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A bot wrote this week’s RT Short, and the descriptions of the characters were spot on.
RT @OfficialRWBY: Don't miss the cast and crew of #RWBY at @NY_Comic_Con! The panel is on Thursday, October 3 at 4:30 pm ET in the Hammerst…
The aliens when the brave souls of the #Area51storm come to rescue them:
RT @TheRTStore: Emerging from the shadows tomorrow... #Batman80 #DC27 #BatmanRoosterTeeth
When the game night host is being too bossy.
RT @CristinaVee: Hey!! It’s true, I’m joining the cast of RWBY! She’s an amazing character, but I can’t reveal more than that. I’m excited…
RT @OfficialRWBY: Straight from Shirow Miwa's sketchbook pages to your closet! It's Chibi Weiss and Ruby's time to shine.…
Today is the day. #StormingArea51
RT @OfficialgenLOCK: Episodes 1-7 of #genLOCK are FREE for everyone to watch on Rooster Teeth now for 48 hours! And get ready for the sea…
RT @JimLee: Now for something diff. My variant cover for RWBY—the anime series from @RoosterTeeth, now a comic book published by @dccomics!…
@toddwomack and @ChadJamesRT aren’t the only ones who came prepared with a telepathy bit.
RT @OfficialgenLOCK: The first #genLOCK comic is available now! Written by @cpkelly and @JacksonLanzing, pencils by @CarloBarberi, inks b…
Congrats to the #RTAA team for hitting 400 episodes! There’s something a little different about this one… Also shout out to @sorola for doing his own scooter stunts.
RT @RTXEvent: Mark your calendar. #RTXAustin 2020 is happening July 3-5!
~ShaRe 0R U wiLL b CURSeD f0r 7 YeArs~
Congrats to @TheValleyfolk for their huge win last night!!! 🥳…
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Of course this is a real HOTline 😂
RT @OfficialRWBY: You're not allowed to comment about how they're in the wrong order. #RWBY Woodblock Collection:
This week's #OnTheSpot has a 100% totally original, definitely not Spider-man, new theme song!
Mamma mia, it's @ChrisDemarais' Pizzeria! 🍕👨🏼‍🍳 #RTLife:
RT @AchievementHunt: Geoff watches Reality TV at an unhealthy pace, and now he has an excuse to get his coworkers to join him. 🌟🍵 https://…
This week's #GameTime is the series finale! We're diving into Classic WoW and taking care of a few turtles along the way:
Kids really have it made these days.
RT @OfficialgenLOCK: cultural impact: █    █  █  █…
All of us at Rooster Teeth this week:
RT @OfficialRWBY: The cast and crew of #RWBY return to @NY_Comic_Con with an early look at Volume 7, world premiere reveals, and more! Join…
We are so excited to announce the DC27 Collection, a collaboration with @DCComics and @TheRTStore, releasing on September 21! #Batman80th Read more here:
Where pee is stored according to @bgibbles.
RT @NonnieArt: Max and Missy #CampCamp @orenmendez
RT @Collider: .@RoosterTeeth and @DCComics are teaming up to celebrate the anniversary of #Batman's first appearance with #DetectiveComics2…
Please join us tomorrow for our Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention Stream. @CaitiWard_, @bdunkelman, and more will be stopping by. Watch live tomorrow at 6:30 PM CT!
Wassup #OpenNation? Y’all ready for this week’s episode? #AlwaysOpenNation:
We had a great time working with @Fullsail this year. Check out everything we did with them from RTX to the RTAA! #ad
RT @IAmLindsayJones: So about that Doctor Sleep trailer... 👀 #RWBY I am so damn excited for this film!
When someone sends a work e-mail in Comic Sans.
We’re not regular grandparents, we’re ~cool~ grandparents. #NationalGrandparentsDay
ᴺᵒ ᵒⁿᵉ ᶜᵃʳᵉˢ ᵃᵇᵒᵘᵗ ᵖᵒᶦⁿᵗˢ
Camp Campbell has a special visitor this week on #CampCamp!
Congrats on accomplishing a week’s worth of work in a 4-day week.
Who’s ready to chill the F out? CBD Sammie is! #RTShorts:
Any time your best friend opens their mouth in front of your crush.
Check out @bdunkelman and @IAmLindsayJones transform into Skeksis from @DarkCrystal at #SDCC and then watch #DarkCrystal only on @Netflix. #ad
@TheMilesLuna may have an unfair advantage, but he nailed the #CampCampChallenge on TikTok. Can you do it?…
🚨Exciting news! The RT Community Beta site will be open to everyone September 26!!🚨…
The Millennial will go to extreme lengths for the perfect selfie.
RT @ChadJamesRT: I legitimately just saw this now... Because I was playing WoW...…
RT @dearbassy: #CampCamp S4 animation wrapped LAST MONTH...and we finally got (almost) everyone in a picture to commemorate the occasion!…
Tomorrow, we will go where no boomer has gone before as we investigate the intricate minds of the Millennial.
RT @DEATHBATTLE: Lock and load! Dragonzord VS Mechagodzilla is up for FIRST members!…
We all have those childhood fears that come back to haunt us. What’s yours? We asked some of Rooster Teeth to share their greatest fears at the #ITChapterTwo screening. #ITMovie #ITEnds #ad
If you listen VERY carefully you can hear @sorola's nose whistle. #RTPodcast:
We're back with more Nuzlocke Pokemon Let's Go with @BGibbles! Watch now:
RT @dearbassy: #CampCamp only Flower Scouts will know this
RT @OfficialgenLOCK: When Tuesday feels like a Monday.
Have you ever been physically attacked by a fart? Watch the new episode of #AlwaysOpen now:
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The Flower Scouts are about to get ~influenced~ #CampCamp:
This season of the Great British Baking Show is off to a weird start. #GBBS
What if the office was like a video game? #RTShorts:
Words of wisdom from this nearly nerfect boy. 🙇🏻‍♂️
RT @OfficialRWBY: The Team #RWBY Funko Pops are out now! #FunkoPop…
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@ChadJamesRT stepped out of his comfort zone and joined @bdunkelman, @MarielSalcedo, and @MaxCookie on this week’s #AlwaysOpen.
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