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Until further notice, all Toy Joy sporting events will be held virtually in "Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games 2010" for Nintendo Wii.
RT @juiceconsulting: We’re so honored to be a part of this next project. ICONIC AUSTIN BRANDS is a collection of some of Austin’s most belo…
RT @squishable: Made some Squishable #ACQR designs!! Corgi and Avocado things are next on my list, but what else would you like to see? :)…
Also we’re going to dissect some owl puke because who cares we can do whatever we want stop telling me what to do MOM
We’re lonely, so we decided to build a cleaning robot on our Twitch stream today!
Anyone else think it's a little messed up that Buzz Lightyear gets a last name but Woody doesn't?
Yodeling is not only a treasured Texas pasttime, it's also an effective method of social distancing.
Want some free Pokemon cards? Watch at 1pm CST as we unbox some packs and have a chance to win what we opened!
It's incredibly important that this be abundantly clear: Glass.
May the Star Wars be fourth you!
Building a miniature Rotolife Model Kit!! FREE GIVEAWAY!!
If Daisy Mae shows up one more time without a face mask, she's banned from our island. Disgusting.
RT @hellokitty: Happy birthday #DearDaniel 💞Leave a 🎂in a comment below to wish him a very sweet birthday!
We only started a Twitch stream because we were told nobody watches embedded videos on MySpace anymore. Be sure to follow us at!
Want to distract yourself from actually working from home? Watch us at 1pm CST for a chance to win this super rare Kaiju Dunny Battle surprise figure from @Kidrobot ! !!!
RT @MassieGG: The new and IMPROVED Toy Joy Toy Store Toy Stream is LIVE NOW @ #keepaustinwired…
While we're add a LOT of stuff to our web shop ( - we're definitely NOT putting up our Beanie Baby collection. They're too valuable.
Anyone else willing to sign a petition for @gwar to start making #PPE equipment?
Chatting with Protextor - Live from Toy Joy!
Anyone know where @orvillepeck get's his PPE mask?
Hmmm, and maybe we'll do another giveaway, too!
Tune into our Twitch channel tomorrow at 1pm CST while we hang out with @protextorparty! He'll talk about his music, his production company, and the FREAKIN' TV SHOW HE WROTE ABOUT TOY JOY!!
Gundam Building with Toy Joy at 1pm CST! Hang out as we assemble a High Grade #Gundam MKII and talk about whether Gundams are robots or mecha!
RT @AnnaSchatte: Very productive Saturday over here. @Toy_Joy @ScottHeffernan 👋
We'll be giving away this SWEET @Kidrobot secret rarity Kaiju Battle Dunny by Jeff Lamm on Sunday at 1pm CST! Follow us on Twitch!…
I’m giving away a Woody Nendoroid if we hit 25 followers! #twitch #giveaway
Hey! Follow us on #Twitch!! We're streaming every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 1pm CST for some reason!
RT @JennyENicholson: If you MUST leave your home for supplies, please be courteous and wear an eccentric outfit to signal which genre of ap…
RT @buttsandevans: chris evans as sanitizers, a thread 👩🏻‍🔬🧪🦠
squeeze the chicken to hear a sound
A lot of people wonder what happens in that lost hour when we spring forward. We've seen it. You don't want to know. It's better this way.
If you've never seen "Street Sharks" then you can't truly claim to be a marine biologist.
RT @alyankovic: MUST. NOT. TOUCH. FACE.
#BeanWeek Think about those beans!
The most popular pasta dish on Arrakis? Penne Gesserit.
His name is Edward Furlong but you can call him Ed Furshort.
We practice Orthodox Leap Day, so our staff will be jumping everywhere today.
Giraffes are so tall that in 1621 the Pope declared them birds.
Clifford the Big Red Dog's breed is Dire Labrador
Happy #Valentines to the top 4 Valentines in no particular order: Jill Faye Vincent Funny
Hey kids, you like ANIME right? Of course you do, and so do we! That's why this weekend all our AAAAAAANIME stuff is 15% off when you sign in with your @Fivestars at either of our locations!
We've been on Twitter for 11 years! That's as many as two ones, probably.
Toy Joy karaoke nights consist of the staff alternating between "Neon Moon" and "Black Betty" for three and a half hours in the bed of a pickup parked at the old abandoned Zinc smelter.
Happy Little Cenobites. #pinhead #bobross #neca
"Mambo No. 5" but all the names are Sephiroth.
This is how much we love toys (we have stopped eating the toys)
Stay out of that wardrobe, it's Narnia business!
Operation: Rubber Hamster
RT @badgunpla: More prizes inbound! Our friends at ⁦@Toy_Joy⁩ are giving away a RG Strike Freedom! Donating to ⁦@CureAlzheimers⁩ during th…
RT @badgunpla: And ⁦@Toy_Joy⁩ ain’t done yet! The classic HG Z’Gok is up for grabs as well. Donations during the stream to CAF get you auto…
The thing about Megapires (vampires that are too large to see) is that they could be anywhere and you'd never know it.
RT @Cat_Cosplay: Mi-cat-sa Ackerman #AttackOnTitan
RT @badgunpla: The giveaways from @Toy_Joy continue! The HGBD Jiyan Altron! The designs from Build Divers are great, just wish I could say…
RT @badgunpla: One of the classics from our friends at @Toy_Joy is up for grabs during the charity stream, the HG Dom! Any donation gets yo…
RT @bettyfelon: grabbing some necessities at the TOY JOY in the AIRPORT 🙀🙀🙀
The spin-off, "A Lice in Wonderland" was not nearly as popular as the original.
[30's gangster voice] See ya tomorrow, cheesecake!
The last great terror of organized crime animals, Alpaca Capone.
2020 is gonna be a big year for crabs.
RT @mondomascots: A mayonnaise hat for your cat
In honor of our new friendship we'll be closing at 6 PM on 12/31 and 1/1. Party on (responsibly) dudes!
Tomorrow is Van Gogh's favorite holiday, New Ear's Day.
Oh jeez all these years I've been watching MARBLE movies!
Did y'all get what you wanted for Christmas? We did! #LandInNovaScotia
Hey there Hi there Ho there! We're closing early tonight so we can set traps, I mean, snacks out for Santa! We're going home at 6 PM so come see us before then. We'll be back at 10AM on the 26th, see you then!
RT @hamsterofthe: 📅 22nd December 2019 🐹 Pika
Anything with Geena Davis is a Christmas movie. - Toy Joy Council on Facts
The only good isekai is Futurama. - Toy Joy Council on Facts
I saw Mommy hissing at Santa Claus (Mommy is a Pit Viper)
It's an old, old Toy Joy tradition to put two gacha tokens over the eyes of broken toys so that they may pay the boatman Charon passage to The Island of Misfit Toys.
"Baby It's Cold Outside" by The Predator ft. Alien
Nothing like a drizzly Tuesday afternoon to curl up under a blanket and watch a full playthrough of The Busy World of Richard Scarry: Busytown for MS-DOS.…
Someone please option our comedy script, "Meet the Faulkners"
The staff have started a ska Death Grips mash-up cover band, our first single is "The Impression that I Get get get get got got got got"
Happy #SmallBusinessSaturday!! Show up or sign up with our 5 Stars Rewards and get 20% off any one item today only!
Pusheen can have a little salami.
We'll be closed for Thanksgiving, of course, but our sister store Turkey Joy will be open all day Thursday!
It's Saturday. Frogs don't get weekends. Isn't that sad? Live it up for the frogs.
RT @OfficialMoxie: Don't forget to thaw (and add Moxie!) #Turkeytips
This Santa ornament seems familiar...
If the drummer gets to sit down, the rest of the band should get to, too!
RT @ptekmusic: We’re making a sitcom!!! Based on my time at the iconic @Toy_Joy (and filming on location there!), WIND-UPS is a show about…
Which movie had the sassiest predator(s)?
The hottest NEW toy from Galoob: "Kolache in my Pocket!"
Cauliflower is just broccoli in cursive.
Agricola is a great board game but we'd be lying if we said we weren't a little disappointed to discover it's not a sorghum flavored soda.
Fact: All dinosaurs were left-handed.
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