The Steeping Room is Austin's premier tea focused restaurant, lounge and retail tea store serving breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, and Sunday brunch. Join us!
Share simple acts of love each day. Don’t take for granted the little things for they are the sweetest signs of love sometimes. xo tsr @ The Steeping Room…
Sunny day snack time. You’re welcome. xo tsr 🙌…
Tea for two. Make a date with your sweet love or best mate- or both! #valentines #galentinesday #loveallyall #liveloveeveryday #tealife @ The Steeping Room…
We have a tradition at TSR- a little pre-shift voting. #raiseyourvoice #VoteATX #earlyvoting #tealife #womenofthekitchen @ ACC Highland Campus…
RT @austin360: And in the meantime, they're serving FREE wine.
Today's Buddha Bowl: Cranberry Beans, Black Rice, Organic Kale w/ Sweet Potato, and choice of protein & sauce. #BalancedBowls #TeaLife
Bangkok Bowl: Vegetable Massaman w/ Potato, Carrot, & Green Cabbage w/ Peanuts & Cilantro. Masala Bowl: Indian Coconut Curry w/ Butternut Squash, Eggplant, & Sweet Bell Peppers. #CurriesCrush #Mealshare #BuyOneGiveOne #PlantStrong
Soups of the day: 1) Vegan Cream of Mushroom (v,gff), 2) Moroccan Red Lentil w/ Chicken & Veg (df, dff) #TeaLife
Today's Buddha Bowl: Black Beans, Red Himalayan Rice, Organic Lacinato Kale, Sweet Potatoes, Choice of Protein and Sauce. #BetterBowls #PlantStrong #TeaLife
Today's Soups: 1) Tomato Coconut Bisque (V,GFF), 2) Watermelon Gaspacho (v,GFF) #SoupsOn #TeaLife
Rainy night dinner: Buddha Bowl: French Green Lentils, Brown Basmati, Organic Lacinato Kale, Swt Pot, + protein choice, Bangkok Bowl: Thai Green Coconut Curry w/ zucchini, sweet potato, roasted poblano, and Thai basil. Masala Bowl: Chana Sag w/ Roasted Eggplant. #EatPlantStrong
Today's Soups: 1) Tomato Coconut Bisque (GFF,V) 2)Watermelon Gaspacho (GFF. V) #SoupsOn #RainyDay #TeaLife
Today's Curry Specials: Masala Bowl: Channa Saag w/ Roasted Eggplant. Bangkok Bowl: Veg Massaman w/ Potato, Carrot, & Cauliflower. Remember, with each bowl, we are able to provide a meal for a youth in need through our partnership with @MealshareATX #giveback #tealife
Getting ready to serve up some delightful mini smoky quinoa bowls tonight the Austin Originals Benefit at ACL Moody featuring some great food by some of your favorite restaurants……
Good morning! We are ready to get back at it after a lovely day of rest. We made breakfasts so you wouldn’t have to. See you soon! xo-tsr @ The Steeping Room…
We will be closed July 4th. Enjoy our step by step guide to making a refreshing mojteato for you party guests, and we will see you on the the 5th!
We’re in love, and it is marriage made in heaven. @kosmickombucha has made the most delightful and refreshing kombucha with our Jasmine Blueberry Green Tea. It’s the best, and we will have……
We have a couple spots left for tonight's Intro to Tea Class!! #tealife #teadrunk…
We are excited to be partnering with @MealshareATX to feed children in need through out Central Texas.…
We will be open from 9 am - 5 pm on Memorial Day. #tealife #atxeats
Today and everyday, love is the way.
As the scones go flying and the elderberry too....…
We are all shined up and ready to celebrate the #RoyalWedding Thank you @ChristyM_KVUE for coming by to check out our specials and sip some tea. See TSR tonight on KVUE's 6 pm news program! #Scones #ElderflowerLemonTeaCake #ElderberryBlushTeaLaunch #tealife
Scones and Cream and Tea, Oh My! We have your #RoyalWedding party needs covered; come on by! #tealife
We have posted a series of new tea classes and tastings! Check them out!…
The power is back full force and so are we. Come on in late lunch, dinner, tea, snacks! We are open until 9 pm tonight.
It is an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie kind of day. Do you know that we make them with organic GF oats, organic barley flour, maple syrup, and dark chocolate. They are Vegan and Wheat-free and 100% delightful!!! #BestVeganCookie #TSR
Strata: Bacon, Tomato, Arugula, Cheddar (GFF) #TeaHouseTreats #TSR
#Soup: 1) Tomato Coconut (GFF/V) 2) Mushroom Miso w/ Scallions (GFF/V) #SoupsOn #TSR
Buddha Bowl: Black Beans, Red Himalayan Rice, Texas Kale, Sweet Potatoes, Choice of Protein & Sauce. #AlwaysGFF #BowlLife #TSR
Masala #Bowl: Roasted Vegetable Korma w/ eggplant, zucchini, and sweet red peppers in a cashew curry sauce. #plantstrong #tealife #TSR
Bankok #Bowl: Vegetable Masaman w/ carrots, potatoes, and cauliflower in mild, savory coconut curry. #EatYourVeggies #TSR #TeaHouseBowls
We are excited about the new adventures coming our way from our friends @texasfarmhouse - Aeroponics Are the Future for One Austin Urban Farm… via @AustinChronicle
RT @LesDamesIntl: #FoodWriters, #FoodBloggers, and any other #Food loving folks! Only a few more days to enter the #LDEI MFK Fisher awards…
RT @BonbonRae: finish today on a high note // @TheSteepingRoom banana coconut dream latte made with @NaturesWayBrand coconut oil, @bpnutrit…
Our brand stands for hustle. Ellen Bennett @SpoonUniversity #brainfoodbites #dignity #atxcooks #mouthofalinecook
Mayor Steve Adler: We are the city with the highest number of start ups in the country @SpoonUniversity #brainfoodbites #atx #SXSW2018
Honored to have hosted @DrBiden and her team today!…
What a sparkly day in #ATX! Come and unwind this weekend out of the #SXSW18 fray. #TeaTime
RT @MealshareATX: Make a positive impact on your community and find out how you can give back to youth in need!
RT @UN_Women: Women & men from all walks of life come together on #WomensDay to tell the world: #TimeIsNow for gender equality! Join the…
Seeds Only a Plant Breeder Could Love, Until Now
The polls are open until 7 pm tonight, and they will keep them open longer if there are lines. Be counted, raise your voice, #VoteATX
Take time out everyday to let the people in your life know you love them.
May everyday be filled with love, light, and laughter. Thank you love.all.yall for helping keep…
Just Bisquecause: #1) Tomato Coconut (GFF, Vegan) #2)Curried Cauliflower (GFF, Vegan) #PlantStrong #LoveOverBias #TeaTime
Bangkok Bowl: Thai Red Coconut Curry with sweet potato, green beans, eggplant, sweet bell peppers, and Thai basil. (GFF, Vegan) Add Tofu or Chicken if you like. #curry #BowlLife #plantstrong #LoveDayIsEveryDay
Masala Bowl: Lunch: Chicken Tikka Masala w/ roasted cauliflower (GFF) / Dinner: Vegetable Korma w/ zucchini, butternut squash, green beans & eggplant (Vegan, GFF) #TeaHouse #BowlLife #LoveIsLove
Today's Buddha Bowl: Black Beans, Red Rice, Organic Kale, Sweet Potato w/ your choice of protein and sauce. #LoveIsLoveEveryDay #plantstrong #TeaTime
Masala Bowl: chicken tikka masala w/ roasted cauliflower. (GFF) #teahouse #bowllife
Bangkok Bowl: Thai Green Coconut Curry with butternut squash, green beans, sweet bell peppers, and Thai basil. (GFF, Vegan) Add Tofu or Chicken if you like. #curry #bowllife #plantstrong
Today's Buddha Bowl: Cranberry Beans, Black Rice, Collard Greens, Sweet Potato w/ your choice of protein and sauce. #bowllife #teatime #plantstrong
It's a #soup kind of day at TSR! #1) Tomato Coconut, #2) Thai Red Lentil. Both GFF & Vegan. #soupson #rainyday #teatime
Buddha Bowl: Black Beans, Brown Basmati Rice, Organic Kale, Sweet Potatoes with your choice protein & sauce. (GFF) #PlantStrong #TeaTime #BowlLife
Today's #Soup: #1) Spiced Black Bean w/ Butternut Squash (GFF, V) #2) Vegan Cream of Mushroom (GFF, V) #TeaTime #PlantStrong
Bangkok Bowl: Vegetable Masaman w/ carrots & potatoes in a mild savory coconut curry garnished with peanuts and cilantro. Delicious on it's own or with tofu or chicken added! #Thailand #TeaTime #Curry
Masala Bowl: Chicken Sali: Roasted Chicken Thighs and Potatoes simmered in a Persian inspired Indian curry sauce. #Curry #TeaTime
Today's Soups: #1: Italian Carrot + Fennel (Vegan, GF) #2: Bacon Baked Potato (GF) #PerfectForAGreyDay
BUDDHA BOWL: Cranberry Beans, Black Rice, Collard Greens, Sweet Potatoes - pick your protein & sauce. #GlutenFree #PlantStrong
MASALA BOWL: Chana Saag w/ Roasted Eggplant. BANGKOK BOWL: Thai Red Coconut Curry w/ butternuet squash, zucchini, eggplant, & Thai Basil. Both Vegan & GF. #Curry #TeaTime
Lemon Vanilla White Tea - One of our favorite white teas for the afternoon with friends. It is a pleasing, flavorful and light blend with low caffeine. 🍋…
Feast your eyes on the perfect lunch - Poached Salmon & Bacon Club with a side of greens! 🥪
Milk Oolong Tea - An unusual oolong from Taiwan. Has a naturally occurring creamy aroma and taste paired with an irresistable fruitiness.
Hiding from the gloomy weather with hot tea and a healthy lunch with friends. 🌧
Pomegranate Raspberry Green Tea - Sweet and tart green tea with organic raspberries and pomegranate essence. Great hot or cold. 🍵…
"vegan club + coconut tomato bisque + cashew Caesar salad from @TheSteepingRoom 🙌🏼" ( #Repost: @lexijbritt
RT @literature_feen: *New Tea Review* Tried the Yuzu Kukicha from @TheSteepingRoom today and it was really good. The……
Oaks Majestic First Flush Darjeeling - Organic and from seed propagated bushes, this black tea is light-bodies with some mild but lingering astringency. The aroma is floral with a bit of apricot.…
🧀 Pimento' grilled cheese kind of day - white Vermont cheddar and gruyére cheeses blended with basil mayo and goat horn peppers, served on buttery grilled sourdough or #glutenfree rice bread!
RT @fittcity: All The Healthiest Restaurants in Austin Right Now… @JuiceLandTx @wheatsville @counterculture @snapkit…
Double the chocolate, double the fun! 🍫 Our Chocolate Caramel Cake and Hot Chocolate make the perfect pair.
RT @KeepAustinEatin: @TheSteepingRoom has amazing teas and small bites...but they know how to do a big "B.A.T.E." PC: #thesteepingroom h…
Learn about the five categories of tea: black, green, white, oolong, and pu-erh in our Intro to Tea class on Jan 29th 🍵 :…
Thank you all for the co-creation that was The Steeping Room Domain. We have been honored to share this time together, and now it is time to evolve. The Steeping Room N Lamar continues on and looks forward to the future with you.
In the best interest of all of our safety, we will be closed today. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
Due to possible ice and hazardous road conditions Tuesday morning we will not open until 11 am. If roads are iced, check back opening may be delayed further.
Sleep in tomorrow and come join us for breakfast, served until 11am!
Dreaming of warmer days & sipping Mango Breeze Tea ☀️ Sweet and smooth black tea with mango. Full-bodied, but not astringent. Delightful. #thesteepingroom
Baked tofu Buddha Bowl = the ultimate #vegan power lunch. 💪 (📷: @taste____buds #thesteepingroom
LAMAR Soup 1: Smokey Red Lentil. Soup 2: Turmeric Ginger and Rice. Buddha Bowl: brown basmati rice, French green lentils, kale.
LAMAR Masala: Vegetable Korma, zucchini, eggplant, sweet potato. Bangkok: Thai Red Chicken, butternut squash, basil garnish.
DOMAIN Buddha Bowl: Black beans, brown Basmati rice, kale. Soup 1: Tomato coconut bisque. Soup 2: Sesame Mushroom.
DOMAIN Masala: Chicken Tikka, eggplant, creamy-yogurt sauce. Bangkok: Thai Red Vegetable, cauliflower, sweet bell peppers.
Organic Pomegranate Raspberry Green - Sweet and tart green tea with organic raspberries and pomegranate essence. Great hot or cold.…
Craving something sweet this morning? Our Organic Oatmeal with Banana Brulee is both decadent and healthy so feel free to indulge. 🤗
White Tea with Apple and Spice - Leafy white tea expertly blended with dried apple, cranberry and cinnamon.…
LAMAR Soup 1: Tomato Coconut Bisque. Soup 2: Smokey Red Lentil. Buddha Bowl: Collards Brown Basmati, French Green Lentils.
LAMAR Masala: Chana Saag, Indian spiced chickpeas, tomato-cumin sauce. Bangkok: Thai Red Chicken, roasted butternut squash and eggplant.
DOMAIN Masala: Chicken Tikka Masala: eggplant, butternut squash, yogurt sauce. Bangkok: Vegetable Masamaan, roasted eggplant, carrots.
DOMAIN Soup 1: Tomato Coconut Bisque. Soup 2: Creamy Winter Squash.
RT @enTYcinglady: I've never seen such a large tea selection and they're vegan and gluten free friendly @TheSteepingRoom 😍
✨ Our Domain location will be opening late due to maintenance tomorrow, 1/7/18. Hours will be 10 AM - 9 PM. ✨ Lamar will be open for regular hours, 8 AM - 9 PM.
The best way to celebrate the weekend is tea time with a friend. ❤️ (📷: @foodfash
Goji Berry White Tea - A blend of white and green teas with goji berries, pomegrante, cranberry and tropical fruits.…
LAMAR Soup 1: Black Bean Chili #vegan Soup 2: Roasted Poblano Potato #vegan Buddha Bowl: Brown basmati rice, Lacinato kale, French green lentils.
LAMAR Masala: Indian Coconut Curry, red lentils, zucchini #vegan Bangkok: Thai Yellow Curry, green beans, Thai basil #vegan
Kenilworth OP - Lovely classic black tea from Sri Lanka with faint notes of molasses. Great with or without milk anytime of day.
LAMAR Buddha Bowl: Collard greens, black beans, cranberry beans. Soup 1: African Carrot & Roasted Peanut. Soup 2: Moroccan Chicken & Chickpea.
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