Thinkery is an evolution of the Austin Children's Museum. Hashtag your experience #ThinkeryATX!
This clever robot that uses air to grow and steer:
#STEAMspotlight: Philo T. Farnsworth received a patent for the television on August 20, 1930. #PassTheRemote
How machine learning lets robots teach themselves:
#STEAMspotlight: Born August 19, 1906, #inventor Philo T. Farnsworth created the electronic TV.
Next month Early Learners Workshops will be returning! We’ll have a blast finding new ways to build, learn and play!
Richard Branson sinks 80-foot coral kraken for art relief reef:
#STEAMspotlight: Born August 18, 1902, #environmentalist Margaret Murie helped preserve millions of acres of unspoiled land across the U.S.
Felt Food Think Lab where we make food to play with! Today August 18 and August 19 from 10:30 – 4 pm. It will be a stuffed full of fun!
#STEAMspotlight: #Chemist Hazel Bishop, born August 17, 1906, invented the first indelible or smear-proof lipstick.
One Week away from the best Summer Camp night of your adult lives! #Thinkery21 Thursday, August 23 from 7-10 pm!
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Twitter post: We're partnering with @KendraScott for a Kendra Gives Back Party. Join us August 29 from 6-8 pm in The Domain—20% of proceeds go to the ah-ha moments that spark a child’s curiosity!
#STEAMspotlight: @NobelPrize-winning #physicist Gabriel Lippmann, born August 16, 1845, discovered a method for color photography.
Cool! @NASA’s DIY moon calendar shows the moon phase on any day:
#STEAMspotlight: #Biochemist Gerty T. Cori, born August 15, 1896, the third woman—and first American woman—to win a Nobel Prize in science.
Cooking up some fun at Thinkery! Don’t miss our September 28 #ParentsNightOut:….
This kit teaches you how to build your own robot:
#STEAMspotlight: Born August 14, 1883, Ernest Just was a famous biologist who pioneered cell division.
Come explore Thinkery with your students! That's right—we're now accepting Guided Tour requests for the 2018–19 school year.
Plastic is polluting the seas, but there’s still time to turn the tide:
#STEAMspotlight: Born August 13, 1818, writer Lucy Stone was the first woman from Massachusetts to earn a college degree.
One spark can make a difference. One night can ignite the future. A few tickets and tables are still available for #ImaginariumATX:
20 Signs Your Kids Are From Austin:
#STEAMspotlight: Clarence Birdseye patented a method for packaging frozen foods on August 12, 1930.
“Trust me. You can Craft”, said Booze! Beer, specialty cocktails and may more drinks during Thinkery21:Summer Camp! #WouldYouLikeToDance
Heidi Annalise creates landscapes inside the lids of old mint tins:
#STEAMspotlight: Born August 11, 1950, Steve Wozniak was the co-founder of Apple.
We’re obsessed with this pop-up book of wonders:
#STEAMspotlight: Born August 10, 1889, Charles Brace Darrow was an American inventor who designed the board game Monopoly.
Our amazing volunteers, #VolunTeens and interns make Thinkery a truly magical place. Thanks for your support!
Embroidered clothing transforms ordinary outfits into wearable works of art:
Our second annual Community Night Spotlight: LGBTQ Family Pride Evening was a blast. ​🌈 celebrating, #Austin!…
#STEAMspotlight: Jean Piaget, a zoologist, psychologist and epistemologist known for his pioneering work in child development, was born August 9, 1896.
A giant sculpture is emerging the ruins in France:
#STEAMspotlight: Born August 8, 1866, Matthew Alexander Henson was the first African-American Arctic explorer.
Have sew much fun with our August Tinkering Take Homes! Join us for #SewnCircuits:….
#STEAMspotlight: Pioneering #ophthalmologist Maurice F. Rabb, Jr. was born August 7, 1932.
Join us tomorrow from 4-8pm as we celebrate @AustinPride during our second annual Community Night Spotlight: LGBTQ Family Pride event!…
See how the Botley robot is teaching coding:
#STEAMspotlight: Born August 6, 1911, Lucille Ball was the first-ever female to head a major Hollywood production company, Desilu Productions.
Let’s soak up the sun, #Austin! Join us Monday and Saturday mornings in August for our summer-inspired #BabyBloomers series.
DIY paper beetle sculpture kits? Yes, please!
#STEAMspotlight: Born August 5, 1904, Kenneth Thimann was a famous #botanist who found that plants have hormones.
Searching for the perfect gift for someone you love? Our one-stop #ThinkeryStore makes gift-giving easy.
#STEAMspotlight: Louis Armstrong, born August 4, 1901, was one of the most influential figures in jazz.
Enjoy scary stories, s’mores around the “campfire” and a drink or two at #Thinkery21: Summer Camp on Friday August 23. Ages 21+.
#STEAMspotlight: The street car controller was patented by Walter Knight and William Potter on August 3, 1897.
Did you know you can still sign up for #ThinkeryCamp? Its true! Sign up for our August camps at
RT @UrbanMuseWriter: Hot off the presses! I profiled the CEO of @ThinkeryATX for the August issue of @austinwoman:
Whoa! @natgeo highlights awe-inspiring architecture around the world:
#STEAMspotlight: Frederic Auguste Bartholdim, the French sculptor who designed the Statue of Liberty, was born August 2, 1834.
This August, join us in #KitchenLab for our #FeltFood #ThinkLab—a fun and collaborative workshop where we make food to play with:
Artist Vincent Bal turns the shadows of everyday objects into ingenious illustrations:
#STEAMspotlight: Born August 1, 1818, Maria Mitchell was the first female astronomer in the U.S.
Summer is here, let’s get a big cheer! This August, #SplashIntoSummer during #BabyBloomers:
Cristian Marianciuc created a new decorated origami paper crane every day for 1,000 days:
#STEAMspotlight: #Writer Joanne K. Rowling, born July 31, 1965, is best known for writing the Harry Potter fantasy series.
In need of a night out? (Of course you are.) Don't worry, #Austin—we've got you covered. Our next Parents’ Night Out is Friday, August 3:….
Cindy Searles brings a sea of adorable ocean animals to life:
#STEAMspotlight: On July 30, 1933, the Monopoly board game was copyright registered, making #inventor Charles Darrow the first millionaire game designer.
Does your teddy bear have a tummy ache? Bring 'em to Thinkery on Wednesday, August 1st for our second annual #TeddyBearClinic!
So cute! This newborn rhino is confident and adventurous:
#STEAMspotlight: On July 29, 2005, #astronomers announced their discovery of the dwarf planet Eris.
Creative and innovative birthday parties all summer long? Yes, please! Celebrate your child’s special day at Thinkery:….
#STEAMspotlight: #Inventor Earl Silas Tupper, born July 28, 1907, #invented Tupperware.
Books, toy, and gifts oh my! There’s no doubt about it, the #ThinkeryStore as it ALL.
How cool are these interactive culinary embroideries by Ipnot?
#STEAMspotlight: Born July 27, 1938, game #designer Gary Gygax co-invented the "Dungeons & Dragons" role-playing game.
Hold a hedgehog. Make s’mores. Eat some bugs. #Thinkery21: Summer Camp is Thursday, August 23rd!
#STEAMspotlight: On September 30, 1882, the world's first hydroelectric power plant opened on the Fox River in Appleton, WI.
#STEAMspotlight: On July 26, 1994, the design patent for a toy teddy bear was granted to Josef Gottstein.
Our friends at @HatCreekBurgers are generously donating FREE tacos for this Sunday's #SensoryFriendlyHours. Thank you! Get your tickets at….
Applications are still for our 2018–19 #EdExchange cohort—apply today!
This ingenious electric paint lets you paint wires that can conduct electricity:
#STEAMspotlight: Born July 25, 1920, #chemist Rosalind Franklin made contributions to the understanding of the molecular structures of DNA, RNA, viruses, coal and graphite.
Don’t miss @common__threads’ special #SmallBites workshops tonight. Come learn about nutrition and healthy knife-free cooking!…
Papier Machine – a book of six interactive electronic paper toys:
#STEAMspotlight: Born July 24, 1898, #aviator Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.
Save the date, parents—our next #ParentsNightOut is Friday, August 3 from 5:30-10 pm!…
Kate Weiland shares adorable snapshots of her fun-loving family:
#STEAMspotlight: #Inventor Harriet Williams Russell Strong was born July 23, 1844.
Our #AnimalAdventure #BabyBloomers series will have your little one ROARING with excitement!
Compose synthy samples with a LEGO sound sequencer:
#STEAMspotlight: #Poet Emma Lazarus, born July 22, 1849, composed #TheNewColossus—the sonnet inscribed on the Statue of Liberty.
All kinds of shapes and blocks to build with in #InnovatorsWorkshop! What will you make today?
10 easy ways to protect your local pollinators:
#STEAMspotlight: #Physicist and #chemist Henri Victor Regnault, born July 21, 1810, was an early thermodynamicist.
Come play and learn all summer long! Become a #ThinkeryMember today:
Rebecca Louise Law creates stunning installation out of flowers:
#STEAMspotlight: On July 20, 1969, as part of the Apollo 11 mission, Neil Armstrong took the very first step on the moon.
Join us Wednesday, August 8 from 4-8 pm for our second annual #CommunityNightSpotlight: LGBTQ Family Pride event!…
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