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The panel will feature students with wide-ranging perspectives and reporters with experience reporting on matters of sexual misconduct including: • @nadzhamz • @jessicawluther • @DaLyahJ
Today is the day! Join us tonight as we host our last event of the semester on a panel discussion of the changing dynamics of reporting in the #MeToo era! RSVP here: bit.ly/2O1X0lZ ⏰: 5:30-7 p.m. 📍: BMC 5.102 https://t.co/4Ew5Vw0dOM
Today is the day! Join us tonight as we host our last event of the semester on a panel discussion of the changing dynamics of reporting in the #MeToo era! RSVP here: bit.ly2O1X0lZ ⏰: 5:30-7 p.m. 📍: BMC 5.102 https://t.co/KpSdFZ1L0S
OPINION: @UTAustin should install signs identifying the native flora and fauna around campus so students can easily recognize them. bit.ly/2Yhqelq
The new Texas One Stop website houses all of UT’s enrollment services in one location as part of a new effort to make university services more accessible to students. bit.ly/2RnBFGB
A UT assistant professor of studio art created FLARMINGOS, an app that blends art and augmented reality to make a statement about habitat loss with just the tap of a screen. bit.ly/2PmILZE
The Coalition Against Sexual Misconduct has grown from multiple sit-ins protesting the employment of professors found guilty of misconduct and plans to continue fighting for student safety. bit.ly/2LqoRvE
RT @jessicawluther: Tonight at 5:30pm on Univ of Texas' campus (BMC 5.102), I'll be on a panel hosted by @thedailytexan about reporting in…
Today is #LoveMyNewspaper Day 📰 — send some love and donate to our annual Hornraiser towards our staff of over 300 who work tirelessly day in and day out to connect our community here at the 40 acres. bit.ly/texandonate
Brionne Butler, sophomore middle blocker for @TexasVolleyball, participated in the Pan-American cup on team USA this past summer and gained much experience that is serving the Longhorn's chase for a national championship. bit.ly/2OT3ipn
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Happy (almost) Friday, Longhorns! @divyajgdsh outlines the fears of retributions students in the Butler School of Music as they knew about and experienced the inappropriate sexual behavior of Dan Welcher. Be sure to pick up a copy or head to bit.ly/tDSJsj for more: https://t.co/2UZxKeRWbx
RT @chasekaracostas: When I first read VAN Magazine's article about accusations of sexual misconduct against composition professor Dan Welc…
Butler School of Music professor Dan Welcher had a history of sexual misconduct that many students were aware of - most of them were just afraid to report it. bit.ly/2PmHHoC
After running into staff issues during “The Tonight Show” taping, the UT System Board of Regents approves the allocation of $10 million funding to Bass Concert Hall and Bass Recital Hall. bit.ly/34PVZoa
After three Sit-ins for Student Safety, UT President Greg Fenves and UT Provost Maurie McInnis have agreed to attend a student-led forum next semester to hear students’ concerns regarding sexual misconduct policies. bit.ly/2DMXMhY
The highly anticipated construction of the new Moody Center finally broke ground Tuesday after nearly a year since the project plans were announced. bit.ly/33QDOgy
OPINION: Immigrants living illegally in the United States should know their rights while living under the threat of ICE. bit.ly/2DNkPZK
Multilingual students at UT fear losing their native language and culture as they adapt to a new culture that predominantly uses English. bit.ly/2DIlAU0
Funding for Bass Concert Hall and Bass Recital Hall increased from $2.7 million to $10 million to account for staff shortages. bit.ly/34PVZoa
After a slow start in the second half of the game, @TexasMBB was able to pull out a 67-57 victory against the University of Alabama Birmingham. bit.ly/2OPy9Dk
UT President Greg Fenves and UT Provost Maurie McInnis will attend a forum next semester to listen to students’ concerns regarding sexual misconduct policies and violations. bit.ly/2DMXMhY
Tomorrow is the day! Join us for our panel — Reporting in the #MeToo era as we discuss the changing dynamics in the reporting matters of sexual misconduct. Join us at 5:30 p.m. at BMC 5.102. RSVP here 👉: bit.ly/2O1X0lZ https://t.co/FLcKkxyOXL
As part of their 50th tour since their founding, the African Children’s Choir will perform at two Austin venues on Dec. 5 and 9. bit.ly/2YeXQQI
RT @texanaudio: Today in @thedailytexan: student organizers announce a forum where students can address concerns about UT’s sexual miscondu…
UT Libraries plan to use the additional $2.7 million added to their recurring budget to make scholarly materials more accessible to students. bit.ly/33OYyFE
NEW: Student organizers of the third Sit In For Student Safety will hold a student-led forum next semester to voice concerns about sexual misconduct policies and violations. dailytexanonline.com/2019/12/03/stu…
RT @meganmmenchaca: Some news from the Sit in For Student Safety organizers today: + President Fenves and Provost Maurie McInnis will atte…
Paying too much for those pesky delivery fees? Picko, a student startup app, has $1 delivery fees to any of their on-campus lockers. bit.ly/3810luC
Despite recent reports of a second bed bug sighting, the University’s pest control team says UTC is clear of bedbugs. bit.ly/2LlzIqC
After finding out that his acute chronic kidney disease finally caused his single kidney to fail, sophomore Mason Bettes will receive transplant surgery this month, accepting the organ from his father. bit.ly/381na1m
OPINION: @UTexasMoody should introduce a communication studies minor geared towards Moody students. bit.ly/385ypG6
A group of UT students started Picko, a delivery app that only charges $1 in delivery fees to have food dropped off in their on-campus lockers. bit.ly/3810luC
RT @rebeccahmac: 1/ Student journalism is alive and well at @thedailytexan 🗞 Here’s a thread about why it’s worth donating this #GivingTu…
Men’s Tennis senior Yuya Ito has become the third player in history to win both the Intercollegiate Tennis Association All-Americans and the ITA Fall National Championships singles titles in the same year. bit.ly/37VKTzX
The University claims that their inspection of the UTC found it clear of bedbugs, but students and staff are not convinced. bit.ly/2LlzIqC
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As Mozart’s annual Christmas Light Show continues to attract Austinites, its popularity brings issues with parking and transportation. bit.ly/385xmpE
Biochemistry sophomore Mason Bettes found out in August that his single kidney was failing and plans on having transplant surgery this month after taking a full course load this semester. bit.ly/381na1m
We’re diving into a panel discussion about reporting in the #MeToo Era, focusing on the language used in the media, developing trust between survivors and journalists, and the elevated imperative to verify allegations. ⏰5:30 p.m. 📍BMC 5.102 RSVP 👉: bit.ly/2O1X0lZ https://t.co/n6kRbsumBe
RT @rebeccahmac: The #MeToo era has been shaped by brave stories coming forward to the media. Don’t miss @thedailytexan’s panel this Thursd…
After clinching a share of the Big 12 title, @TexasVolleyball will have an automatic top four seed in the NCAA tournament, giving them home court advantage until the final four comes around. bit.ly/2qWTa68
OPINION: Students need to stop looking at self-care as a complete break of responsibilities, but rather as an accountable way of managing time and prioritizing social schedules. bit.ly/381siST
Although UT does offer limited fee waivers for graduate school applicants, these students are often unaware that this program exists and are unable to take advantage of it. bit.ly/2Rci6Bi
“7–5 will never be our standard at Texas." @TexasFootball has fired its defensive coordinator and wide receivers coach and rearranged other coaching positions following a 7-5 season. bit.ly/35MwSme
Martin Scorsese’s latest film “The Irishman” is a masterfully crafted piece of cinema with cinematography that features natural lighting, a narration-based element and incredible acting. bit.ly/2Lf8Qsl
UTPD is conducting a criminal investigation into the University’s former assistant vice president of procurement Felix Alvarez regarding a potential misuse of university funds. bit.ly/2rJvhyO
Over 1,500 students have signed a petition advocating for better lighting and more police polls in West Campus. bit.ly/37QKkXY
Join us this week as we'll be hosting reporting in the #MeToo era — a panel discussion on how practices regarding reporting of sexual misconduct allegations and survivors' stories are changing. RSVP: bit.ly/2O1X0lZ 📆Thursday, Dec. 5 ⏰5:30 p.m. 📍BMC 5.102 https://t.co/DTfn6PylV2
UT was identified, among the majority of flagship universities, as "not affordable" for low and middle-income students, according to a recent study. bit.ly/2QOweQZ
By adding call boxes and cameras to maps on campus and increasing signage, UT is looking to use way finding projects to increase safety and ease of navigation for students. bit.ly/2KYJ8Iq
A group of McCombs students created a product called Pocket Punch that combines four common self defense tools- knuckles, pepper spray, a flashlight and an alarm. bit.ly/33pdRoe
OPINION: Instead of arresting students for drug use, UTPD should refer them to resources such as on-campus drug counseling services to help create a reformative, safe environment. bit.ly/37F6oon
All three legislative student organizations passed a joint resolution calling for UT to provide free menstrual products in bathrooms across campus, aiming to prove to administrators that the proposal has student support. bit.ly/2qDLOnU
Tom Herman reflects on concerns of recruiting talent development, pointing out that @TexasFootball’s program aims to be “parental” in the way they operate. bit.ly/2OKLUCa
UT and 46 other flagship universities did not meet “affordability standards,” according to a recent Institute for Higher Education Policy report. bit.ly/2QOweQZ
Students are bringing a new definition to “man’s best friend” as numbers in pet therapy registration, from dogs to hedgehogs, have increased substantially in the past few years. bit.ly/2KXlOdV
The University is working toward making it easier for students to navigate campus with different wayfinding projects after a security audit from the Texas Department of Public Safety. bit.ly/2KYJ8Iq
RT @texanaudio: Last day before break, Longhorns! Before you head on home, check out what’s in today’s issue of @thedailytexan here: https…
OPINION: A UT student’s idea of Thanksgiving is likely different than what really happened - a painful and bloody legacy of colonization. bit.ly/2Oidjw3
Harrison Keller, the Texas higher education commissioner, used his first State of Higher Education Address on Thursday to highlight the usefulness of postsecondary education, but also to raise questions about closing the gap between cost and value. bit.ly/37DBUmy
@TexasWBB’s 93-39 win against Southern University on Sunday serves as a last-chance tune up for the team’s look at a tournament trip to Hawaii next Friday. bit.ly/37Adhr5
“A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” successfully conveys a message about friends and family with well-fitting cinematography and easy-to-follow character development. dailytexanonline.com/2019/11/24/%E2…
“A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” successfully conveys a message about friends and family with well-fitting cinematography and easy-to-follow character development. bit.ly/2pKHqTo“a-beautiful-day-in-the-neighborhood”-tackles-things-far-from-beautiful
The first annual Werk.Glo.Slay summit drew about 150 women on campus Saturday, aiming to empower them and teach them about tools to pursue their passions. bit.ly/33lHFlE
Lashann Higgs, senior guard for @TexasWBB, is becoming herself again after a season-ending knee injury last year. bit.ly/35ySjqQ
After a request from State Representatives at the Capitol, eight Hispanic professors held a public presentation on the findings of an Oct. 8 report that found “various inequities that undermine Hispanic faculty at UT.” bit.ly/33fSdmb
Although @TexasFootball’s loss to Baylor marked their first time losing two games back-to-back this season, the Saturday match proved that the Longhorns have been struggling for much longer. bit.ly/37CyRvd
After her dissatisfaction with the criminal case outcome, Harrison Brown’s mother has settled a lawsuit over her son’s fatal on-campus stabbing in 2017. bit.ly/2Ogqf5J
“Gender expression is one’s outward presentation of themself and how it may correlate to their gender.“ dailytexanonline.com/2019/11/22/stu…
The Longhorns face No. 14 Baylor in Waco this Saturday. Here’s what they need to do to secure a win: bit.ly/2O8EYiW
OPINION: UT should not charge students to claim credit hours for AP/IB, dual credit and non-UT college courses. bit.ly/2rcxmD7
Texas Football’s goal is to end the season with a victory for not only its fans, but for its senior class, who are all-too-familiar with a struggling program. bit.ly/33ht4I8
OPINION: UT should stop scheduling midterms at odd hours to preserve students’ emotional, mental and physical well-being. bit.ly/2XHz37F
The Monarch Student Program, which helps people who were brought to the United States illegally apply for college, is renewing its effort to overcome citizenship status barriers that high school students face. bit.ly/2D6lvJk
@TexasFootball’s game Saturday against No. 14 Baylor will determine who the Longhorns will face in their bowl game. bit.ly/35nZWAc
Students around campus discuss college as a time to explore their gender identity and experiment with their expression. bit.ly/2QFSX1l
After closing two weeks ago due to an accidental kitchen fire, Trudy’s on West 30th Street will remain closed for another week, bearing a $100,000 fix. bit.ly/2qqiBg5
After @TexasMBB's loss to Georgetown, Coach Shaka Smart feels the lack of team interaction and leadership was to blame. bit.ly/37w29vq
The UT Senate of College Councils unanimously approved a resolution to rename Robert Lee Moore hall to the Physics, Math and Astronomy building in light of Moore’s documented segregationist and discriminatory beliefs. bit.ly/35rPnMI
This week, it came the Texan's attention that one of our reporters fabricated quotes in at least two articles. We have since let go of that reporter and retracted those stories. The following is a statement from our managing editor on the situation: bit.ly/37wnNPV
After a spike in reported bicycle thefts this fall, UTPD is encouraging students to register their bikes online and regularly check their bike locks. bit.ly/2rhxL77
We’re diving into a panel discussion about reporting in the #MeToo era, focusing on the language used in the media, developing trust between survivors and journalists, and the elevated imperative to verify allegations — Dec. 5 at BMC 5.102. RSVP: bit.ly/2O1X0lZ https://t.co/93bvf5ZtHe
Diversity administrators, established in UT's four colleges, have begun monthly meetings this semester in hopes of seeking student opinions and hiring diverse faculty. bit.ly/2s5r6gY
“What we are asking for is pretty straightforward — for them to be transparent about sexual misconduct at UT.” dailytexanonline.com/2019/11/20/stu…
RT @aisling_ayers: If you’re a UT student who uses a wheelchair and have any thoughts on Archer’s Challenge and awareness campaigns, please…
“What we are asking for is pretty straightforward — for them to be transparent about sexual misconduct at UT.” Wednesday's Sit-In for Student Safety 3.0 aimed to show UT officials that students are not satisfied with recent campus wide emails addressing faculty misconduct.
OPINION: UT should change its pass/fail policy to satisfactory/no credit in order to allow students to showcase a working, experienced portfolio that takes precedence and is only supplemented by their grades. bit.ly/37sJqko
With 54 bikes reported stolen since August, UTPD recommends students register bikes through the Parking and Transportation Services website. bit.ly/2rhxL77
Avid performer and UT alumna Jean Caffeine persists through the ripples of an ageist society as she continues to perform her punk-rock releases in north campus. bit.ly/2KJ8KZs
RT @graysen_golter: Hi everyone! I'm currently writing a Daily Texan story about the fire at and closure of Trudy's for three weeks. If you…
RT @texanaudio: For the third time in the last month, students gathered in front of the provost’s office Wednesday to protest the employmen…
Most colleges across UT have established a diversity administrator who works towards creating welcoming environments and who are now working together for campus wide improvements. bit.ly/2s5r6gY
No. 1 Texas volleyball lost its 14 game win streak to Baylor in a five set heartbreaker Wednesday. bit.ly/2s7hFxB
Sit-In for Student Safety continued its protest of the University’s handling of faculty sexual misconduct Wednesday, demanding that UT releases reports of professors found guilty of misconduct and provides long-term solutions. bit.ly/2s102PL
OPINION: To better equip students for the mad rush of registration, UT needs to make the process more transparent. bit.ly/330pbXD
The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge recognized UT for the most improved voter rate among large public universities and a few TX Votes members for their contributions. bit.ly/2pAaGMB
BREAKING: More than 30 students gather outside of the provost’s office to protest the University’s handling of faculty sexual misconduct dailytexanonline.com/2019/11/20/stu…
RT @grobe_lauren: Today is the third Sit In for Student Safety, I’m here with @Lamor_1217 outside the Provost’s office just as chanting is…
After a loss to Arizona on Wednesday, @TexasWBB looks to better prepare for their game against UTRGV, where annual 40 Acres Field Trip visitors will cheer them on. bit.ly/2XwWVLb
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