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Keeping up with the pace of social while keeping your brand safe is a challenge, but we’re here to make sure you’re successful. See how:
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How does a brand with a global presence scale their social message while still responding to regional concerns? See how @NIglobal did it with the help of our solutions:
A booth + branded fidget spinners does not equal memorable experiential marketing. We’ll show you how to make your next brand experience successful on any budget:
No matter how much social content your CPG brand produces, our platform can help you manage it while keeping your brand safe. See how:
We don’t think there’s a difference between someone complaining on @Twitter and someone leaving a negative review on @Yelp. Here’s why:
"Here's How Your Brand Can Manage Change"…
As a hip-hop artist, actor, producer, and non-profit founder, Common is a man whose talents defy easy categorization—and a speaker we’re honored to be featuring as our SmartSocial Summit keynote! Save your seat now:
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Managing the risks to your brand on social media involves many important factors, including social listening. We’ll explain:
One of our customers recently told @trustradius that our platform is “prized” by their data and analytics department & we couldn’t be happier:
Vocal fans and influencers can make your retail brand’s social media activations even more engaging & we can help you find the right partners:
Experts from @GM and @bookingcom demonstrate how chatbots can drive inspiration and customer service efficiencies in our on-demand webinar:
Creative Mornings was amazing today! Thank you to all who came out to support. 💪…
Experts from @GM and @bookingcom demonstrate how chatbots can drive inspiration and customer service efficiencies in our on-demand webinar:
Are chatbots poised to fully take over social customer care? Not even close, but they ARE becoming essential tools. More here:
Wondering how to craft truly engaging social-first video content? Wondering what social-first really means? Answers here:
We see a lot of potential in Instagram’s new long-form video feature IGTV—here are all the details you need, plus examples of brands that are already getting it right:
Keep abreast of industry changes that could affect your brand’s social marketing strategy with our platform. Details here:
We’re excited to announce 8 essential marketing panels we’d love to offer during SXSW, but they need your vote:
In our 2018 Social Media Trends whitepaper you’ll find intel from top marketers—like merging online and offline brand experiences & more:
With insights from Intelligence, your brand’s social content can be more informed—and more credible. See how:
Our platform offers real-time social media insights so your brand never misses a beat (or an amplification opportunity):
A strong and trustworthy social media strategy can help your brand be truly customer-first. Here’s how our platform supports @GM’s efforts:
In our Smart Social Report, NFL examples show marketers from all industries how to better connect with their fans:
Despite the bad rap millennials get about saving habits, in our #SmartSocial Report we found that they are actively looking for financial advice. Details here:
We’re honored that one of our customers recently told @Gartner_inc that we are incredibly collaborative, thoughtful, truly strategic partners:
Effective collaboration is key to answering the demand for increased complexity in our roles as marketers and communicators. Join our webinar on August 21st t to hear from the experts: @Ray_Rahmati, @bryanrhoads, @liloldladyvee & @JSaylor. #SmartSocial
The increasing reach of social media has propelled influencers. Here’s how they can support your brand’s marketing efforts (+ how to avoid potential risks):
You can make your brand’s social content even smarter and extend its reach (+ much more) with our Conversations solution:
For three decades, Ron Johnson has been reinventing the way consumers interact with products. He recently shared some big lessons:
What does a holistic approach to customer care look like today? Experts explain in our on-demand webinar:
LaTasha Howard, Executive Services Manager at Neiman Marcus, answered our questions about her passions, how our platform aids her efforts, and more:
Check out our latest video and case study to see how @LiveNation uses Spredfast to boost ticket sales and maintain a more unified brand voice. #SmartSocial
Capture the attention of your audience and make content your fans will truly care about with these 3 tips:
Being great at social requires two important factors: knowing both what and how to measure when it comes to performance. Details in our on-demand webinar:
Brands must manage their social in real-time in order to meet customer care needs. We can help:
We're excited to announce that Spredfast has been selected as a finalist in the @Digiday Technology Awards! We've been recognized as one of the best social media marketing platforms after enabling @GM to create a first-class social media experience.
Our #SmartSocial Report determined how search can aid your brand’s content strategy (hint: answer the Qs your customers won’t ask):
In our 30-minute Power Session we explore risks your brand faces with native access on social and how Vault can keep you safe:
When you can break down silos within your company, every team wins. Here are 3 concrete ways to get everyone on the same page:
Thanks @Digiday for recognizing Spredfast as a finalist for the Digiday Technology Awards! #SmartSocial…
A genius social activation increased sales during @FSNewYork’s slow season. Get #inspo for your brand right here:
The law about protecting customer information has changed in the EU. Every brand that does business there is affected. Here’s what you need to know:
How can a marketing collaboration platform, global brand and social media agency collaborate to create content? Find out on August 21st at our #SmartSocial webinar ft. @workwithopal, @intel and @ThinkBonfire:
Curious how relevant the in-store experience is to retail brands? Our research team analyzed hundreds of @instagram posts to find the answer:
Don't miss our #SmartSocial event, “The Powerful Combination of Data and Creativity.” 💪…
At #SmartSocialLDN, we learned why it’s important to do more than eat, sleep, work, repeat. See the other factors that contribute to a healthy work-life balance:
Stellar customer experiences require a stellar technology partner. Check out our tips on how to choose the right customer care platform for your business:
All the opportunities social offers your brand also, unfortunately, comes with risks. But you CAN guard against them. We’ll show you how:
Finserv industry brands must operate beneath important regulations on social. But you don’t have to let those regulations hold back your brand:
When it comes to social media marketing, new ideas are always a boon. Our solution can make sure you’re never in short supply:
What do you want to learn about at SmartSocial Summit? Reply and let us know what topics are most important to you! #SmartSocialSummit
Digital marketers are already in back-to-school mode. Our checklist can help you develop smarter content this fall:
Join us on August 21st to hear from @workwithopal, @intel and @ThinkBonfire about best practices for establishing more effective collaboration at your organization. #SmartSocial
You need a better way to protect your enterprise on social, especially when it comes to native account access. Vault can help—here’s how:
Our platform is a key component to our customer's social strategies and overall success on social. Need proof? Check out what one customer had to say on @Gartner_inc: #SmartSocial
Our Social Campaign Planning Checklist will help you cover all your planning bases, like establishing a measurement process:
Paid content @facebook benchmarks look a lot different than organic content benchmarks. Our #SmartSocial report will show you if your paid social is hitting the mark:
Strategic policies on social serve regulated industries particularly well. We’ll show you how to prepare for any social media crisis ahead of time:
Some brands really get the tone social media users are looking for and because of their skill, they’re able to better connect with their audiences. See how @Wendys does it:
Social reporting is more important than ever. In our on-demand #SmartSocial webinar we’ll show you why + which social reporting best practices to employ (and more):
We’ve seen some truly stellar digital marketing campaigns this year and we’ve rounded up our favorites (so far) right here:
Your marketing and sales teams can communicate like never before with our platform— @usta demonstrates how:
The hard truth about social media today is that if your brand isn’t prepared, a single tweet can cause lasting damage. Our CEO @rodfav explains how to prepare:…
Emotional depth and well-timed humor are marketing gold. Here’s how @DollarShaveClub uses both to great effect:
Both humor and empathy can showcase your brand’s credibility and core beliefs. Here’s how @DollarShaveClub uses both with great success (and how your brand can, too):
When you streamline your brand’s content publishing, you can significantly increase engagement. See how Conversations can help:
Your brand works hard developing content on social. Our whitepaper will show you why risk management is just as important, and how to get started:
Experts from @bookingcom @GM and @Spredfast share detailed steps your brand can take to make automation a part of your social care program:
The hard truth about social media today is that if your brand isn’t prepared, a single tweet can cause lasting damage. Our CEO @rodfav explains how to prepare:…
The hard truth about social media today is that if your brand isn’t prepared, a single tweet can cause lasting damage. Our CEO @rodfav explains how to prepare:
Our close look at traveler personas demonstrates how every brand can answer its most pressing questions about their unique audience personas:
When you break down silos you ensure your project will meet the needs of all internal teams. Here’s how to do it:
The #MeToo movement has surpassed other major cultural moments on social (like the Superbowl). Here’s why that matters to brands:
Curious how much engagement your paid @facebook posts should be getting, relative to other brands in your industry? We ran the numbers for 5 top industries:
How can you create content that cuts through the digital noise? Start with honesty and authenticity. Here are a few examples of brands doing it well:
The new IGTV is aimed directly at digital natives: here’s what it can do now, how it’s expected to evolve, plus a few brands that are already mastering the medium:
With the help of @Spredfast and @Brandwatch, @edfenergy helped break down stereotypes about the STEM field, increase women hires, and more:
Social must now be a driving force for brands, says @espn’s Director of Strategy. Details, + more 2018 trends here:
We’re beyond excited to unveil @common — award-winning hip-hop artist, actor, and activist — as our #SmartSocialSummit keynote. Join us for one of the best marketing events of the year:
How can your international brand remain truly local? @MolsonCoors offers an excellent example + tips for all brands:
See how @Sephora @LEGO_Group & @RedCross have honed their emotional intelligence to create a real sense of community for their audience:
IGTV might be brand new, but @WarbyParker, @netflix, and more are already putting out incredible content on the new long-form video sharing platform:
When brands think of managing social risk, social listening isn’t always high on the list, but it should be. Here’s why:
RT @MartelliMtns: Our latest #SmartSocial Report is hot off the press and filled with recommendations on how to boost engagement for your b…
With Vault, you can easily manage native access to your brand’s social accounts—let your team have the freedom they need, securely:
Wondering how to hit the right note on IGTV? See how @WarbyParker, @NatGeo, @netflix and more are already taking full advantage of @instagram’s new feature:
Reignite your passion for marketing by leaning into your brand’s emotional intelligence. We’ll show you 3 brands doing it well + why it’s so important:
Our platform can streamline your social media marketing efforts so that you can run campaigns at the global level, optimize content, and much more:
When your Travel & Hospitality brand can connect with your customers on social, you can drive lasting loyalty. See how we can support your efforts:
Join us at our London office for our breakfast session on Social Insights & Analytics featuring @BBC & more on the 26th of July: #SmartSocial
As a brand, you need to own your authority explains social media force @ElaineWelteroth—details (+ more lessons) right here:
Capture the attention of your audience and make content your fans will truly care about with these 3 tips:
There are still plenty of things social media users won’t post about but still want to know about—we’ll show you how to bridge the gap with search data:
Instagram is the place to go for visual #inspo. It’s also the place to go to find young people who want to learn about new products:
We took a data-driven approach to persona research to answer key questions about travel—see the details + how to use persona research in any industry:
This @WeightWatchers digital ad campaign showcases the beauty that can come from symbiotic influencer relationships. See more details on the best campaigns of 2018 (so far):
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