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The @WNBA bleeds burnt orange as All-Star Weekend approaches. bit.ly/2xRayIZ
“Our voices as students have immense power, and this is a testament to that.” bit.ly/2liJOOR
After giving birth at the beginning of college, a sophomore decided to launch a new student org to provide resources for student parents. 🍼 bit.ly/2xQUY04
RT @camerondparker: Day 2 of the Big 12 Media Days. It took a lot of coffee, kolaches from the Czech Stop and some 80’s R&B education from…
OPINION: “I got help. You can too.” Mental health can be difficult to discuss. We should normalize the conversation and advertise UT’s mental health resources. bit.ly/2xLlUhV
RT @MorganKuehler: have you been to the women's health clinic on campus? how was your experience? I want to hear about it-- good or bad.…
In an all-new episode of “The Price of Getting In,” ⁦@texanaudio⁩ talks getting admitted to UT, in light of the recent college admissions scandal. Listen here👂👇 soundcloud.com/thedailytexan/…
@UTexasMcCombs gets a new, artistic addition.🎨 bit.ly/2Sanqn2 https://t.co/rOdp7Y3RVN
“The most important objective in any health care system are the patient outcomes.” UT researchers develop new ways to improve patient care. dailytexanonline.com/2019/07/11/ut-…
A rundown of former Longhorns in the @WNBA as All-Star Weekend approaches.🏀 bit.ly/2xRayIZ
“There is a complete disconnect with the state legislature on how women actually live their lives.” @ACLUTx hosted a panel on Wednesday discussing reproductive justice in Texas. dailytexanonline.com/2019/07/10/acl…
Clarification to our earlier tweet: The endowment will cover tuition and fees for qualifying students, but it will not pay for room, board and other expenses.
OPINION: In order to break the social stigma around homeless people on campus, students should try to empathize with them. dailytexanonline.com/2019/07/08/hum…
OPINION: “Feel-good stories are worthless if they are not tethered to broader efforts at social change.” dailytexanonline.com/2019/07/08/sto…
RT @lmnhan24: 4/ Fill out the form below and we'll be in touch. Nothing you write will be published without your consent. A reporter (or me…
RT @lmnhan24: 1/ With the news of UT offering full tuition to any students with a family income of up to $65,000, @thedailytexan wants to h…
“This will benefit students of our great state for years to come.” Earlier today, the @utsystem Board of Regents unanimously voted to create an endowment that extends financial assistance to future in-state undergraduate students. dailytexanonline.com/2019/07/09/ut-…
OPINION: In order to break the social stigma around homelessness, students should try to empathize with the homeless. dailytexanonline.com/2019/07/08/hum…
OPINION: “Feel-good stories are worthless if they are not tethered to broader efforts at social change.” bit.ly/2JDFAcS
OPINION: To break social stigma around homeless people on campus, students should be more empathetic. bit.ly/2JDFAcS
UT students share how studying abroad is “life-changing, perspective-altering and doable with scholarships.” bit.ly/2JB5Zbi
BREAKING: Full-ride scholarships will be offered to all in-state UT-Austin students from families earning under $65,000 starting in 2020. Story to come.
First-generation students share their study abroad experiences and challenges. bit.ly/2Jx3neJ
@thomyorke returns with more “pulsating frequencies” in the release of his third solo album ANIMA. bit.ly/2JxNKUf
I vibe with Latin trap music. bit.ly/2JxN9BZ
Out of all the mesmerizing visual effects in the latest Spiderman movie, Tom Holland was my favorite. bit.ly/2JC0kSf
Got any wizard games on your phone? bit.ly/2JwqLZG
Tamoxifen, a drug usually used to treat breast cancer, may potentially treat infections caused by food poisoning. bit.ly/2XwZbp7
Oscar Cásares delves into cultural assimilation in his new novel, “Where We Come From.” bit.ly/2JyZIgj
@TexasWBB will be adding five new additions to the team, hoping for a better season than last year. bit.ly/2Jypxxa
“I believe that the fight our country faces in race and immigration at the end of the day will be fought and won in Texas.” bit.ly/2JwbQie
The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to exclude a citizenship question in the 2020 census will allow Austin to keep $43 billion in federal funding. bit.ly/2JDBW2G
“The longer I have to wait to start work, the longer I’m going without a paycheck" Widespread visa delays have impacted hundreds of international students’ employment. bit.ly/2JCuvcf
OPINION: “[UT] is directly and indirectly culpable for the gentrification we see today.” dailytexanonline.com/2019/07/05/stu…
On March 12, 50 people were indicted in the largest college admissions scandal ever prosecuted by the DOJ. In the first episode of ‘The Price of Getting In’, our new podcast series, we explore what happened and how it affects UT-Austin. soundcloud.com/thedailytexan/…
For more photos from the protest or to keep up with our latest projects and stories, follow us on Instagram: instagram.com/thedailytexan?… https://t.co/LUY2Wcpa3Z
“This is a holiday that celebrates freedom, and we couldn’t just let it happen as usual.” Hundreds gathered at the Texas Capitol on July 4 to protest the use of detention centers along the southern state border. dailytexanonline.com/2019/07/04/hun… https://t.co/Ggnj0Swc4Z
To prepare for the loud holiday, @austinpetsalive is working to help anxious animals scared by fireworks. 💥 dailytexanonline.com/2019/07/03/aus…
Artists, coaches, chefs and other members of the Austin community weigh in on mental health in a recent podcast created by a @DellMedSchool resident. bit.ly/2XmneXM
The Arts and Crafts Exhibit at the @ransomcenter demonstrates the socialist idea with their anti-industrialization pieces on display until July 14. bit.ly/2Xh8v02
Field hockey and Brazilian jiu-jitsu are two new @UTRecSports clubs students can look forward to in the fall. bit.ly/2XkbWTW
OPINION: While UT Austin strives to be environmentally conscious, the school’s dependence on fossil fuels will keep them from becoming a truly “green” campus. bit.ly/2Xh9tJI
After spending three seasons with the Golden State Warriors, UT’s own Kevin Durant has signed with the Brooklyn Nets.🏀 bit.ly/2XmJPmR
Occupy Left Field remains a @TexasBaseball Saturday tradition. ⚾️ dailytexanonline.com/2019/07/01/occ…
RT @stephenwag22: “It’s really an open tailgate to anyone who’s not an idiot.” Last week I spoke with a few members of ⁦@OccupyLF⁩ to find…
Occupy Left Field remains a @TexasBaseball Saturday tradition.⚾️ bit.ly/2Xmo7Q6’s-biggest-tailgate
RT @texanaudio: Texan Audio is back this summer with an all-new podcast! "The Price of Getting In" takes a deeper look at what it's like t…
the girl with the heart signal monitor tattoo bit.ly/2XmmYI3
RT @texanvideo: “raku ROCKED MY WORLD.” watch this very serious reporting from our sushi correspondents, @peytonyoung37 and @wooshelbs, a…
Bungalow East showcases local artists to preserve East Austin culture and fight against gentrification. bit.ly/2XkTfQ3
Democratic candidates @BetoORourke and @JulianCastro competed in Texas terrain by hosting concurrent events in downtown Austin. bit.ly/2Xsp5dL
Caitlyn Jenner awards $25,000 to UT student, Map Pesqueira, after new Trump administration policies revoke ROTC scholarship. bit.ly/2Xm4Gaa
4/x But while this was the first step in the story of women’s suffrage, it changed the way women participated in democracy and society. Here's our front page story on the history of women's suffrage in Texas and the strides left to be made: thedailytexan.atavist.com/suffrage
3/x Minnie Fisher Cunningham, a leader of women’s suffrage, offered to help defeat Ferguson if the new Governor signed a bill for women’s suffrage. He did, and she made good on her promise. 386,000 women registered to vote and were essential to Ferguson’s defeat. https://t.co/HE2t8wnFYe
2/x In 1917, then-Governor James Ferguson vetoed University state funding when officials refused to terminate undesired employees. In response, 2,000 students, alumni and professors marched in protest. https://t.co/xxRUnXNeUo
1/x Around 100 years ago, women won the right to vote in Texas — the first Southern state and the ninth in the Union to do so. But the story behind this victory involves a close election, a persuasive female leader, and a fight between UT and the impeached governor. https://t.co/Bv5X5e2Vr3
Former @TexasBaseball shortstop, David Hamilton, is headed to Milwaukee for his senior year.⚾️ dailytexanonline.com/2019/06/29/tex…
“We are here to stir a conversation and to educate others.” @DellMedSchool hosted a panel on Thursday to promote racial equity in healthcare. bit.ly/2Xfzv00
OPINION: “What starts here changes the world, and everyone but graduate students benefit from it.” Graduate students share their difficulties of attending UT, especially during the summer. bit.ly/2Xgn6sy
@UTAustinparking to replace Speedway Mall traffic bollards with new gates. bit.ly/2XgSE1G
Author @sunraysunray discussed his new book and modern socialism during an on-campus event Wednesday evening. bit.ly/2LkCFs2
Space 24 Twenty hosted a watch party for the first Democratic Presidential primary debate as the 2020 election season approaches. bit.ly/2Lnbz3G
According to @statesman, now-former Texas kicker, Joshua Rowland, has officially transferred to Texas State. dailytexanonline.com/2019/06/26/for…
During #PrideMonth, many corporations celebrate with rainbow-themed items But some LGBT Longhorns are wary of this Pride merchandise. bit.ly/2J38x1I
OPINION: @UTSOA should relieve architecture students from additional expenses during the semester. bit.ly/2J7LiU2
Evil is back and more lifelike than ever in the “Child’s Play” remake. bit.ly/2ZPmfvX
Students regularly experience I-35 and Mopac traffic on their way to work and school. But the new Austin Strategic Mobility Plan hopes to make this commute easier by improving public transit. bit.ly/2X4J6qz
A blast from the past. @TDCinemaClub’s new LP brings sound back from the future. bit.ly/2ZJr75J
The Texas population is expected to double to 55 million by the year 2050, so @Planet_Tx is working to tackle issues that may arise in the near future. bit.ly/2X3jOcd
Nobody likes you when you’re #UT23. A few tips on making the best of Mooov-In Day come fall semester. bit.ly/2X7qHsQ
The toys are back in town. @Pixar's Toy Story 4 returns for a final installment that teaches the importance of loyalty and coping with growing up. bit.ly/2ZLHjDq
Brooke McCarty-Williams, Imani McGee-Stafford and Ariel Atkins. Read how these former Longhorns dribbled their way to success in the @WNBA. 🏀 bit.ly/2X7t4Mi
Because of a new classroom approach, some UT students went back to elementary school for a lesson on Austin’s educational system. bit.ly/2X6bKr1
#ATXCouncil recently loosened laws against public camping, solicitation, sitting and lying down in public places. bit.ly/2X6llOI
“I couldn’t go back. I couldn’t.” From an early class dismissal to a leave of absence, here’s what happens when a professor is unable to return mid-semester. bit.ly/2X7pn9m
We’ve also got our helpful list of tips, tricks and words of advice for all #UT23 students attending freshman orientation by @Sj0b3rg. dailytexanonline.com/2019/06/10/wha…
If you’re just arriving on campus, make sure to check out our story by @nicolestuessy on changes to freshman orientation. 👇 dailytexanonline.com/2019/06/10/fre…
Hey #UT23, what are you looking forward to at @UTorientation? Check our our Instagram to see how other freshmen answered and then let us know what you’re looking forward to: instagram.com/thedailytexan https://t.co/4nIehDmxNO
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A trend of political violence against women has increased over the past year, according to a new report from UT researchers. dailytexanonline.com/2019/06/13/pol…
D-Day, 75 years later, the @lhab marched the streets of Normandy to commemorate the anniversary. dailytexanonline.com/2019/06/18/lon…
On the 75th anniversary of the historic D-Day, @longhornalumniband
“Fly Me to the Moon,” a UT Remix. bit.ly/2FgNdoi
During an event hosted by @goACTA and @TPPF, Wallace Hall offered his perspective on the recent college admissions scandal. bit.ly/2KV7x2l
And for our next trick, we spoke with UT alumnus @BerniniMagic about his magically professional journey. bit.ly/2KWJBvr
A rainbow of colors transformed Waller Creek during part of this year’s Pride Month festivities in Austin. bit.ly/2KWIWtX
A new program directed towards first-generation college students helps freshmen navigate campus as early as @UTorientation. bit.ly/2KX3uT6
OPINION: For students’ safety, UT should require the MMR vaccine for all incoming students, except those with medical exemptions. bit.ly/2FgWRHC
As of Sunday, there are 1,323 new state laws you may have missed. Here are a few highlights from @GregAbbott_TX's desk. bit.ly/2FhxaH1
“My sun is in Lime and my moon is in Bird, but I am a rising Lyft.” bit.ly/2L49MAa
All attention will be on past and present @TexasMBB players as the NBA Draft approaches. bit.ly/2KZjS5m
The conclusion of this year’s @usopengolf continues a series of subpar performances for @TexasMGolf. bit.ly/2FhVMiN
After 14 years, Sen. @JudithZaffirini’s anti-hazing bill becomes law. dailytexanonline.com/2019/06/17/new…
After 14 years, Rep. @JudithZaffirini’s anti-hazing bill becomes law. bit.ly/2FiNCXz
"I realized during this week that the $3,000 in tuition is worth a lot more than $3,000." Listen to some clips from @thedailytexan's interview with Carter: https://t.co/E2ZJn9lqCa
"I realized during this week that the $3,000 in tuition is worth a lot more than $3,000. Listen to some clips from @thedailytexan's interview with Carter: https://t.co/QmA1Lj1WEv
For years, David Carter panhandled on Guadalupe Street across from the university he dropped out of in the 1970s. Now, he is finally returning to the 40 Acres. bit.ly/2Fkj7jI
Musical groups @casadecalexico and @IronAndWine return 14-years later with their second release, “Years to Burn”. bit.ly/2KXW6GZ
After a seven-month investigation into the former executive director of the Center for Women in Law, University officials found she did not violate the University's Nondiscrimination Policy. bit.ly/2Fk82iJ
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