @StephanieArd has been with RT for about 2 years! Not only does she kick ass in set decorating, but she acts/does improv as well! She currently makes up one of the “she’s” in the all-female improv troupe, “SheSheSheShe.” #RTLadies https://t.co/nadzH4Yd5a
Be careful what you say, because you never know when a small child will wander onto the #OnTheSpot set. bit.ly/OnTheSpot128 ⭐️ https://t.co/8JsZzz3pUz
@hihello_hannah is a pawesome Writer/Producer for Live Action. We’re not kitten you when we say that she’s purr-fect. She has also managed to foster over 30 cats in the last 2 years! #RTLadies https://t.co/q853OTCaNE
Join @GavinFree and #MDB first timers @_TrevorC and @ScrewAttackChad on this week's episode of Million Dollars, But... bit.ly/MDBSeason5Ep6 ⭐️ https://t.co/RWOemsaavn
Our amazing community deserves an equally amazing Community Manager, and boy, did we luck out! @chattykinson has been with RT for almost 4 years now. Chelsea always stays lit, making candles in her spare time. #RTLadies https://t.co/KZKzjlO20y
@FunhausTeam presents: Theater Mode, premiering 3/16! https://t.co/Q8SybsD61R
We know you know @RT_TheKnow host, @MicaBurton, who has officially been at RT for 2 years! She moonlights as a professional cosplayer and she also trains in ice-skating in her free time! #RTLadies https://t.co/SGZkI1Lbw6
RT @RTXEvent: Don't be a late bird, be an early bird! Today is your last chance to get tickets to #RTXAustin at an early bird rate! https:/…
@TheSteffie is the sweetest on many levels. Before she was running @AchievementHunt’s social media/bringing them food, she was a pastry chef for 5 years! She has been at RT/AH for 3 and a half years! #RTLadies https://t.co/X9IM4tpjaC
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