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7/7 Now, Lau said he is preparing to go back on the job market once again this fall. But because bias against disabled people isn’t exclusive to UT, Lau knows the process won’t be easy. thedailytexan.atavist.com/seeking-accomm… https://t.co/SzIP6aBYoX
6/ Last month, Lau began the process to receive accommodations after a conversation with another disabled professor. But he's still worried. “Will that then put me in a dangerous position where the department's like, ‘Oh, he's a drain on resources?'" thedailytexan.atavist.com/seeking-accomm…
5/ The CDC says 25% of U.S. adults report having a disability, but just eight out of 3,463 faculty members reported having a disability to UT. A spokesman for Lau's college said questions about accommodations don't impact a faculty member’s position. thedailytexan.atavist.com/seeking-accomm…
4/ Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, employers are required to provide accommodations to disabled employees. But employees are expected to find information about disclosure themselves. UT professors say the stigma makes disclosure difficult. https://t.co/XvJA879bEO
3/ Lau has scoliosis and brain fog, which cause him pain and makes it hard for him to focus. He said some of his UT colleagues have said disclosure of disabilities can be dangerous and will mark him as needy. thedailytexan.atavist.com/seeking-accomm… https://t.co/oMTLMtWSDr
2/ Lau and UT professors said academic institutions, such as UT, can sometimes increase stigmas of disabled people. They said this leads to people becoming hesitant to ask for accommodations. And when they do, the system can be difficult to navigate. thedailytexan.atavist.com/seeking-accomm…
1/ “Is the disability that bad?” English lecturer Travis Lau was asked about his disability during a hiring interview at another university. But he wasn’t surprised by it, @trinady05 reports. bit.ly/35AyPmv https://t.co/MhuAOOHTVE
Longhorns were unable to defend the Golden Hat title at the #RedRiverRivalry with a 34-27 loss against OU. bit.ly/2MGoblj
ARIZONA’s ‘Asylum’ addresses heavy issues with an upbeat vibe and short, to-the-point songs bit.ly/2OPkOLF
With seven thefts reported in 2019, @UTAustinPolice provides tips for protecting belongings in the DKR stadium: bit.ly/31h8bLU
Take a look back at the last weekend of #aclfest featuring Tame Impala + Lizzo + Kacey Musgraves with our slideshow from @texan_jpg 📸: bit.ly/2pqyNgb https://t.co/p2B2zxkn3i
To honor the first black student admitted UT’s School of Law, the previously titled African American Male Research Initiative now calls itself the Heman Sweatt Center for Black Males. bit.ly/35AW3Zt
ARIZONA’s new album ‘Asylum’ addresses broken relationships and mental health with a paradoxical upbeat sound. bit.ly/2OPkOLF
UT Student Government created a Continuity Committee this semester to sustain and improve initiatives that were implemented in previous administrations. bit.ly/31h8bLU
The Longhorns were unable to defend the Golden Hat title at the Red River Rivalry with a 34-27 loss against OU. bit.ly/2MGoblj
RT @texanaudio: Welcome back, Longhorns! Hopefully you've finished grieving the results of the TX-OU game in time for this week's classes.…
The UT Police Department provides tips to prevent getting possessions stolen at football games in response to the seven thefts reported at DKR home games in 2019. bit.ly/2MIW98Q
Rise and shine, Longhorns. It’s a beautiful day for some Texas football 🏈#RedRiverRivalry 📸: @texan_jpg https://t.co/fkC8bnGUtP
oh would you look at the time: ╭━━━━━╮ ┃ ● ══ ┃ ┃█████┃ ┃ 6:00 ┃ ┃ and ┃ ┃ OU ┃ ┃ still ┃ ┃ sucks ┃ ┃█████┃ ┃ ○ ┃ ╰━━━━━╯
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New policy raises city parking prices starting Oct. 14. 🚙 bit.ly/2VyjM83
@UTAustin made national headlines when it announced in July families earning up to $65K will have tuition and fees covered by a new endowment. Join us on Thursday, Oct. 24 for a panel discussion on college affordability. RSVP: bit.ly/2VbVnF6 https://t.co/DWsaOEXOxW
@Austin_Police encourages #ACLfest goers to be aware of their surroundings and keep all valuables in front-facing bags. bit.ly/35nrczE
RT @texanaudio: Are you ready, Longhorns? Tomorrow is the 115th Red River Showdown. But right now, @Dsmoot3D is here to give you a few TX-…
OPINION: UT students need to stand up against the reimplementation of the homeless camping ban to show that school officials do not represent the student body as they dehumanize those most vulnerable in the Austin community. bit.ly/2VykiD1
In the midst of ACL’s arrival to Austin, police are warning of a lethal batch of MDMA circulating after the death of an overdose patient. bit.ly/2pe2rFk
Austin City Council approved the increase of city parking meters to $2 per hour with hopes of quicker turnover and fewer traffic accidents. bit.ly/2VyjM83
Hey @OUDaily, Since you, your alumni, and fans can’t seem to get our names out of your mouths, here is the attention you so desperately crave — see ya in Dallas 🤘#RedRiverRivalry bit.ly/326TiNx
King Princess, the “queer face of pop,” channeled some inner diva at a Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater performance on Wednesday. bit.ly/2B1Nhpk
The Senate of College Councils added a communications council to its team on Thursday, creating a source of representation for Moody graduate students. bit.ly/2ooFfVb
Receiver Devin Duvernay, a “quiet leader” for @TexasFootball, is hoping to take one more win under his belt at this weekend’s Red River Rivalry. bit.ly/2OFgLSe
RT @OUDailySports: Each year, we trade columns with @thedailytexan in honor of the Red River Rivalry. This year, instead of writing a colum…
A UT student who paid a scam caller a large sum of money after threats of deportation is part of a broader group of international students who are more likely to succumb to these scams. bit.ly/2MyHNYx
As it currently stands, Oklahoma is not the top destination in the Big 12 for the class of 2020 recruits. That title would belong to its rival — Texas. bit.ly/35pGiES
Austin PD is encouraging ACL festival goers to be aware of their surroundings and keep all valuables in front-facing bags. bit.ly/35nrczE
RT @texanaudio: In this semester's first episode of Odds and Ends, our reporters took deeper looks into staples of UT life that you probabl…
It's OU-Texas week, which means a little trash-talk to @OUDaily from our staff at THE University of Texas at Austin. Hook em' 🤘#BeatOU bit.ly/326TiNx
Another solution for late night cravings in West Campus will have to wait, as the opening date for Insomnia Cookies sees delays due to electrical issues. bit.ly/2Mxviwj
“UT needs to make it clear what the rules are on GroupMes. Students won’t feel safe until then.” Wariness grows for online group chats after the recommended ousting of 70 students in an Anthropology GroupMe. bit.ly/2VtsHb7
John Goodenough becomes the oldest person to be awarded a Nobel Prize, repping @UTAustin with his work developing lithium-ion batteries. bit.ly/2nzlhXf
Longhorn Volleyball has dominated Big 12 play for the past decade, having won the conference eight times in the past 10 years. So far this season, the trend is continuing. bit.ly/2nzkZQ9
“The cost of contamination in any kind of processing is really high. It is really important people understand the kind of power they have with just the flick of their wrist." bit.ly/2AYfm0T
OPINION: More student art displays around campus would make UT more visually appealing while showing the university’s support of its student artists. bit.ly/33kfOCG
Although students look forward to the opening of Insomnia Cookies in West Campus, the late night cookie joint is dealing with electrical problems in the remodeling process. bit.ly/2Mxviwj
Students are going ghost on GroupMe chats with worries of disciplinary action following threats of failure and expulsion involving 70 Anthropology students. bit.ly/2VtsHb7
UT professor John Goodenough proves that he is indeed good enough, receiving the Nobel Prize in Chemistry at age 97. bit.ly/2nzlhXf
After a week of rest, @TexasVolleyball was unstoppable in another strong Big 12 performance against the Kansas State Wildcats. bit.ly/2nzkZQ9
It’s 11:25 a.m. and OU still sucks! Be sure and grab your copy of this year’s special Red Rivalry Edition with @OUDaily🤘 https://t.co/xemipkly9l
RT @texanaudio: It's Thursday, and OU still sucks! You're going to have to wait a little longer for your late-night cookies — and to get t…
Fees for compost contamination on campus are racking up at hundreds of dollars per week for the University Operational Fund. bit.ly/2AYfm0T
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Incidents of dating and domestic violence at UT have decreased for the second year in a row, according to the most recent Annual Security and Fire Safety Report. bit.ly/2oqCkuQ
Missed out on ACL Weekend One? Check out our #aclfest slideshow from @texan_jpg 📸: dailytexanonline.com/blogs/through-… https://t.co/W31W9bU7UX
“We’re physical, and we’ll come in there and rough people up. It’s just what we do.” bit.ly/2IAPDzE
UT’s ADA Compliance Committee is planning to make three engineering buildings more accessible starting this summer after being in violation of Texas Accessibility Standards. bit.ly/2MuAUaT
RT @texanvideo: Move over Ned's Declassified, @wooshelbs has a UT Survival Guide. 📒 Need some advice? Check out our latest video on how yo…
“These women (have) an opportunity to figure out who they are and then literally change the landscape of business.” WIELD Texas boosts female representation across the professional landscape one Longhorn at a time. dailytexanonline.com/2019/10/08/ut-…
OPINION: “These women (have) an opportunity to figure out who they are and then literally change the landscape of business.” WIELD Texas boosts female representation across the professional landscape one Longhorn at a time. bit.ly/2IBNow4
October is National Domestic Violence Prevention Month and despite reports of decreasing dating violence at UT, students are encouraged to “remain aware of what a healthy relationship looks like.” bit.ly/2oqCkuQ
Only three days separate the Texas Longhorns and OU Sooners from meeting again at the annual Red River Rivalry. bit.ly/2OxETWQ
Madelin Chavez plans to implement Project SPELL, a program that pairs bilingual student volunteers with custodial, maintenance and food service employees not fluent in English. bit.ly/35jmcMv
Feeling spooky enough to opt for tasty alternatives to candy this Halloween? These three treats will do the trick, no baking skills needed! bit.ly/33hPsBn
After finding multiple violations of accessibility standards on campus, UT plans to upgrade three engineering buildings in an effort to provide ADA Compliant accommodations. bit.ly/2MuAUaT
Texas Football was reviewed for targeting not once, but twice against West Virginia on Saturday. bit.ly/2IAPDzE
RT @texanaudio: New student government legislation might allow you to skip your classes — for civic engagement of course. @clarktdalton1T h…
Meet @zachhenryy - he’ll be joining us on our panel to discuss his perspective on UT’s new tuition grant and what further aid expansion he favors. 📅 Oct. 24 ⏰ 6:00 p.m. 📍 CMB 2.102 RSVP here 👉: bit.ly/2VbVnF6 https://t.co/dwI8yLwZJU
Sitting on the Texan’s college affordability panel discussion will be Zachary Henry, the student activist who organized the protest that reportedly instigated the announcement of UT’s tuition grant. Come hear his perspective on Oct. 24. RSVP 👉 bit.ly/2VbVnF6 twitter.com/thedailytexan/…
“Everything that surrounds the game makes it one of the best, if not the best, games in college football.” bit.ly/2AP4KS3
Senator Kirk Watson joined UT groups Monday in registering students to vote in the eleventh hour. bit.ly/2LUoOZw
With hot temperatures and stellar performances by Billie Eilish and Lizzo, Zilker Park welcomed #ACLFest this past weekend. bit.ly/2LY3vGs
OPINION: In order to wipe Robert Lee Moore’s legacy of social injustice from campus, UT needs to rename RLM to Physics, Math and Astronomy. bit.ly/31TmlUG
Services for Students with Disabilities is working to create a more accessible graduation for disabled students in spring 2020. bit.ly/30TsYFm
“Once you get with the big audiences, it gets a little bit louder and more transcendent. It becomes a little bit larger than life.” Folk singer Natalie Mering reflects on her album inspirations and expectations for @aclfestival. bit.ly/30Y8YBs
In anticipation of this week’s Red River Rivalry between the Texas Longhorns and OU Sooners, Coach Tom Herman can’t help but look back at the game’s long history and tradition. bit.ly/2AP4KS3
Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot closes after three years of service due to the arrival of newer Asian restaurants in West Campus. bit.ly/30SEyk5
Kryz Reid, lead guitarist of Third Eye Blind, sat down with The Daily Texan to talk festival performing, a new generation of listeners and advice for aspiring artists. bit.ly/2VmUERK
UT civic engagement groups worked to register students to vote Monday before the midnight deadline. bit.ly/2LUoOZw
RT @alex__briseno: Please name another college paper that printed 75 pages — a daily paper, ACL content, a West Virginia insert and now th…
Harvard University's use of race in admissions was upheld in federal court last week. bit.ly/2nqMyuX
OPINION: We need to focus on accepting those who identify as bisexual or pansexual instead of disregarding their sexuality as an experiment or phase. bit.ly/2OyfsEi
West Campus is seeing a decline in automobile thefts in comparison to numbers from 2018, although APD says it’s hard to tell what the actual value of the decrease may be. bit.ly/2Mq2fL8
Nearly 94% of eligible voters in Travis County are registered, making it the urban county with the highest number of registered voters in the state. bit.ly/2OyjDAl
OPINION: Bisexual and pansexual individuals are often pushed to prove their sexuality, making them feel “not queer enough” because they don’t fit into a label. bit.ly/35a6dAp
The best 24-hour Austin diners that rank alongside Kerbey Lane are here for a hunger that knows no sleep. bit.ly/2VkzILb
Some of man’s best friends helped people of the Austin community explore public art on Sunday during the annual Landmarks Dog Walk. bit.ly/2AVqCLj
UT is now offering a five-year bachelor’s and master’s program in Women’s and Gender studies, the first of its kind in the state of Texas. bit.ly/2AQa9rT
OPINION: We need to embrace all sexual identities and the changes that come with finding yourself. bit.ly/2AS1SDK
Texas Soccer lost for the first time in conference play on Sunday after two overtime periods against West Virginia. bit.ly/2LRAxIc
Bottlecap Mountain celebrates the continuation of their “power-pop-rock” feel with the release of their fourth album. bit.ly/2AMeTie
A federal judge ruled against Students for Fair Admissions, a group who is also suing UT, in their lawsuit against Harvard University for their use of race in admissions. bit.ly/2nqMyuX
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Best ways to get to and from #ACLFest, plus how to avoid the mayhem: bit.ly/2MeXdRz
OPINION: UT asks disabled students to pay $300 for convenient and accessible parking spaces on campus. Disabilities should not come with a price tag. bit.ly/2OhlDwB
Big 12 powerhouses @OU_Football and @TexasFootball maintain the top two spots in the conference’s power rankings. bit.ly/2pH5dDj
Start of #ACLFest begins today and West Campus apartments are requiring their tenants to notify them of extra guests arriving during ACL weekend. bit.ly/334facC
Consciousness of dietary restrictions is trending, and ACL vendors are bringing their A-game in all things vegan and gluten-free. bit.ly/354bZTW
“Democracy only functions when everyone participates, and I am passionate about making sure that everyone has access to be able to participate.” bit.ly/2MclMPg
RT @texanaudio: Going to the first day of @aclfestival? Before you head out, make sure to check out these tips from us at @thedailytexan!…
Injuries and defense difficulties still plague the Longhorns as they prepare to face an unwelcoming crowd for the weekend’s game against West Virginia. bit.ly/2OlbZJu
@UTAustin made national headlines when it announced families earning up to $65K will have all tuition and fees covered by a new endowment. But, what were the logistics that made it possible? Join us on Oct. 24 in our discussion on college affordability: bit.ly/2VbVnF6 https://t.co/fAu64Q10HL
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