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What does your future hold? We predict a trip to Toy Joy soon! Stop by and be sure to pick up a blind box from the second #ArcaneDivination #tarot series!
please google "beach puppy" you won't be disappointed
Hey guys my grandma said she'd drive us to Nevada for the Area 51 raid. I get front seat and we gotta bring my little brother but we can fit like 3 or 4 more people in the back of her Volvo as long as we're quiet.
It's been just about 1.5 rotations around the sun since we opened our second location on Airport Blvd, and every day we're there is thanks to YOU, our community! We love y'all so much, and want to thank everyone for making this experience such a blast! #keepitlocal #communitylove
RT @2NDStDistrict: In a town where music defines style and flows through the entertainment scene, a boutique like @AustinRocksTX is the per…
If someone made a Dirty Jobs video game these days it'd probably have Mike Rowe transactions.
Anyone who brings us a working copy of Mars Attacks on VHS by 11 P.M. gets a free rubber chicken.
Big eyes, small mouth, great savings - all anime merch is 15% off this weekend!
These new #ToyStory wallets from @loungefly are "falling with style" off the shelves!
Our sparklers are (ready to be) lit🔥! We'll be open our regular hours tomorrow, so get decked out in #redwhiteandblue and come on in for some #4thofJuly fun!
#Olimar and his Pikmin are #goinggreen with a 100% recycled rocket ship from @greentoysinc
We accidentally microwaved some Jiffy Pop during a supernova and ended up back in time... so we're having a #ChristmasInJuly sale! For the entire month of July, all of our Xmas products are half off! #robotsanta #futurama
Some of you have never hugged a giant, squishable #avocado pillow and it clearly shows... #hugsmakeeverythingbetter #happyface
We're trying to hold a 16-man crokinole tournament but we need a few more people. 15 oughtta do it.
Gudetama is enjoying a lazy Sunday down by the lake! #lazyegg #lazysunday @gudetamatweets
Hermione: "I checked these out weeks ago for a bit of light reading" Ron: "This is light?" Hermione: .... Harry: (thinking about quidditch stuff) #harrypotter #shfiguarts #whatsonyourbookshelf @AustinPublicLib
RT @KidsWriteJokes: what is funny and lives in your trousers A BOTTEM
Happy #PaulBunyanDay to all you lumberjacks and big blue oxes out there! @squishable
Impostor or friend? Who cares as long as it's got dance moves this sweet! #danceyourheartout
Dunno why we have a grease trap and what’s more distressing is we don’t know why it’s full every morning.
In case you were wondering, yes, glitter glue does come from unicorns.
We put the "e" in Toy Shoppe. (the "e" stands for "emperor penguin")
The 1:16 CAT construction vehicles from @brudertoys make even the toughest jobs way more fun! #workinghard #hardlyworking
Whistle away your worries with this classic "Steamboat Willie" poseable Nendoroid figure! #mickeymouse #steamboatwillie #stopmotion
If you’re brave enough, your belt loops can become live snake loops.
Entomology: the study of walking, talking trees.
RT @gifsdegatinhos: te amo nenem te amo mais
What has 2 hands, 4 paws, a strong sense of fashion, a "purrrfect" sense of time, and comes in an amazing assortment of colors? #kitcatclock #backinstock #timeless
Someone keeps coming in at night and moving all our staff pick signs to the Creepy Puppets section and frankly we’re all kind of worried.
Floating through the weekend in search of more food to inhale 😋 #foodcravings #weekendvibes #kirby
Looking for members for our Kingdom Hearts/Homestuck crossover LARP. It’s BYOFS (bring your own foam swords) and because of GARY we will no longer be providing Capri Suns. (Sorry @Capri_Sun)
Ever wonder where plastic spiders come from?
Really loving that new Ken Burns documentary, “Abe Lincoln Coulda’ Thrown a Football Over Them Mountains”
This #VenusDeMilo #figma figure really makes art come alive!
Alexa, play Top Pan Flute Covers of Popular Songs 2018
How do you tell if two deer are very similar? Check the Vennison Diagram.
This crossover is absolutely @pixar cannon and we refuse to believe otherwise 👁💖🐭 #monstersinc #calicocritters #perfectpairing #newfriends #iwouldnthavenothingifididnthaveyou
Don't you throw shells at me or my son or my son's son or my son's son's son ever again #itsamemario #marioparty #happyfathersday
Caillou's height and weight are perfectly normal for a half-giant lumberjack Canadian of his age.
Don't just get your dad another tie this Sunday -- give him an experience he'll remember all year round! #happyfathersday #dadjokes #austintx #giftideas #feellikeakidagain
Anyone else have that dream where you're being chased by a train that grows arms and legs and chases you into a Costco and then you get in trouble for all the stuff it knocked over and you have to miss your 9th grade Christmas Pageant because you gotta pick it all up?
Who says spooky can't be cute? #boo #ghost👻 #spookycute #2spooky4me
Here's to embracing your inner (and outer) cat-person! #CatsOfTwitter #startrek #spacethefinalfrontier #meow
The weirdest thing about this barbershop quartet? They all sing soprano! #papo #schleich #newfavouriteband #whatatwist
Toy Joy proudly presents, "Old Town Rody" #rody #oldtownroad #justbouncingalong #makingmoves #cowgirlswag #musicvideo
What do you think makes 2ND Street District - Austin, TX so friendly? KVUE stopped by the store to see what we thought (check us out at 1:15)! #keepaustinfriendly #austinnews #atx #austinlocal…
Someone let @CCHPounder know that if she comes into our store she gets a free rubber chicken.
What's better than catching Pokemon? Building them! We've got a wide variety of #Pokemon #nanoblocks in stock, so now you can build them all! #gottacatchemall #pokemontrainer #nanoblockpokemon
The best part about Pride Month is that it doesn't have to end just because the month is over... #loveyourself and help celebrate #pride every day of the year! #alldayeveryday #lgbtq #loveislove #prideally #pridemonth
The new Godzilla film is pretty exciting, but I can't believe they gave him a thick Scottish accent. I couldn't understand a word he said!
Hope y'all had as much fun as we did at #Bubblepalooza this year! Thanks to @austin360 for these stellar photos:…
We've partnered again with @ParamountAustin for their Family Film Festival! Come see us tomorrow at the #MyNeighborTotoro and (if you're one of the first 100 kids through the door) snag a little trinket from us! #familyfilm #studioghibli #austinfun #do512
Anybody seen my hominy straw?
RT @mcpheeceo: "The Virgin and a dolphin saved me from the attack of an #octopus." Mexican folk art.
Keep a look out for our audition postings for our musical remake of 1997's "The Pest"
It's every parent's job to embarrass their children as much as possible. #parentingtips #readytohitthetown #GodzillaKingOfTheMonsters
Fun fact: the baby in the new Death Stranding trailer is a clone of one of our former managers.
If you don't have the resources to melt your marshmallows for s'mores, try a little meat tenderizer.
RT @TheBeaverton: Makers of Chess announce $20 Mecha Queen DLC… #gaming #gamers
Even if you're not able to make it out to #slimepop today, you can still satisfy your #slime craving at Toy Joy! We've got a great variety of everything from Crazy Aaron's @thinkingputty to the magical @mythicalslyme 😍🦄🌈 #oddlysatisfying #slimetime #slimyyetsatisfying
These @kitan_club sitting cat figures are the epitome of "if I fits, I sits" #catstagram #kawaii #blindbox #ififitsisits #kitanclub
Our very own brand director, Robby Pettinato, talks about the phenomena of slime! #slime #oddlysatisfying #themoreyouknow…
Great! The library is your free ticket to a summer full of reading and loads of fun activities June through August 2019. You can also win prizes for reading! ➡️ ⬅️
Fill in the Blank ✍️ Now that the school year is over, I'm going to...
The dinosaurs probably would've lived a lot longer if they had anime.
Tomorrow is Scavenger Hunt Day, and to celebrate we're offering a 20% discount off your entire purchase of you can find what we've hidden in one of our stores! Check out our Instagram for more details... 😉🔎 #happyhunting #scavengerhuntday #frankentoy #fridayfunday
Tomorrow is Scavenger Hunt Day, and to celebrate we're offering a 20% discount off your entire purchase of you can find what we've hidden in one of our stores! Check out our Instagram for more details... 😉🔎 #happyhunting #scavengerhuntday #frankentoy #fridayfunday
What if every time you got a high five your hand got bigger?
In honor of Game of Thrones ending tonight, we're gonna print up some GoT fanfiction, shred it, and make papier-mâché models of George R.R. Martin dressed up in different patterns of plaid pyjamas.
How long can a cell phone survive being processed into a wheel of cheese? Asking for a friend.
Texas Chainsaw Massacre but it's Tim Allen.
True Fact That We Almost Definitely Made Up #238: Unicorn Snot Glitter Sunscreen is now officially sponsored by Batman! #unicornsnot #summeriscoming #protectyourskin #glitter #batman #robertpattinson
Best part of Detective Pikachu? When Pikachu opens Mewtwo's parachute, dragging him off Air Force One and grumbles, "Get off my plane!"
RT @DinosaurDracula: ric flair as kool-aid flavors: a thread
The word "occupants" sounds like trousers for your eyes.
Some mothers are a head above the rest!
RT @ArchieMcPhee: @mcpheeceo I’d marry corn.
Hope all you moms out there have a Vanilla Icy cool Mother's Day!
You can tell we're in the wrong timeline because John C. Reilly has never been on Sesame Street.
You gotta break a few Faberge eggs if you wanna make an inedible omelet.
If you're in a donut shop, and it's really busy, don't say "This place is jam packed!" What you should say is, "This place is jelly filled!"
#DearMeTenYearsAgo: Get more Willow merchandise!!
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 is 100% canon in the Star Wars universe.
The trombone is basically just a giant slide whistle.
The @WWE Universe is working through some things right now.
RT @archiestore: “May the fourth be with you...” - Bibo, Jedi Master
After all that rain our basement is flooded, so come catch a carp!
Why can't we have a Star Peace day?
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