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In honor of Game of Thrones ending tonight, we're gonna print up some GoT fanfiction, shred it, and make papier-mâché models of George R.R. Martin dressed up in different patterns of plaid pyjamas.
How long can a cell phone survive being processed into a wheel of cheese? Asking for a friend.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre but it's Tim Allen.
True Fact That We Almost Definitely Made Up #238: Unicorn Snot Glitter Sunscreen is now officially sponsored by Batman! #unicornsnot #summeriscoming #protectyourskin #glitter #batman #robertpattinson
Best part of Detective Pikachu? When Pikachu opens Mewtwo's parachute, dragging him off Air Force One and grumbles, "Get off my plane!"
RT @DinosaurDracula: ric flair as kool-aid flavors: a thread
The word "occupants" sounds like trousers for your eyes.
Some mothers are a head above the rest!
RT @ArchieMcPhee: @mcpheeceo I’d marry corn.
Hope all you moms out there have a Vanilla Icy cool Mother's Day!
You can tell we're in the wrong timeline because John C. Reilly has never been on Sesame Street.
You gotta break a few Faberge eggs if you wanna make an inedible omelet.
If you're in a donut shop, and it's really busy, don't say "This place is jam packed!" What you should say is, "This place is jelly filled!"
#DearMeTenYearsAgo: Get more Willow merchandise!!
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 is 100% canon in the Star Wars universe.
The trombone is basically just a giant slide whistle.
The @WWE Universe is working through some things right now.
RT @archiestore: “May the fourth be with you...” - Bibo, Jedi Master
After all that rain our basement is flooded, so come catch a carp!
Why can't we have a Star Peace day?
Fun fact: Toy Joy employees share one big bunk, and when lights out rolls around it's a lot like this.…
If you're not thinking about #DonaldPleasence, you're not thinking hard enough!
It's not too late to grab to tickets to POP Cats, happening this weekend! 😻 Join us at this cat pop-culture festival, May 4-5 at the Palmer Events Center. ⚡️Tons of Cats, Merch, Art Exhibitors, and Workshops! More info here: @popcatsshow #catstagram #catsofaustin #austinevents
RT @Cat_Cosplay: "Pika pika, pika- pikaAachu!" #DetectivePikachu #PikaPika
It's astonishing that @VancityReynolds got extensive cosmetic surgery to look just like a Pikachu for that new movie.
The humble marshmallow is the tastiest thing to ever come out of the swamps.
RT @ogecebel: Guess what... IT'S GONNA BE MAY
It's pronounced "Cha-vur-ches"!
Can't believe the trick to defeating Thanos was getting him to sit on a whoopee cushion while girls were watching.
Oh boy, Avengers: Endgame was a wild ride! But I can't believe they gave Hulk a thick Scottish accent. Couldn't understand a word he said and they never explained it.
Tiny anime characters can be pretty scary. They give me the heebie-chibis.
HAVE YOU HEARD?! Toy Joy has a booth at the upcoming #POPCats festival! Get more info and tickets at @popcatsshow
RT @KidsWriteJokes: Why didn’t a skeleton go dancing? Bones cant move without any muscles so he would be stuck.
If he was born with an identical brother, we would've called them the George Washingtwins.
What's a "revior" and why are they always gold?
That last one looks like it has a human foot!
It's illegal to put an ape on a horse because that's how we get Planet of the Apes, and society isn't ready for fundamental change on that scale.
Half worm, half person - a Squirmaid.
You can find either of our locations by walking down the street and shouting "TOY JOY" over and over.
RT @AMAZlNGNATURE: A fluffy Sea otter to brighten your day
RT @Cat_Cosplay: That moment when you enter a house... and it's full of clay pots. #LegendofZelda
What are your predictions for the final season? #gameofthrones #GOT8 #IronThrone
RT @GrittyNHL: @NHLFlyers @jachobe @28CGiroux @michaelRaffl valar morghulis
Garfield is gonna win the Game of Thrones - bet on it.
NOW that's what I call ANIME!
Sure, everyone's excited for "The Rise of Skywalker", but we're still wondering where the new Darkman trilogy is.
"BeyBlades" is short for Beyonce Blades.
Most people don't know this, but if you mix in equal parts Bisquick to your cement, you'll get fluffy buildings that really absorb the syrup.
When is science gonna gattaca up a Shiba Emu?
Everyone's talking about how they think Avengers: Endgame is gonna end, but we've got it on good authority it's going to start with Thanos losing his spoon in a bowl of tomato soup that's just a little too big for him.
If you ever click on a link and instead of taking you to the page you were looking for, it takes you to the IMDB of Ian McShane, just remember - it's not a bug, it's a feature!
The best part of Aladdin is when Genie looks directly into the camera and delivers a monologue explaining how to disassemble and clean a Briggs & Stratton 92000 riding lawnmower.
I'm not watching Avengers: Endgame until I see Avengers: Startgame
Today's the 20th anniversary of Fabio doing his part to stymie the goose menace using a rollercoaster and his face. Godspeed, you beefy man. Godspeed.
A hamburgerfish is actually two breadfish, a meatfish and a cheesefish.
Aw geez, we've entered a dimension where all our Rick & Morty merch is 30% off thru 4/1!
If believing that M.C. Hammer was in Fern Gully is wrong, we don't wanna be right.
The only horseplay allowed in Toy Joy is horse Shakespeare.
Sufjan Stevens? More like Soup-john Steamin'! #gotem
Dragon Walrus or Walrus Dragon? Asking for a friend.
I hear they're gonna tear down the old bridge and build a freeway to Terabithia.
Breakfast tip: nothing grinds the anxiety burps out of cereal like a good ol' fashioned pair of elbows.
Today's the day you can blame everything on allergies. Looking at you, public nudity laws.
March Madness is nothing compared to April Insanity.
Italian Sherlock Holmes: "Alimentari, my dear Watson."
RT @NightOpening: Congo Premiere 1995 Photo credit: Vince bucci, Jim smeal, ron galella
2019: Year of the Snowglobe
Nothing say "sports" like a Sock'em Bopper full of live snakes.
Now that we're stocked up on foam swords, we can start a foam rebellion and overthrow the foam monarch.
If you would like an easy, calorie-free way to enjoy Chex Mix, have someone (e.g., a friend, co-worker) eat a big handful and then breathe directly into your open mouth.
James Gunn is taking over for previously unannounced director of Guardians 3, Tim Swordd.
This one's for all you music fans.
If you can't handle me at my Hootiest, you don't deserve me at my Blowfish.
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Because it's #NationalNappingDay, we're obligated to listen to the last dream you had.
RT @KidsWriteJokes: whats bossy and smelly and ugly grown ups
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