Your new best friend on the internet. Watch RWBY, Achievement Hunter, Red vs. Blue and gen:LOCK. #RTXAustin: July 5-7, 2019.
Happy #NationalPuppyDay to the many RT puppies! Look out for an exciting RT pup announcement later today. 👀🐶
Paradoxes are springing up all over the timeline. Can Donut piece things back together? #RvB17:
The cracks are spreading. Catch the next #RvB17 episode tomorrow morning!
RT @hihello_hannah: IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! Our latest RT Doc, "Waiting for the Punchline" is available to watch on RT First 🙌 What was your f…
We had so much fun checking out the @STUBERmovie advanced screening last week at #SXSW! You don’t want to miss this action-packed movie when it hits theaters this summer. #ad
Join @Nick_Scarpino on his journey as he tries to make his mark on the San Francisco comedy scene and gain a spot at the Punch Line. Waiting for the Punchline:
Happy birthday to this sad boy, @ScrewAttackChad!
This week’s RT Short was written and directed by @bdunkelman and is inspired by true events! 👽 #RTShorts:…
RT @KindaFunnyVids: Waiting for the Punchline, the documentary that follows @Nick_Scarpino through his stand up comedy journey, is live now…
̶E̶f̶f̶o̶r̶t̶ Grif Collection. Tomorrow.
RT @MillaCM_: Huh...that's an odd space #TheWeirdPlace #AHFanart
Waiting For The Punchline premieres tomorrow!!
Donut finally learns what an innuendo is in the latest episode of Red vs. Blue.
RT @tubefilter: .@RoosterTeeth and the @austinfilmfest are looking to bolster emerging screenwriters.
@MarielSalcedo's shriek at :26 is the only appropriate response to this. #OnTheSpot:
Not even @AlfredoPlays' mommy can save him from the #WeirdPlace.
Couldn’t make it to the #BumbleSXSW Hive last week? Catch up on all of the RT panels from the @bumble event now! #bumblepartner…
It's time for the next Let’s Play series on PlayStation Now! @AchievementHunt is back and playing Nidhogg. Tune in today at 12 pm CT! @PlayStation #ad
Looking fresher than 7 Pines. 🌲 @OfficialSP7 collection:
RT @JessicaVasami: Today was our first shoot day for #ArizonaCircle season 1 and it was also my first day DIRECTING...ever! It was absolute…
Go behind the scenes of the #AlwaysOpen, Women in Gaming, and Game Time Panels at the #BumbleSXSW Hive last Friday! Thanks for having us @bumble! #bumblepartner
This is why you always keep receipts 😂…
RT @RTXEvent: Now presenting: The Coop at #RTXAustin 2019! Stay tuned here to see more of the exclusive merch, available only at #TheCoop…
Round and round and𝕣𝕠𝕦𝕟𝕕 𝕒𝕟𝕕 🅁🄾🅄🄽🄳 🄰🄽🄳 r҉o҉u҉n҉d҉ ҉a҉n҉d҉ r̷͉͉͈̮̰̹͔̼͉̔͌̊̕o̷̩̞͖̝͇̰̽̀̓̇̕͜͝u̶̘̯͕͔̻͊̐̇̂̓̉̐͘̚͠n̶̨̢̛̛̦͚̭̥̯̳̞̙̂͊̔d̴̩͚̰͇̂̍̽͝ͅ.̸̧̳̩̜̪̈́̋̿̀̄̀̈́̚̕͜͝.̸̨̪̞̯̲̬͙̭̒̑́͒͑̄̒͒͠.̷̡̯̦̜̦̞̝̀̅͆̍͌ #TheWeirdPlace:
RT @RTXEvent: It wouldn't be a party without @FunhausTeam! Meet the cast at #RTXAustin. Badges:…
All work and no play makes @bgibbles a dull boy. #RTLife:…
“If I don’t look at it, it doesn’t exist.”
RT @JoshtheFlanagan: It begins. #ArizonaCircle
Back by popular demand, @GavinFree! #AlwaysOpen:
@ScottRogowsky got down to the nitty-gritty with a special RT edition of @hqtrivia! Welcome to HQster Teeth Trivia!
@JamesWillems drove all the way from LA just to be on the #RTPodcast. Watch the full RT Podcast now:
Check out this concept art of Kazu's looks from the Anvil to the Ether!
To be fair, aren’t we all technically from some future? #RvB17 episode 2:
@IAmLindsayJones is all of us when we don’t like our food at a restaurant.
Cosplayers, get to work! Our cosplay contest at #RTXAustin will be on Saturday, July 6th!
RT @BensonWillems: Make with the treats @burnie. #ThreatsOrTreats.…
We have a very special guest on this week’s #RTPodcast. 🔴
Watch the newest #RTDoc, Waiting For The Punchline, this Friday, only on Rooster Teeth!
You can find some weird places between Austin and @MeowWolf's House of Eternal Return in New Mexico. Anyone up for this road trip?
@GavinFree is pretty confident about this Would You Rather driving question for someone who doesn’t drive. #AlwaysOpen:
RT @hqtrivia: @RoosterTeeth @sorola @ScottRogowsky The crossover episode we’ve been waiting for
Watch the webs these widows spin in the first 3D animated @DEATHBATTLE fight of Season 6!…
Watch out @sorola, Host Malone is coming for your spot. Stay tuned after the #RTPodcast for a special segment with @hqtrivia host, @ScottRogowsky!
The Happy Room got really sad for @ScrewAttackChad. #OnTheSpot:
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RT @ToonamiNews: So we’re seeing a lot of you want to see #genLOCK on Toonami. If you want this show on Toonami, hit up their official Face…
Get Cammie's look. 🐰 Which one is your favorite? #genLOCK
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Celebrating with corned beef but you're not sure what it is? Luckily Food Detective @burnie got to the bottom of it. 🔎…
RT if you've been personally victimized by a Gen Z Baby.
Donut is going to fall infinitely until you watch the #RvB17 premiere, which is now available for everyone to watch!
The more you buy, the more you save! - 15% off $60 with code SAVE15 - 20% off $80 with code SAVE20 - 25% off $100 with code SAVE25
Who would follow their friends into a portal if they needed your help? ✋
Welcome to the Happy Room, RT's official family-friendly game show! #OnTheSpot:
RT @BGibbles: True Detective: Season 4. Coming soon.
It's been 1 week since the season finale of #genLOCK! What was your favorite episode of the season?
It's your lucky weekend! Buy more and save more at the RT Store, this weekend only!
Time to find out what the hell Donut has gotten himself into! #RvB17:
Celebrating 80 years of Batman! #LongLiveTheBat 🦇
Where/When is Donut gonna end up? #RvB17 continues tomorrow!
RT @Alienware: The #AlienwareOutpost has arrived at #SXSWGaming! Stop by tonight for the opening celebration with @Redbullesports at 310 E…
RT @KyleTaylor416: Not one but TWO NEW episodes of #BackwardzCompatible are out for FIRST members. @TheMilesLuna and I continue our RE2 pla…
One more week until your wait for the punchline is over. 🎤 Waiting For The Punchline. 3/22. Only on Rooster Teeth.
⸮ꙅɿɘꙅɒɘƚ ᴎiɒɿd ᗡЯIƎW ɘꙅɘʜƚ ɘv|oꙅ uoʏ ᴎɒƆ #TheWeirdPlace
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RT @GeekyFriedRice: Did you know that we have a TON of community groups worldwide? Our community leaders are welcoming & would love to have…
RT @RTXEvent: Sugar Pine 7 fans, rejoice! Steven, James, and Cib from @OfficialSP7 will be at #RTXAustin! Badges:
RT @ElliotAProd: @RoosterTeeth I think my favorite thing about RVB is that I watched it casually as a teenager and it is STILL around. My f…
@rhettandlink talk about their critically acclaimed dentist commercial on the #RTPodcast.
Everyone is feeling their age after talking to @ibesuper, the Gen Z baby. #RTShorts:
Happy #RTCommunityDay! @GeoffLRamsey, @sorola, @MattHullum, and @burnie shared their favorite #RvB moments, now we want to hear yours!…
Tomorrow is #RTCommunityDay! Start thinking of your favorite #RvB moments of all time, because we want to hear them!
In Austin for #SXSW? See @bdunkelman, @MarielSalcedo, @AshleyJ, and many more women in gaming at the #Bumble Hive on Friday! #ad #bumblesxsw
No Christinas were harmed in the making of this video.
On today's final episode of The Chip Show, @ibesuper & @bdunkelman take their friend-chip to a new level! Thank you all for celebrating this important day with us! And remember, take 50% off Joggers and Sweatpants with code "couchpotato" at the RT Store! #NationalChipDay
Grab a bag of chips and go shoppin'! ACHIEVE Booth in full effect! #SXSW…
On this episode of The Chip Show, @ibesuper gets dusty with her flame bro, @ChrisDemarais! He might not like cheese balls, but he sure does respect them because they ARE chips! Can you open a bag of chips with your feet? Please don't show us if you can! #NationalChipDay
A new season of #OnTheSpot premiered today, you say? Chip yeah!
This episode of The Chip Show is a SPICY one 🔥🔥🔥. Watch @ScrewAttackChad sweat while enjoying some chips, the gateway to your SOUL. How do YOU feel about spicy chips? #NationalChipDay
RT @Rurouni1029: @RoosterTeeth Chip Show keeps speaking the truth in keeping us honest #PleaseNoLies #NationalChipDay
This episode of The Chip Show is a crunchy one! @burnie tells us the true meaning of chips and @ibesuper makes a chip portrait of him! Don't forget to head to the RT store for 50% off Joggers and Sweatpants with code "couchpotato" at checkout! #NationalChipDay
On the 2nd episode of The Chip Show, @MaxCookie and @ibesuper go to CHIP TOWN and sing The Chip Show theme song. Would YOU consider a cheese ball a chip? Let us know! #NationalChipDay
нανιиg fυи ιи тнє 🅦🅔🅘🅡🅓 ρℓα¢є? #TheWeirdPlace:
It's THE CHIP SHOW, brought to you by the INTERNET and SHRIMP FLAKES, ft. @TheMilesLuna, with your chipper host, @ibesuper! HEY, what is YOUR favorite chip to eat? #NationalChipDay
✌️🐮✌️ Shop the new Cow Chip.. uhh, Cow Chop merch.
Happy #NationalChipDay! Today we celebrate CHIPS and CHIPS ONLY! Chip enthusiast @ibesuper is gonna chip you up all day on The Chip Show, so check back every hour for that crisp chip content. Celebrate with 50% off Joggers and Sweatpants with code "couchpotato" at checkout! 🥔
RT @_TrevorC: Super excited to finally be able to share #TheWeirdPlace with everyone. Had a complete blast with @AlfredoPlays @IAmLindsayJo…
RT @ThatPeterHayes: Remember Shaggy? This is him now. #OnTheSpot @ScrewAttackChad @RoosterTeeth @JonRisinger
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