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When your eyes are much bigger than your stomach.
When someone gives you directions using landmarks you don't know.
Happy #NationalCarnivalDay! Celebrate by pranking your co-workers with a full Carnival in their office!
We present to you: Highway to Hell by the Claytones
We were so preoccupied with whether or not we could, we didn't stop to think if we should. #SpicyPancake
RT @Cole_Gallian: One of the most fun experiences I’ve gotten to do at RT. Meet Steve, the first guy to ever drink milk!…
RT @TheRTStore: (Ruby)² + (Weiss)² ___________________ = (RWBY Geo)ᵗʰᵘʳˢᵈᵃʸ (Blake)² + (Yang)²
Look at these amazing @Artgerm variant covers for the @OfficialRWBY Comics!
RT @bdunkelman: We tried out a new show format and we’re calling it Hard Mode. Would be cool as HECK if you watched it and let us know what…
Please help us settle a company-wide debate:
RT @DEATHBATTLE: Leonardo VS Red Ranger Jason debuts on YouTube later today, but FIRST members can watch it right now at @RoosterTeeth! Ge…
Local studio @RoosterTeeth reveals the trailer for their version of the robots in disguise.…
We're so excited to share the teaser for #TransformersWFC, produced by Rooster Teeth Studios! @NXonNetflix @transformers…
We couldn’t find any embarrassing pictures of @sorola, so this will have to do. Happy birthday Gus!
RT @AchievementHunt: Our Haunter Season 2 Recap is just around the corner! Send us any questions you have about the paranormal, how the sho…
Church can’t wait to get his @Halo Nerf gun.
Poor @GeoffLRamsey thinks he’s not going to climb the tall creepy tower. 😂
RT @AchievementHunt: Stand out with our new Hi-Vis Capsule Collection!
Hello Guinness? We’d like to report a world record.
Who possibly could’ve broken into Satan’s mansion? Hell’s greatest detective Roger Davis is on the case.
Happy birthday to @MarielSalcedo, the bes- CAN’T EVEN FINISH THIS POST, LOOK AT BABY OATMEAL AHHHHH
RT @Cole_Gallian: Got the opportunity to try something new with our Anime-Adjacent content! I had so much fun editing this so I hope you en…
Now a very important public service announcement from @JessicaVasami and @BGibbles:
RT @GeoffLRamsey: What’s in the box? #FIRST #SecretShow #RoosterTeeth #Funhaus
Were you too busy to watch Heart Attack live on Valentine’s Day? 😉 It’s now available to watch on the RT site!
Is @BGibbles easily embarrassed, or is @ChrisDemarais just embarrassing? 😂
RT @MorningFromHell: Special guest @RyanTheTwit comes on as Detective Roger Davis who uses ever dirty trick in the book to solve the case o…
Trying to write a letter to your ex:
Would you trust your guy friends to give you a makeover?
It’s hard to lose spoons gracefully.
RT @EricBaudour: The @RoosterTeeth Podcast that airs live tomorrow was pretaped and its full on crazy. Chris was like a train with no brake…
PSA: you’ve got approximately 18 hours take advantage of our Valentine’s Day Sale! 25% off the whole site until 10 am CT tomorrow. 😘 Shop the sale:
Petition to make #RvB PSAs required viewing to receive a degree.
May the odds be ever in your favor this tax season.
RT @adothop: Since I’m in Italy right now, I had my RT Valentine sent to my parents’ house and they sent me this video of them opening it f…
RT’s Head Lesbian of Lesbian Affairs has knighted her successor.
RT @NotRonnieRay: @GeekyFriedRice @chattykinson I've never felt so Jellicle!
It’s #RTCommunityDay! How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Did you get an RT Valentine in the mail? If you did, show them off!
RT @finneas: Holy FUCK
Which romantic movie will you be watching today? Titanic (1997)
Really?! Because you and @billieeilish are our favorite RTAA characters. 😉…
Today is a weird day for dating sites.
Today is the day. May the best couple win. Who do you think it’s gonna be? 💜 @JessicaVasami and @DevinCurrothers ❤️ @jamncat & @christheFER 💙 @ChrisDemarais and @BGibbles?
RT @TheRTStore: Happy Valentine's Day! Our Valentine to you is 25% off the entire site. ❤️ Sale ends Monday at 10am CT.…
Every team trains differently. Watch 3 couples fight to come out on top during the Heart Attack stream, tomorrow at 3 PM CT on RTTV! 😘
Can we all agree that this was the most wholesome episode of #OffTopicAH?
Are you a Chris, Blaine, Dutch, Chad, or Gus in this situation?
RT @JonRisinger: Something fast is coming later this week.
Aww, @GeoffLRamsey is such a supportive friend. ❤️
RT @AchievementHunt: Tag Team of the Century 💪😎
RT @OfficialRWBY: We’re happy to announce the development of 3 new #RWBY shows coming this year for FIRST members! Read more: https://t.c…
RT @RTXEvent: It's never too early to start making your plans for #RTXAustin! Check out our schedule at a glance.
RT @christheFER: @jamncat and I cannot ~WEIGHT~ for the upcoming @RoosterTeeth Valentine's Day 'Heart Attack' stream! The couple that lifts…
RT @BGibbles: Me and @ChrisDemarais had the chance to sit down with @sorola and talk about Valentine’s Day on the latest “Good Morning From…
Wow, who knew @JessicaVasami could sing like that?
RT @DevinCurrothers: You think this is a f*cking game?! @JessicaVasami and I are coming into the @RoosterTeeth Valentines Stream COMBAT REA…
Don’t want to spend $6 on a cheesy Valentines Day card? We got you covered.
RT @MarielSalcedo: How to Have a Good Day: A Guide by Mariel Danger Salcedo (RTs appreciated)
When you’re getting ready to write a strongly-worded Yelp review.
RT @DEATHBATTLE: The next #DeathBattle premieres on YouTube in just 90 minutes! Get ready for a SCREAMING good time!! (Tho you could watch…
It’s Monday again, you know what that means!
Watching the Oscars? Don't do it alone! @bdunkelman, @JordanCwierz, @Cole_Gallian, and @hihello_hannah are live-streaming their Oscar reactions. Come hang out:
Anytime there's a cute animal nearby:
Pizza sphere is love. Pizza sphere is life. Happy #NationalPizzaDay.
Trying to accept a compliment like:
Geoff is great with ghost children.
The Reds and Blues are tackling only the toughest issues in the new #RvB PSAs. First up: Laundry.
3 couples are training hard for the Valentine’s Day Heart Attack stream. Next Friday. 3 PM CT. Be there. 💖
The Rooster Teeth Core-nival is rolling into town!
Okay, so the no host thing is starting to make more sense. #Oscars
Birds of a feather rock together. 🤘 Who’s seeing #BirdsOfPrey this weekend?
Not sure how to watch the RvB PSAs returning on 2/8? Watch this PSA on how to watch them!
In @AlfredoPlays' defense, lying makes your lips really dry.
RT @bdunkelman: What are you guys expecting to see when we take over #OffTopicAH today? We’ll see if we can make your dreams/nightmares c…
RT @bdunkelman: We out here about to see #BirdsofPrey in our @TheRTStore merch BAY BEE
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