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Just like one of Ben & Jerry’s famous ice cream flavors, @tiktok_us is half baked, so does it have what it takes to become one of the next big social media platforms for #marketers? Read our latest blog from @neetella for the T3 Take: bit.ly/2mY7ZTK https://t.co/zgs8mRt7qN
The #ADW19 schedule is live and we're excited to be hosting a session here at T3! Join our VP of Experience Design, @experimitchell, November 7th for "Inclusivity In Practice - Designing for Humans" Read more about our event and RSVP here 👉 bit.ly/2nekBGh https://t.co/WdauleRdrH
With @amazon's Fall 2019 hardware event behind us and 15 new products to add to our wish lists, is Apple falling behind? Read T3 Chief Strategy Officer James Lanyon's take on our blog: bit.ly/2nbFEt4 https://t.co/Egar1iSg1M
Workplace diversity has many tangible benefits, yet it continues to be an issue despite genuine efforts to bring about change. Read the latest blog from T3 Visual Designer, Leslie Harris, on how diversity is just a good business practice bit.ly/2mozF3G https://t.co/7aKfw397hx
T3 Loyalty Practice Lead, Sean Eidson, weighs in on @Venmo and @PepsiCo's new Pepcoin cash rewards program partnership in the lastest from @BankInnovation. Read the full article here: bit.ly/2meJPDJ
Join T3 President, @bendgaddis, @danwheel of @Wahlburgers, @vparizher of @tacobell, and @kevinmmyers of @Donatos this morning for their panel at Future Restaurants. Check out the full agenda here: bit.ly/2lNJSGB https://t.co/1ExdfZE5XH
RT @code2college: “C2C taught me teamwork & communication skills & allowed me to understand the professional expertise needed to be success…
Our President, @bendgaddis, will be speaking at the Future Restaurant Conference on Monday alongside @danwheel of @Wahlburgers, @vparizher of @tacobell, and @kevinmmyers of @Donatos. Check out the full agenda here: bit.ly/2lNJSGB https://t.co/2LyXpP1Lqi
Our President, @bendgaddis, will be speaking at the Future Restaurant Conference on Monday alongside @danwheel of @Wahlburgers, @vparizher of @tacobell, and @kevinmmyers of @Donatos. Check out the full agenda here: bit.ly/2lNJSGB https://t.co/NFemriAKIX
#CMBXP by @CreateMeetBiz is right around the corner and our own @StephRaddock and @caitcwilliamson will be part of the lineup! Join them Sept. 19 - 21 for their workshop. Badges available at cmbxp.com. https://t.co/qFVvBNnUrT
RT @CreateMeetBiz: #CMBXP19 starts in 20 days! Ready to start building your schedule? To increase your #marketing savvy, check out these…
T3's VP of Experience Design, @experimitchell, shares a look at what shapes T3's Modern Loyalty approach. Read our blog to learn more about what makes a #loyalty experience that packs more than a punch: bit.ly/343Mp0U https://t.co/OSryh3QR5f
T3's VP of Experience Design, @experimitchell, shares a look at what shapes T3's Modern Loyalty approach. Read our blog to learn more about what makes a #loyalty experience that packs more than a punch: bit.ly/2HtnEkS https://t.co/dDtuHq4wGg
It's the last day to vote for your favorite #SXSW 2020 panels on #PanelPicker. Check out all of this year's T3 entries on our blog and vote it up! 🗳️bit.ly/2YofLYJ
RT @modatx: .@jkolko, @T3thinktank President @bendgaddis & @UTAustin's Jan Ryan are preparing for a great discussion on the value of #colle…
As Minneapolis bans drive thru’s, our #Restaurant Practice Lead, Allyson Klineman, anticipates a rise in delivery and ghost kitchens to meet customer demand in new ways. Read the full article here bit.ly/30fP1GO
Accepting your difference can make you unstoppable. Vote for this panel from T3 Visual Designer, Leslie Harris, Jai Chapple from Indeed, and Mylan Kimbrough, from Starcom on #PanelPicker to hear about How to Leverage Being Other: bit.ly/2YU4ieN https://t.co/hUNhfe14E7
Welcome to couples therapy. Chances are you and your significant other, Hustle, have an unhealthy relationship. T3 Director of Connections, Caitlin Williamson, will walk you through a better relationship in her #SXSW panel. Vote for it now on #PanelPicker: bit.ly/2KDFylO https://t.co/zJS7RNXzFx
We wish this discussion wasn’t so damn necessary. But it is. The creative community has a powerful voice in the fight against gun violence. Vote for this panel featuring @GiffordsCourage and @ChangeTheRef on #PanelPicker. There's more work to be done. bit.ly/2M8ok39 https://t.co/dBGyyWoh9L
Breathe “wrong?” Say something “wrong”? Share something "wrong?" You’ve been canceled. Vote for @AngelaCYang, @dennishuynh, Karinna Schultz, and Kai Deveraux Lawson’s #SXSW 2020 panel on #PanelPicker or get #Canceled: bit.ly/2Tf6Cfj https://t.co/7kwa5dPEK1
ICYMI: TikTok was the center of attention at this year's Vidcon. T3 Director of Connections, Caitlin Williamson, shares her insights on major themes from this year's conference. Check it out: bit.ly/2Ki114K
RT @adfedaustin: Want to learn about empowerment, AI, creativity, or about brands? Our friends at @GSDM, @JobPropulsionLab, @T3thinktank, &…
What exactly is inclusive design? We have to recognize the cultural impact every product has. Inclusive design is our responsibility. Vote for @experimitchell, @LesWingo, @ccowdrey, and Angie Benamati’s #SXSW Panel on #PanelPicker to hear more: bit.ly/2ZI5lzz https://t.co/o9TnQxl8Ze
Fact is, people are obsessed with finding out where they land on the curve. Vote for T3’s CIO, Jack Lynch, and Lead Data Scientist at OnlineMedEd, @beeonaposy’s panel, “You’re Just a Number. And You F#*&! Love It. on #SXSW’s #PanelPicker: bit.ly/2YRnGcf https://t.co/fw6kiAKcki
T3 President, @bendgaddis, @UTAustin's Jan Ryan, and @jkolko are ready to debate! As the college debt crisis continues to stack up, they ask, is college still worth it? Vote for their #SXSW 2020 panel in #PanelPicker: bit.ly/2KD2uBA https://t.co/62gotWJfmB
Our kick-ass Chief Creative Officer @jaysuhr will be a jurist for this year's #OMMAAwards. Meet Jay and the rest of the jury: bit.ly/33odmMg https://t.co/kk3BvhZzoN
The Internet of Things will rewrite the rules for experience strategy. Vote for @jtlx, @MadhaviKRao from @ValkyrieIntel, and Chen Zhang from Part Time Evil’s #SXSW 2020 panel proposal on #PanelPicker to learn more about Designing for the IoT Continuum: panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/101006 https://t.co/M2I03sACpp
RT @digennaro: As tech companies increase their leadership in banking, from Venmo to Facebook's Libra, vote to hear about what's next for t…
RT @EarlyMattersATX: .@T3thinktank has integrated family friendly practices into their culture for over 20 years - but the #FamilyFriendlyA…
As tech companies get increasingly involved in banking, from @venmo to @Facebook's Libra, Should A Tech CEO Lead the Bank of the Future? Vote for T3 COO, Christian Barnard, & President of Ad Advisory Services, Jeff Hartweg's #SXSW panel on #PannelPicker: bit.ly/2GTYVpA https://t.co/mqmAiDj6uO
Legacy #loyalty programs are broken. Tune in to our webinar with @getpunchh tomorrow to chat #customer engagement in loyalty programs: bit.ly/2M79Q2I https://t.co/OudN0p9Ynx
RT @3PercentConf: Join the ranks of @droga5, @TBWA, @FCBIndia, @T3thinktank. Submit to the Athena Advertising Awards (@Athenafilmfest) by S…
Christian Barnard, T3 COO, believes major #marketers will continue to re-calibrate their marketing teams as organizations prepare for what may be an economic downturn. Read the full article: bit.ly/2MyxZzs Via @Digiday
Only 43% of consumers in #loyalty programs say they are satisfied. Reserve your spot for our upcoming #webinar on Wednesday, August 7, to explore key trends and how brands can generate loyalty.
Of the nearly four billion U.S. #loyalty memberships, more than half are inactive. Join the T3 #webinar on Wednesday, August 7, to uncover the top trends in customer loyalty programs: bit.ly/2M79Q2I
Secret T3 Labs project in the works 🤫🧠 https://t.co/tQMvyjlFxg
We don’t just meet customer expectations, we redefine them. See what the Forrester report had to say about T3’s modern approach to #loyalty. Download the report: bit.ly/2xRalG2 https://t.co/L71mgyhfPk
We're hosting a webinar, 4 Things Loyalty Programs Need Today, with @getpunchh on Wednesday, August 7, at 11 a.m. PDT/2 p.m. EDT. Join us to discover how brands can create true #loyalty among their customers. Register here: bit.ly/2M79Q2I https://t.co/xxYpu5RMRT
You may know us for our great work, our kick-ass CEO @gaygaddis, or our T3 & Under program, but did you know even our parking garage is award-winning? bit.ly/2Z9QKgl Via: @CurbedAustin
RT @jaysuhr: @MUSEbyclio was gracious in inviting us to share photos and the back story on our Austin offices. Decent writer on the piece.…
T3 was recognized as a Strong Performer in the Forrester WaveTM: Loyalty Service Providers, Q3 2019. Download the report here: bit.ly/2xRalG2 Cheers to our clients. We can’t wait to see what comes next. https://t.co/vdLKXQaqy0
ICYMI: Did you know our building dates back to the '50s? Check out the awesome Austin office we get to call home👇bit.ly/32wcG7k Via. @MUSEbyclio https://t.co/UH6HJsZ6lb
It’s official. T3 was named a Strong Performer in the Forrester WaveTM: Loyalty Service Providers, Q3 2019 and cited for our modern approach to #loyalty. More here: bit.ly/2xRalG2 https://t.co/WiGtRItQZd
RT @MUSEbyclio: Go inside the offices of @T3thinktank in Austin with chief creative officer @jaysuhr: bit.ly/30F0X4F https://t.co/…
Signing off from #VidCon2019 👋🏼Our @caitcwilliamson’s packing up tons of inspiration from peers, creators + the online video community to bring it all back to Austin ✈️👩🏻‍💻 https://t.co/e9cvXux5xH
Social media is a space where our society now faces all sorts of challenges. It’s the responsibility of content creators to bring solutions. #JayShettyVidCon19 #VidCon2019
“Representation is important because people can’t be what they don’t see. Each of us telling our story authentically is boundary breaking in itself because the more you’re you, the more other people feel like they can be them.” @JayShettyIW #Vidcon2019
We’re starting the third and final day of #VidCon2019 in a good place with the inspirational @JayShettyIW. He says his impact is a result of his sole focus on creating human connection, not views or engagements, through social media.
The #IABxVidCon session on the new consumer journey in the Direct Brand Economy was a fav at #VidCon2019. The full report was released this AM, so download it for yourself here: iab.com/insights/disru…
8 of 10 direct brand consumers say purchasing a brand is not enough alone to make them loyal. It takes at least 3 purchases and a whole lot of omnichannel, constant engagement with a brand for today's consumers to consider themselves loyal. #IABxVidCon #VidCon2019
P&G's Ivory Soap marks the beginning of the indirect brand economy, while @WarbyParker's inception in '10 dates the shift to a direct brand economy. Biggest change is consumer relationships realized through data are now the core asset of every enterprise. - @iab #VidCon2019 https://t.co/aaqOMTe7mk
Starting day 2 of #VidCon2019 with @iab to hear about their latest research on the new consumer journey and "Disruption of Brand Preference" in the era of a direct brand economy.
If you understand your brand's primal code (how to make sense to consumers + create desire), your brand continues to be meaningful independently of the ever changing marketing landscape. #VidCon2019 #VidConUS
To become meaningful, ping both the rational and emotional sides of the brain. To do that, create story. #VidConUS #VidCon2019 https://t.co/dgjYvICAWh
Attendees are hanging from the rafters to hear a packed session about how to build an authentic brand on a particular new and emerging platform. Share this with anyone asking if they should be thinking about @tiktok_us. #VidConUS https://t.co/dl9FbyXgjQ
Creators love podcasts bc you get 20-60 minutes of connection with fans. That's rare today. Plus, it's harder to fail in podcasts than online video right now. @hankgreen says "There's no failure in content creation. If you make something, that alone is a success." #VidConUS
A focus on the editorial of a podcast is what brings variety and originality to the space. Fast-growing content themes, like true crime, require a podcast to sound different in ways outside of production value to break through. #VidConUS
The #VidConUS podcast braintrust, @hankgreen @tonyphillips40 and Chris Corcoran, all agree: with 400+ new podcasts a day, discovery and navigability are the challenge. Word of mouth and personal communication are a friend of both podcast consumers and creators. https://t.co/4zUycWmbyE
T3 has touched down at #VidConUS in Anaheim! Follow along through Saturday as @caitcwilliamson, Director of Connections, shares what has the industry and creators all abuzz. https://t.co/Mlg2no0JoC
AI is coming to the drive-thru. President, @bendgaddis, weighs in with an exciting program T3 is working on: bit.ly/2xBm1wj via @RestaurantDive
RT @code2college: This #TechTalentTuesday, we’re highlighting another C2C Summer Intern: Alejandro, of @AkinsAISD He thought #Tech was al…
As banks evolve their mobile features, the ability to personalize banking apps based on customer data will be key. James Lanyon, VP of Strategy and Innovation, weighs in on banking and super apps: bit.ly/2XIAsgU via @BankInnovation https://t.co/hZs77faZx9
Lots of #pride for the @AuntieAnnes and T3 teams behind this work https://t.co/pBXFXfIFls
We’re excited to announce that T3 President, @bendgaddis will be launching a book, Embracing Irrationality, out this summer! twitter.com/bendgaddis/sta…
From T3 Restaurant Practice Lead, Allyson Klineman, a few dos and don'ts on how #restaurants can deploy new tech: bit.ly/2FjrvQM https://t.co/ydk5iOXQEM
Get to know one of @UPS Access Point locations right here at home in Austin, Texas -- @uncommonATX youtube.com/watch?v=jhVbE7…
@UPS #WishesDelivered took home a Gold and Silver award at this year's National #ADDYs! Congratulations to everyone on the team. https://t.co/x2XpajZukN
Happy #FathersDay to all of our T3 Dads and all of the dads who’ve gone through our T3 & Under program! https://t.co/wPY7fYSPgd
In a time of #loyalty program devaluation, smart brands will buck the trend and find ways to deliver more. Read the latest on loyalty on the T3 blog: bit.ly/2KVXoSK
Nothing says "team bonding" like being locked up in a room together with no way out. Yesterday, our Summer Interns and their managers spent the day at @AustinPanicRoom. Which team do you think escaped first? https://t.co/w7TgTocfal
Exciting News! Creative Director Jen Smith earned a spot on @AdWeek's #Creative100 for her work on @UPS. Check her out! bit.ly/2XA1DH7
Did someone say #NationalDoughnutDay? https://t.co/rpgYwdSXE8
We're looking forward to a kick-ass summer with our 2019 Summer interns! Welcome to T3 y'all! #DamnGoodPeople https://t.co/DpNCmxMhRj
Steve Fredette of @ToastTab says it’s only a matter of time before voice #AI gets more useful than asking about the weather. Alexa is still finding its utility (remember the early days of the iPhone?) but when we figure it out it will be huge. #collisonconf
The subscription model has changed #marketing’s role. Retention is more important that conversion. It’s the new funnel. - @destraynor at #collisionconf https://t.co/TVcSE8GpL8
“If all of your customers are perfectly content you’re probably not #innovating.” - @benchestnut #CollisionConf
“If content is king then execution is the castle.” - @grahammcuk #CollisionConf
@briansugar #hottake at #CollisionConf: FB is moving to groups. Everything else is secondary. As publishers @POPSUGAR is vigorously creating groups to get on board with the new algorithm. #socialmedia https://t.co/4dNSJ26s4z
“The challenge for media companies is shifting from being a media company to being an IP company.” -@ChristaCarone #CollisionConf #intellectualproperty
Don't obsess over return on ad spend. Really focus on customer lifetime value and building relationships with your most profitable customers.” - @KellynKenny #CollisionConf
RT @Elissa_L: #Marketing is getting #disrupted - it's about standing out in crowded feeds, alongside the best brands in the world, not just…
The average consumer is consuming over 300 feet of content on their mobile device. That's a football field in one day. -@KellynKenny #CollisionConf https://t.co/82wWY5GPzN
[Users] want what they consume to say something about them. - Samantha Berry of @glamourmag #collisionconf
Media brands [incl. journalists] need to be better with analytics to prove effectiveness. And advertisers need to trust these media platforms as experts with access to quality audiences. - Samantha Berry of @glamourmag #collisionconf #DigitalMarketing
Kelly Day of @Viacom sees growth in IGTV as part of the future of media. We agree! #CollisionConf https://t.co/ru00HJB6NW
@NPR shifted away from 100% audio to be wherever their listeners are. Watch Tiny Desk on YouTube. Get the news on radio, app or smart speaker. Post on social media. “Be friction free and be wherever the users are.” - @MegZGold #collisionconf
“So many #startups take things one step at a time. Think 5 years from now and work backwards.” - @JohnTChambers #CollisionConf
“You can copy products. You can copy strategy. But you can’t copy culture. You actually have to build it.” - @RosemarieRyan #CollisionConf
“There’s a digital component to all types of #marketing. We even use digital sign ups and ads to promote offline events.” @mada299 at #CollisionConf
RT @Recode: Facebook's former chief security officer @alexstamos tells @karaswisher that Mark Zuckerberg should "give up some of [his] powe…
“There’s a digital component to all types of #marketing. We even use digital sign ups and ads to promote offline events.” @mada299 at #CollisiionConf
“It’s time to stop calling it digital marketing and start calling it technology-enabled marketing” - @dmcglashan at #CollisionConf
If people trust you/your content then you can “do other stuff.” (Like extending into commerce) @neilvogel gives the example of his platform The Spruce #collisionconf https://t.co/KZqQd6Akj4
is another great example of a brand that built trust with content and then saw great success with product launch #collisionconf
“Hold user interest above everything else. Nothing else matters.” - @neilvogel #collisionconf
How to build a trusted brand with @neilvogel from Dash.com We’re all about better ads! #CollisionConf https://t.co/KOgIr3YOGa
@karaswisher : What does the modern media company look like? @ev: It will blend open media (e.g. Twitter) with traditional (not scalable, limited views). Something that taps the world’s brains. #CollisionConf
“People still want good things to read and to inform their world.” - @ev in convo with @karaswisher #CollisionConf https://t.co/PtiaCbE4TT
“AI is infiltrating everything we do.” -@ev Is your company integrating #AI into any offerings? #CollisionConf
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