We are typing in thousands of new voter registration applications as fast as we can!! Thanks to everyone who registered! #RegisterBeCountedVote! If only we had online voter registration, bit.ly/2IXFD2N https://t.co/IKhOAJYzWc
Here he is folks. Gilbert Miro, the last voter registration - 11:57 p.m. Tuesday - before the deadline. His plane was delayed to Austin. He grabbed his bags and did a little flying to make it to the tax office to register. #RegisterBeCountedVote! https://t.co/Oe2oBnN1i3
We want to thank the news media -TV, radio and newspaper - for getting the word out about voter registration. A special shout out to @KVUE for Vote Texas campaign & @KUT, @mattlargey for promoting voter registration. Thank you!!! https://t.co/IZqrc03Q6q
12 minutes left to register to vote!!
How about a groovy T-shirt for 10 bucks? On sale until midnight at 5501 Airport Blvd. And while u r here u can register to vote. Extended hours for 1 night only. See you soon. https://t.co/x90gj9IOW6
RT @TXCivilRights: 😂🙌🏽 (Worth noting that Travis @TravisCountyTax is open until midnight for voter registration today!) https://t.co/EGd3H…
Hurry! We want you to join our gang. Great crew at the main tax office, 5501 Airport Blvd., ready to register YOU to vote!!! Midnight is the deadline & we'll be here. Come meet some fun people & hangout with some of Austin's best. #RegisterBeCountedVote! https://t.co/VJZspvn07f
You can register to vote right now at @TCloudSubs & @alamodrafthouse. You can register now until midnight at main tax office, 5501 Airport Blvd. #RegisterBeCountedVote! Don't miss today's deadline to register for the Nov. 6 election. #RegisterBeCountedVote!! https://t.co/qFMiaM3M1x
LAST DAY to register to vote before the midterm. Don't know if you are eligible. Watch this. Many of the 5,800 Volunteer Deputy Registrars are registering voters today. Chances are there is a VDR near you! #RegisterBeCountedVote! https://t.co/9VrBp7FVyU
Tuesday register to vote at ThunderCloud Subs, Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas and Texas DPS driver’s license offices during business hours. The main tax office, 5501 Airport Blvd., will be open to midnight Tuesday. bit.ly/2QCaGnb #RegisterBeCountedVote! https://t.co/3IG47NoWzO
We're teaming up with Austin public libraries to offer voter registration from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday. Register to vote before the Tuesday deadline for the Nov. 6 election at any of the city’s public libraries. #RegisterBeCountedVote!
REMINDER: No more Volunteer Deputy Registrar trainings at the tax office until 2019. Please do not show up for training tomorrow. It's time to register voters before midnight Tuesday, the deadline to register for the midterm election. https://t.co/Ai4dqL1Jb2
Then this happened. bit.ly/2PcP3K3 #RegisterBeCountedVote!
Check out our movie regarding Online Voter Registration, bit.ly/2xZxgPT
Folks, please be careful using out-of-state voter registration portals. Texas does not allow online voter registration, bit.ly/2O9gB6F We want you properly registered! #RegisterBeCountedVote!
We are proud the tax office will be named after long-time public servant and former tax assessor-collector and voter registrar Nelda Wells Spears, bit.ly/2Nl3w4y
#RegisterBeCountedVote! Manor High School PSA winner, bit.ly/2NmPS1b
#RegisterBeCountedVote! Oct. 9 last chance to register to vote. Register and then be sure to vote! bit.ly/2NTKN5i
#RegisterBeCountedVote! If you don't like what we have now, change it. If you like what we have now, keep it. It's up to you. Never stay silent unless you are satisfied with pickles, raw onions & bread. Austin High winning PSA bit.ly/2QhGqOl
Major employers stepping up to encourage employees to register and vote, bit.ly/2Ii9F0L Do you have or need Volunteer Deputy Registrars to register voters at your work place? You can email us at TaxOffice@TravisCountyTX.gov. #RegisterBeCountedVote!
A little rain never hurt nobody. We'll see you Saturday & Sunday at the Pecan Street Festival where you can register to vote. #RegisterBeCountedVote! https://t.co/Fg36aabMYi
#RegisterBeCountedVote! Let's change this, bit.ly/2psxxWF We need 18 to 25-year-olds to register and vote!!
#RegisterBeCountedVote! Student PSA winner. Lanier High School "Voting Rights," bit.ly/2DiRGZ7
Come to the McKinney Falls Parkway tax office branch, 4011 McKinney Falls Parkway. No lines!!! The office opened this morning. and offers vehicle titling and registration & voter registration. Plus, you can pay your property taxes here. https://t.co/dKElBP10Kg
Good News! The McKinney Falls Parkway Tax Office location will open at 8 a.m. tomorrow (Wednesday, Sept. 19). The office will be open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays. https://t.co/l8IXXNIPXS
Don't let a disability, illness, age or past felony conviction stop you from registering to vote! Learn who can register & the many different ways you can vote in Travis County, bit.ly/2MU4A45 #RegisterBeCountedVote!
Who can register to vote? If you qualify, don't miss the Oct. 9 voter registration deadline to vote in the November midterm election. #RegisterBeCountedVote! https://t.co/2sBDwvjGEc
Tax Office launches National Voter Registration Month & welcomes 5,000th volunteer deputy registrar, Austin artist Jack Sanders, bit.ly/2MQZ7v4 https://t.co/veXMyTm4Pu
Comm. Court votes to name Tax Office after longtime, tax assessor-collector Nelda Wells Spears, atxne.ws/2NdF5u4
We can't process motor vehicle transactions because of a statewide outage. According to the @TxDMV the system is expected to be available by noon today. You can save $1 and a trip to our office this afternoon by renewing registration online at Texas.gov.
We'll see you at the Pecan Street Festival! #RegisterBeCountedVote! https://t.co/PcwoG4RiJd
RT @pecanstreetfest: Register to vote or update your voting address @pecanstreetfest - stop by the Travis County Voter Registration table o…
Statement from Tax Assessor-Collector Bruce Elfant on today's grand jury report, bit.ly/1ko0AWg
Travis Central Appraisal District sets property values. What you pay against that amount is determined by gov. entities applying tax to your valuation. Higher tax rate from gov. bodies ups tax bill. Go to bit.ly/2OZmYp4 & look up your property. bit.ly/2tg0IhU
Want a lower property tax bill? It begins by sharing your views at tax rate hearings. Austin Community College District tax hearing, noon Thursday and Monday, 5930 Middle Fiskville Road, on upping total tax revenues by 11.8 percent from previous year. bit.ly/2BHWNRE
Wait times are really backing up today at the main tax office, 5501 Airport Blvd., due to heavy traffic. Be sure to check the wait times before coming to see us to make sure you have enough time to complete your transaction, bit.ly/2gLFAJE https://t.co/0TTMMalSJ2
Travis Central Appraisal District offers a new website to track your property taxes. bit.ly/2MzrwF0
If you didn't make an appointment online, make sure you check the Tax Office wait times before you come in, bit.ly/2gLFAJE
Thank you to our Tax Office's Volunteer Deputy Registrars (& a VDR group from Bexar County) who registered more than 450 voters at the Gay Pride Festival. Voter Registrar Bruce Elfant was also at the park registering voters. #RegisterBeCountedVote! https://t.co/5yBml5RzrE
We're proud to be partners with the @lwvATX and @NatlVoterRegDay! Please join us and partner with National Voter Registration Day this Sept. 25. #RegisterBeCountedVote! bit.ly/2MkWDEh
A record 750,125 Travis County citizens (just over 90%) have registered to vote! But we aren't stopping. Volunteer Deputy Registrars will be working hard until the midnight, Oct. 9, deadline to register to vote for the midterm election. #RegisterBeCountedVote! https://t.co/HraDRmqTx3
At 10:30 a.m. & 2:30 and 6:30 p.m., tomorrow, come to the Travis County Tax Office, 5501 Airport Blvd. and in 1 hour you'll be trained to register voters in Travis County. Just 2 months left to register for the November election. #RegisterBeCountedVote! https://t.co/br2FlxUtJO
Are you registered to vote in Travis County? Registration is easy. Volunteer Deputy Registrars are fanned out across the county. Or, download an application, bit.ly/2Mh7NX7. More info, bit.ly/2x07nkR. Remember: #RegisterBeCountedVote! https://t.co/ElCBgao5Ky
Hey, did you know you can sign up to receive your property tax bill by email? Use eBill Xpress and never miss your property tax bill. Many https://t.co/dvK7vWjeZx
Help register voters for the midterm election. Become a Volunteer Deputy Registrar! #RegisterBeCountedVote! https://t.co/clHD6YbhMc
What’s missing in these pictures? No lines! No cars in drive-thru! Pflugerville branch office staff eager to serve you. Take advantage of the low traffic today. Office is at 15822 Foothill Farms in Pflugerville. https://t.co/RPxpTzF1WE
Great day for service at the Pflugerville tax office branch. No line!!!! Come see us today. Bruce Elfant is here to welcome customers until 10:30 a.m. The office is open until 4 p.m. https://t.co/xz10M72vSC
Bruce Elfant greeting staff and customers at the opening of the Pflugerville branch this morning. https://t.co/UZDNOeuY1U
We're pleased to announce the Tax Office's Pflugerville branch, 15822 Foothill Farms Loop, will open at 8 a.m. tomorrow (Tuesday, July 24). The office hours will be 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays. https://t.co/97fKi5lJYi
Thinking about buying a new-to-you used vehicle just in time for the family vacay? Well, be sure to protect yourself when making your purchase. Learn what you need to know in this short video bit.ly/2LnRFCH so you aren't taken in by a crook.
Super-talented actor Scott Eastwood came to the Tax Office today to register to vote. Thank you Scott for your commitment to voter registration and voting!! As your Dad Clint once said "Make My Day." You sure did make ours! #RegisterBeCountedVote ! https://t.co/FVg1HjqcWD
Who can register to vote in Travis County? https://t.co/liofN42JZ1
Thinking about buying a new-to-you used vehicle just in time for the family vacay. Well, be sure to protect yourself when making your purchase. Learn what you need to know bit.ly/2ueOUgs
With the stroke of Tax Assessor-Collector Bruce Elfant's pen, Bhansali Investments will reduce energy consumption by 47 percent under a PACE contract signed today. Elfant is with county attorneys Javiar Gutierrez, Craig Smith & Elliott Beck. PACE info bit.ly/1Cmt211 https://t.co/HQ6HxigEsg
Before heading to the Tax Office, make sure you have everything you need to title your vehicle,bit.ly/2unDeqW
Plan early. If you need to title a vehicle or are a first-time, Texas resident in need of registration and titling then make an appointment at the tax office. Appointments fill up quick so don't delay, do it right away, bit.ly/2DceaXz
Wishing you a safe and wonderful Independence Day with friends & family. We are closed for the holiday. https://t.co/lnfZcOMSUA
Sorry, but the Tax Office is now closed. We needed to close early due to long customer waits and unforeseen technical difficulties.
New times for Vehicle Dealers & Runners to process transactions and pick up supplies. We appreciate our dealerships! https://t.co/7IncwRTBI9
Wait times at the Tax Office: More than 2 hours to renew registration & and almost 4-hour wait to title a vehicle.
Right now, vehicle registration renewal takes almost 2 hours & titling a vehicle takes 3 hours at the Tax Office. Renew online, bit.ly/bKLlnc, or go to HEB for a sticker. Don't come today unless you have to, bit.ly/1EQZLwi
Traffic is now backed up on Airport Blvd., coming to a standstill as people try to get into the Tax Office entrance. Construction has Airport down to one lane. Currently, no parking at Tax Office. Cars going in circles. Don't come if you don't have to today.
Very busy day at the Tax Office. No parking. Renew registration online w/ credit card at bit.ly/dgzoi2, or go to HEBs in the county where you will need your current and complete renewal notice, plus cash or a check. Our office wait time here bit.ly/2gLFAJE. https://t.co/IbenrRAEn9
The Tax Office is now taking title paperwork and new resident & first-time vehicle registrations until 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. https://t.co/Fi4DaOe3OZ
Travis County tax office hurries to reshuffle in wake of fraud probe: atxne.ws/2tznEcl https://t.co/E97QQyIAxk
Thank you for keeping the public informed on the next steps being taken by the tax office.
Our current wait time is over three hours for title transfers. We won't be accepting new title customers at this time.
How to Skip the Tax Office Line, bit.ly/2MJKhTk
Welcome to Our Newest Volunteer Deputy Registrars! Are you ready to register voters? 1-hour training at 6:30 p.m., June 28 (Thurs.), at the main Tax Office, 5501 Airport Blvd. No reservations necessary. Just show up. #RegisterBeCountedVote! https://t.co/hpt3F7MjCD
Texas Association of Counties offers a video on how to understand your property tax bill, bit.ly/2tg0IhU
RT @TxDMV: UPDATE: All systems are once again operational with the exception of webDEALER and eTAG. These two systems are used during vehic…
RT @TxDMV: Due to an issue at the State Data Center affecting multiple state agencies, TxDMV systems are currently unavailable. We're sorry…
The TxDMV vehicle registration and title computer system is down statewide, and our office isn't able to assist our motor vehicle customers this morning. Please be patient as we wait for further updates from the state.
Take a peek inside the Travis County Tax Office, bit.ly/2ypeq7q. Look at all our fans! It's nice being popular, but sometimes you can get too much of a good thing. Renew your registration online bit.ly/dgzoi2.
Take a peek inside the Travis County Tax Office, bit.ly/2tjwgTt . Look at all our fans! It's nice being popular, but sometimes you can get too much of a good thing. Renew your registration online bit.ly/dgzoi2.
Want to save a $buck on your vehicle registration fee? Learn how bit.ly/2s4mS6z
Don't forget. You can renew your vehicle registration online in no time! And you avoid our lonnnnng line at the Tax Office, bit.ly/iPFln6… Your receipt is as good as the sticker for 31 days. Track when your sticker is mailed to you at bit.ly/2JMjZxZ.
We had a report from a customer that the property tax search did not seem to be working. It is working. You can go here bit.ly/1Zrlbfu and just put in your last name and properties should come up. If there are any issues, please let us know.
Planning on coming to the Tax Office today? Hurry over now - wait times are less than an hour! If you plan to come later, be sure to check the wait times before heading out the door bit.ly/2gLFAJE
Save Time. Skip the Line. Renew Online. bit.ly/2sRksHL
Congratulations to all the seniors who registered to vote during Austin ISD graduation ceremonies at the Frank Erwin Center on the University of Texas campus! We registered a record bit.ly/1ko0AWg https://t.co/rtKU5SRYvs
Wow! Thanks for making our office so popular today, but...Please do not come to see us today unless you absolutely have to. The lines are out the door and there's no parking... You can check wait times on our website, bit.ly/1EQZLwi. https://t.co/xkK42stB1l
You can't stop these graduates! They just registered to vote @AustinISD graduation ceremonies! Hundreds are signing up to vote! Congrats to all you! Thanks for committing to exercise your civic duty to vote! #RegisterBeCountedVote! #AISDProud https://t.co/I7xBm0YEWd
Before they walk to receive their high school diplomas at the Frank Erwin Center, graduates are registering to vote in droves!! That's the way kids - your voice is heard at the ballot box! #RegisterBeCountedVote! https://t.co/4zj3Rxoff3
Day 2 of @AustinISD graduation ceremonies at the Frank Erwin Center! The newly graduated are registering to vote! #RegisterBeCountedVote! twitter.com/cbaez3/status/…
Uh-oh, we're closed to customers as of right now. We are helping the standing-room-only crowd in our office at this time. Please, if you must come in to our office, do so first thing in the morning. By noon and later, the office waits become 2+ hours.
We're registering voters at AISD graduations!!!! Thank you @AustinISD for encouraging graduates to register to vote! twitter.com/cbaez3/status/…
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