The world’s most powerful social software platform. Connecting every business to the people they care about most. #SmartSocial
An expert in social customer care, @_lucyjsmith of @pandocruises will join us on the #SmartSocialLDN stage to share her secrets on cultivating a fiercely loyal following. Explore the full agenda:
In a social media environment filled with more noise and less trust than ever before, a new level of brand transparency is required:
"Spredfast Vault--a secure way to protect and govern native access to your brand's social accounts"…
An expert in social customer care, @_lucyjsmith of @pandocruise will join us on the #SmartSocialLDN stage to share her secrets on cultivating a fiercely loyal following. Explore the full agenda:
These 3 building blocks will help you keep your brand rep strong day in and day out:
RT @MartelliMtns: "We've heard the ask loud and clear: brands are looking for a way to better protect themselves across their enterprise on…
RT @rodfav: Introducing @Spredfast Vault. The FIRST solution that allows enterprise brands to govern native access on social. So proud of t…
Social media amplifies everything your brand does—including mistakes. Spredfast Vault offers visibility, control, and secure entry for direct native access so you can minimize your brand risk. Learn more:
See how we can enable you to respond to your @Yelp reviews at scale and ensure a consistent customer experience:
The new video capabilities from @LinkedIn are game-changing for digital marketers. Here’s everything you need to know:
Join us at @Spredfast (<-- great company), where we have a bunch of open positions in social media, strategy, frontend and backend software development, sales, and customer success…you name it! You can explore our open roles here —> (please RT - thx!)
Here’s what EU companies, and companies doing business with EU residents, need to know about the new General Data Protection Regulation legislation which becomes effective 5/25:
The social media content mix—the struggle is real when it comes to keeping things relevant for audiences. Here are 3 key ways to revamp your offerings: #SmartSocial
Influential powerhouse @ElaineWelteroth spoke with us at #SmartSocialNYC and we’re sharing her insights about social & more right here:
RT @MICHELLEGULINO: This @Spotify campaign is everything I never knew I needed- thanks for sharing @Spredfast…
How does Caesars Entertainment, a brand associated with everything from casinos to concert venues, manage their social? We sat down with their Las Vegas region social manager to find out:
Enterprise powerhouse @LiveNation uses our platform to maintain a consistent brand voice, increase engagement, and more. See how:
Marketers: shore up the time between brand exposure and conversion on a purchase—guide potential customers directly to your products with targeted leads. Here’s how:
We couldn’t wait until the end of the year to analyze our favorite ad campaigns, so we started early. Here’s what you can learn from the best of the best:
At #SmartSocialLDN, attendees will learn to customize content in order to foster brand love + much more. See all the details:
3 tips for refreshing your content marketing strategy, starting with prioritizing customer needs over brand needs:
Awesome things are happening here with our amazing customers and partners 💪…
At first glance, it might seem counterintuitive, but using AI judiciously can actually make your brand appear more human. Here’s how:
RT @conversable: We are super excited to partner with our friends at @Spredfast to enable enterprise-class chat bots and automated experien…
RT @AyBriBri: Chatbots weren't meant to eliminate human interfaces, they simply augment, boost bandwidth. 🗣️ = 👾👾👾👾 #smartsocial
RT @AstenRigel: A @GM chatbot can help you build your Cadillac and share it on social, as well as help you w/a purchase. How cool is that?!…
Iterate, iterate, iterate: There’s always something new to learn, even in a 100 year old company. - @RebeccaHarrisDr of @GM #SmartSocial
The demand for the ease and immediacy of chatbots is only increasing. #SmartSocial…
The aim of @GM chatbots are twofold: tackle Care inbound volume on social and offer an innovative way to get answers to commons q’s. - @RebeccaHarrisDr of @GM #SmartSocial
RT @cbetancourtPR: Go beyond what's expected. #SocialMedia customer service & use of #chatbots is about surprising and delighting your cust…
The role of chatbots should be to improve both the customer and agent experience—and to create the opportunity for more meaningful human interactions. #SmartSocial…
The role of chatbots should be to improve both the customer and agent experience, and to create the opportunity for more meaningful human interactions.…
Where does it make sense to implement a chatbot? Look for where response time is a point of friction for the customer. - Brennen Buckner of @bookingcom #SmartSocial
Chatbots can do a lot when it comes to scaling your brand and saving time, but they can’t improve an already poor customer interaction. - Brennen Buckner of @bookingcom #SmartSocial
RT @AstenRigel: Chatbots can be used to assist agents making them more productive. Gather basic customer data etc #SmartSocial @Adweek @Spr…
Not only can chatbots improve team efficiency, they can also create new opportunities for customer interaction by offering deals & making recommendations. - @kpmorris #SmartSocial
By answering common questions and connecting customers to self-service resolution, chatbots can lighten the load of your agents. - @kpmorris #SmartSocial
There's still time to register to join us for today's webinar exploring chatbots and AI with @GM and @bookingcom 👇 #SmartSocial…
RT @HeatherBuck_: By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise without interacting with a human (@Gartner).…
Thinking about a chatbot but not sure where to begin? See how we can help with our new automation capabilities and partnerships with @conversable, @replydotai, and @pandorabots:
RT @fbardt: Can #chatbots provide a great #customerexperience? Join us on May 15 to hear from the experts: @RebeccaHarrisDr from @GM, Brenn…
Understand more about your audience, analyze location performance, and improve efficiency with the ability to manage @Yelp reviews within Spredfast:
When you know exactly who you’ll encounter on @instagram, your marketing strategy will improve. Here are 6 audience stats you need:
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Download our Social Media Pocket Guide for a definitive reference on all things social strategy:
"Use that tweet to move feet on the street" check out this social media infographic! 👟…
Social media audiences now expect immediate answers from brands on social—no small feat, but chatbots can help. Learn best practices with experts from @GM and @bookingcom during our @Adweek webinar, 5/15:
Have you heard of @LinkedIn’s recently announced video capabilities? We’ll show you how to optimize them for your next campaign:
Social media is more complicated for finserv brands, but don’t let that stop you. With our tipsheet you can overcome 3 of the main challenges:
Let our trial and error become your best-practice. See how to easily create shareable digital marketing reports:
We couldn’t wait until December to take a look at this year’s best campaigns. Here are our favorites so far + what marketers can learn from them:
There has been a distressing loss of trust around the world, but your brand can still earn customers’ faith. Here’s how:
AI is poised to remake the retail industry: consumers are ready—are you? Learn more here:
As #PrideMonth approaches, making a plan for how your brand will support the festivities—and the LGBTQ community—is important. Here’s how to make a genuine impact:
If you want to know what content is performing well, our platform can show you—here’s how #CopaAmérica used rich social data to increase engagement by 2,700%:
We're happy to be named one of @MyABJ's Best Places to Work. Thank you to our team for making our HQ such an energetic and inspiring place to be!…
There are things your audience wants to know but won’t ask (or talk about on social). With search, you can meet their content needs. See how in our #SmartSocial Report:
Connect with your digital marketing peers and create the future of social together at #SmartSocialLDN — register now to catch Early Bird savings:
Connect with your digital marketing peers and create the future of social together at #SmartSocialLDN 6/5:
Automation doesn't have to leave you disengaged with customers—it can actually help you build better connections:
Our SVP of Product @kpmorris and experts from @bookingcom and @GM will lead our @Adweek webinar about chatbot and AI best practices on 5/15. Register to join us:
RT @heytrace: Social has taken the storytelling power from traditional media and given it to the audience. @sedmoore @Spredfast #NYKConf
RT @heytrace: I mean, obviously I’m attending the @Spredfast session with @sedmoore. #NYKConf #spredlife
We sat down with Tristan Diehl who shared how she overhauled the live event strategy for @CaesarsEnt Las Vegas region, and more:
A guide to telling your brand story, in three steps: 1. Find the villain 2. Maintain consistent themes that evolve over time 3. Find the story your data supports Get the full details:
Huge congrats to @rwebber and the @NatGeo team on being named Webby Media Company of the Year! 🙌… Pssst: Want more insight into how @NatGeo excels at social media? Check out 3 strategies @rwebber shared at #SmartSocialSummit here:
RT @bschmech: "Be bold and prove it." Great article by @Spredfast's @VirginiaMiracle on lessons learned from @TeenVogue's @ElaineWelteroth…
Understand more about your buyers through our new partnership with @Yelp that allows you to integrate Yelp reviews alongside existing workflows and reply from within Spredfast:
During #SmartSocialNYC, our CCO @VirginiaMiracle sat down with @ElaineWelteroth who shared why you shouldn’t underestimate your audience, and more:
See how @LiveNation increased social engagement by 20% and centralized their wide social network with the help of our platform:
Our #SmartSocialLDN conference is all about creating the best content for your brand to engage with your audience, foster brand love, and more:
We can learn a lot from those who’ve gone before—and those who come after. 5 generations of women in tech speak:
Your customers are leaving you valuable data points on their satisfaction, experience, ideas, and praise across social media channels. See why reviews are no exception:
If you’re planning a big social media campaign, you’re not alone. Our checklist will walk you through each step so you can be successful:
We sat down with @CaesarsEnt's social media strategist Tristan Diehl for an inside peek into managing the social of such a large and far reaching brand:
Pinterest offers unique features that brands can use to engage audiences, like Rich Pins and Pinterest Categories. Find out more with our guide:
Smart brands must meet their customers where they are (on social) with a personality to match—a how-to from @Wendys:
If you’re wondering how your brand stacks up to others in your industry when it comes to @facebook benchmarks, we have answers for you:
Don't miss the Austin Forum on May 8th!…
Cult brand status is reached by the careful curation of a few key elements—we round up 3 of them right here:
With @LinkedIn’s new video capabilities, marketers have new opportunities to promote their brand and build brand love:
Engaging in politics is no longer a “nice to have” for brands—experts like @latiacurry now see it as critical. Here’s why that matters to your brand:
The social media content mix—the struggle is real when it comes to keeping things relevant for audiences. Here are 3 key ways to revamp your offerings:
"What traditional CPG brands can learn from disruptors"…
The 2018 Social Audience Guide, check it out!…
Make lasting connections with your digital marketing peers as you soak in all the details about what’s next for social at #SmartSocialLDN:
With our platform, your finserv brand can reap all of the benefits of social media while engaging safely. See the details here:
"Employees crave more digital and social engagement during periods of internal change." 🙌…
Our break-out sessions will make #SmartSocialLDN well worth your time. See what attendees can expect including sessions on monetizing video, fostering brand love, and cretaing content audiences crave:
In our Holistic Customer Care on-demand webinar you’ll find expert input about the challenges of customer support and the transformation of care:
Video is captivating & @Facebook Watch makes it even more so. Learn more:
RT @eric_andersonw: Interested in talking #SmartSocial? Join us in London on 5 June to shape and inspire your future marketing strategies!…
If you’re in a regulated industry, you might think having no social presence is the best way to manage risk, but it isn’t. Instead, use our list:
Chatbots and AI are helping brands respond to consumers immediately, but do you know automation best practices? Get ready to learn from @GM & @bookingcom in our @Adweek webinar, 5/15:
There are 2 billion monthly active users on @facebook, but digital marketers need to know how to target specific people. With our Social Audience Guide, you can:
Three ways to connect with your audience through the wonderful world of GIFs:
Staying out of politics is no longer a viable option for brands: consumers want to know where you stand. Here’s how to speak up effectively:
Marketers need to pay attention to the gap between what their brand posts and what their customers search for online. Our new #SmartSocial Report shows you how:
Industry experts from @Spredfast and @hgtv shared specific ways marketers can draw viewers in with their video content:
We discovered that customers are seeking information brands are not answering—yet. Here’s how to meet those needs:
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