Planning to "stick it to the man" by not paying property taxes until after 11 p.m. on the last day, Jan. 31, before the midnight deadline? Last-minute rush can slow down or crash the system. State law says penalty and interest starts Feb. 1. Please don't wait. #BeDoneHaveFun
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How about that!? @TxDMV just reported the state's registration and title computer system is back up! You can renew online or take your current & complete TxDMV renewal notice to @HEB. Happy Monday y'all.
The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles' registration and titling computer system is down, making it impossible to process motor vehicle business. The system was funky all day. We apologize to our customers still waiting in line. Hopefully, all will be well tomorrow. Thanks y'all
WANTED: 5,800 Volunteer Deputy Registrars (VDRs) or more. All VDR certifications to register voters expired in 2018. State law requires VDRs undergo a 1-hour training to be eligible to register voters through 2020. Sign up for a January training….
If your Monday is fantastic then you might want to skip the trip to the Tax Office where wait times for all motor vehicle services are more than two hours and climbing...
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#BeDoneHaveFun Pay your property taxes with an eCheck at
Crazy lines at main Tax Office today - 3 hours to transfer a title; almost 2 hours for dealer transactions; an hour and growing for vehicle registration renewal. Skip the Trip. Renew registration online @texasgov or at a county HEB or Fiesta Mart.
Sun came out & the people came. About 3-hour wait to title vehicle & 1 hour and growing to renew registration. Don't scream. Take control. Renew online or bring current TxDMV renewal notice to any county HEB or Fiesta Mart to get sticker on the spot.
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Folks, it's a very busy day here: 3 hours to title a vehicle, 2 hours for vehicle registration. Skip the line, renew vehicle registration online at Or take your current & complete TxDMV renewal notice to HEB or Fiesta Marts to get a sticker on the spot.
What's a PID & why is it on my tax bill??
Hey, Skip the Trip. Save time this holiday season by renewing your vehicle registration online!
We were pleased to be visited today by Laura Sanders Fowler, founder of The Fowler Law Firm, P.C., and Michael Sipes, who works for Fowler & is a dedicated Volunteer Deputy Register. We are grateful for the Fowler Firm's commitment to civic engagement.
Don't forget to pay your property taxes by Dec. 31 if you need a receipt for your IRS tax filing. Pay online with an eCheck and we immediately email you a paid receipt. Go to
It's property tax time! You can simply pay your taxes online with an eCheck. You'll immediately receive a paid receipt.
The Southwest Austin Tax Office in Oak Hill begins its first full week of operation today. The office is open 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Staff there are eager to serve you. The office is located at 8656 West HWY 71, Building B, 2nd Floor.
RT @TexasCounties: Texas is B I G ! ! ! We've got more counties than any other state! Find out how we got to 254, and more importantly,…
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! On this special holiday, we want to give thanks to you, our fellow Travis County residents. We really do consider it a privilege to serve you. We want to wish you & your family and friends a wonderful Thanksgiving.
The Southwest Austin tax office in Oak Hill, 8656 W. HWY 71. Building B, is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays. It will be closed Thursday and Friday for T-day holiday. ATTN: Dealers. Your transactions must be done at the main tax office, 5501 Airport Blvd.
In the Live Music Capital our turkeys can carry a tune, Hey, our wait time calculator is down, but our office is very, very busy. If you need registration renewal, do it online,, or at HEB or Fiesta Marts.
Are you a person with a disability in need of a placard or plate. Learn how to apply.
RT @pewresearch: The age divide in voting preferences evident in the #2018midtermelections barely existed in the early 2000s.…
Pay your property taxes with an eCheck!
Here's the final chart. What a finish we had!! Thank you voters! Thank you VDRs for registering voters. We ended up with 94.5 percent of all Travis County eligible voters being registered. Wow!
Did you miss out on the midterm excitement of voting because you forget to register to vote? Well, you can do it now. You have until midnight, Tuesday, to register to vote for the Dec. 11 runoff elections. #RegisterBeCountedVote!
Wondering if waiting in line to vote is worth it? Hey, the award-winning PSA team from St. Andrew's Upper School has a message for you: Voting is the way to keep "Moving Forward," #RegisterBeCountedVote
In line to vote? Tired of waiting? This award-winning PSA from two Lanier middle schoolers might help you keep up your stamina, #RegisterBeCountedVote
Waiting to vote? Concentrate on how refreshing it will feel when you "Do It!," as this Vandergrift High School award-winning PSA explains, #RegisterBeCountedVote
Still in line to vote? Don't give up. "Your Voice Matters," as this award-winning PSA from Cedar Park High School reminds us, #RegisterBeCountedVote
If ur in line to vote, remember you are voting for "A Better Future," as this Lanier High School award-winning PSA reminds us, #RegisterBeCountedVote!
What can a box do for you? Find out from this award-winning Anderson High School PSA. If you are in line to vote, hang in there. It matters. #RegisterBeCountedVote
Don't forget what "Voting Rights!" mean to our country, according to this PSA-winning team from Lanier High School, #RegisterBeCountedVote
"Quien Lo Hara!," PSA winner from Anderson High School asks you to say what you care about and then reminds you voting is what can make the changes, #RegisterBeCountedVote!
"The Lunch Vote," the award-winning PSA from Austin High School tells you that voting is good for the stomach, #RegisterBeCountedVote
"No Seas Invisible Vota!," from Bowie High School, a winner in our PSA Contest, #RegisterBeCountedVote
Don't just "Watch" as this award-winning PSA from Lanier High School PSA says. #GoVote. #RegisterBeCountedVote
"Tienes el Poder!," Manor High School PSA winner says "You Have the Power" to register & vote, #RegisterBeCountedVote!
Sorry, due to high demand our wait-time map has sputtered today, it's up and working now,
You are invited by the PSA Winners at St. Andrew's Upper School to join all those 18 and over in voting today! "Moving Forward" means voting, the PSA says, #RegisterBeCountedVote!
"A Vote - It is Us!" says the award-winning PSA from Anderson High School, #RegisterBeCountedVote
"I Won't Be Unless You Vote," Anderson High School PSA Winner, reminding you the difference voting can make, #RegisterBeCountedVote!
Vote Today! The Headwaters School PSA winner, reminds us we can "Vote for Those Who Can't." The student's message is to vote, which honors those who suffered for voter equality & can be a voice for those who cannot vote., Anderson High School's award-winning Spanish PSA. #RegisterBeCountedVote
"Voting Rights!," Lanier High School PSA Winner. Get out and exercise your right to vote today. #RegisterBeCountedVote!
"Add Your Piece to the Puzzle - Vote," Bowie High School PSA winner reminding millennials they have the power to change elections...if they vote, #RegisterBeCountedVote!
"Be Heard," says this award-winning PSA from Lanier High School, #RegisterBeCountedVote
"Voting is Respect," Bowie High School PSA Winner, #RegisterBeCountedVote!
"No Botes Tu Voto," Anderson High PSA Winner. Vote! #RegisterBeCountedVote!
"Your Voice Matters," the PSA Winner from Cedar Park High School. Vote Today!! #RegisterBeCountedVote!
Make a difference. Vote Today! Here's one of our PSA winners - two sisters from Lamar Middle School, who understand the importance of voter registration and voting. #RegisterBeCountedVote!
Make a difference. Vote Today! Here's one of our PSA winners… - two sisters from Lamar Middle School, who understand the importance of voter registration and voting. #RegisterBeCountedVote!
Voting: Just "Do It" as this student PSA says
If you need a ride to the polls tomorrow, Remember: #RegisterBeCountedVote!
It's the last day of early voting!! In Travis County we still have more than 400,000 registered voters who have not voted. TX Secretary of State Rolando B. Pablos encourages everyone to get out and vote! #RegisterBeCountedVote!
RT @susoTX: Annette Strauss would like you to #vote! #tbt to when Bruce Elfant, the Travis County Voter Registrar, said this midterm feels…
Power restored at Airport Blvd. Tax Office.
Tax Office at Airport has lost all power. Do not come here to do business. Go to Pflugerville and McKinney Falls branch offices.
RT @TravisCoClerk: @TravisCoClerk Know what's really scary? 500,000 Travis County voters who haven't cast a ballot for the Nov midterms.…
Do you work downtown? You can vote today at the Travis County headquarters, 700 Lavaca St., downtown Austin. This mobile polling location is only available today until 5 p.m. #RegisterBeCountedVote!
RT @TravisCoClerk: @TravisCoClerk You know that friend you have been meaning to hang out with? Grab them, go vote and then go out for a co…
Yikes! More than 2 hours to renew registration & almost 5 hours to transfer a title today at the main tax office, 5501 Airport Blvd. Consider renewing online,, or taking your @TxDMV renewal notice to HEB or Fiesta Mart for sticker.
Guess who voted early and wants you to join him? #RegisterBeCountedVote!…
In 2018, 18- to 35-year-olds now the most powerful voting bloc in Travis County, Biggest leap in voter registrations - 6% more registered to vote for midterm 2018 than 2014 election. #RegisterBeCountedVote!
Join us at 10:30 a.m. tomorrow (Fri.) UT West Mall. Bruce Elfant will release info on increase of 18-25-year-old voters. Joining him will be County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir; Exec. Dir. Susan Nold, Annette Strauss Institute & Maya Patel, TX Votes VP.
RT @TravisCoClerk: Don't like lines? Check the wait time at your polling place, and find one with a green light!
Everyone should know this by now, but just in case... Please be careful and do not drink Austin tap water, for now.
Hey, are you voting for the very first time? Congrats! Check out the videos in English & Spanish along with printed instructions on the eSlate so you can enter the voting booth with confidence, #RegisterBeCountedVote!
Find a complete list of polling locations & live polling place wait times, go to #RegisterBeCountedVote!
Early voting starts Monday. County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir shows KUT what happens when you go to vote, #RegisterBeCountedVote!
2-plus hours wait to renew vehicle registration @ main tax office. Renew online & receipt is as good as having your sticker until you get it in the mail. Bring your current & complete TxDMV renewal notice to HEB or Fiesta Mart. You'll get sticker on the spot.
Need to renew your vehicle registration? There's more than a 90-minute wait at the main tax office. No waiting online,, or you can get your sticker on the spot at HEBs, Fiesta Marts, and AAA Texas stores in Travis County. We have the best problem ever - slammed with so many voter registrations on deadline - 35,000 and we just got another 3,000 sent to us from the secretary of state's office today. If only we could do this online....
Get ready to watch Gretchen Nagy, voter registration division director, and University of Texas student Bethany Stevens talk live to Judy Maggio and Ben Philpott on Decibel's Coffee Talk. You can watch it at 12:30 p.m. at
We are typing in thousands of new voter registration applications as fast as we can!! Thanks to everyone who registered! #RegisterBeCountedVote! If only we had online voter registration,
Here he is folks. Gilbert Miro, the last voter registration - 11:57 p.m. Tuesday - before the deadline. His plane was delayed to Austin. He grabbed his bags and did a little flying to make it to the tax office to register. #RegisterBeCountedVote!
We want to thank the news media -TV, radio and newspaper - for getting the word out about voter registration. A special shout out to @KVUE for Vote Texas campaign & @KUT, @mattlargey for promoting voter registration. Thank you!!!
12 minutes left to register to vote!!
How about a groovy T-shirt for 10 bucks? On sale until midnight at 5501 Airport Blvd. And while u r here u can register to vote. Extended hours for 1 night only. See you soon.
RT @TXCivilRights: 😂🙌🏽 (Worth noting that Travis @TravisCountyTax is open until midnight for voter registration today!)…
Hurry! We want you to join our gang. Great crew at the main tax office, 5501 Airport Blvd., ready to register YOU to vote!!! Midnight is the deadline & we'll be here. Come meet some fun people & hangout with some of Austin's best. #RegisterBeCountedVote!
You can register to vote right now at @TCloudSubs & @alamodrafthouse. You can register now until midnight at main tax office, 5501 Airport Blvd. #RegisterBeCountedVote! Don't miss today's deadline to register for the Nov. 6 election. #RegisterBeCountedVote!!
LAST DAY to register to vote before the midterm. Don't know if you are eligible. Watch this. Many of the 5,800 Volunteer Deputy Registrars are registering voters today. Chances are there is a VDR near you! #RegisterBeCountedVote!
Tuesday register to vote at ThunderCloud Subs, Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas and Texas DPS driver’s license offices during business hours. The main tax office, 5501 Airport Blvd., will be open to midnight Tuesday. #RegisterBeCountedVote!
We're teaming up with Austin public libraries to offer voter registration from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday. Register to vote before the Tuesday deadline for the Nov. 6 election at any of the city’s public libraries. #RegisterBeCountedVote!
REMINDER: No more Volunteer Deputy Registrar trainings at the tax office until 2019. Please do not show up for training tomorrow. It's time to register voters before midnight Tuesday, the deadline to register for the midterm election.
Then this happened. #RegisterBeCountedVote!
Check out our movie regarding Online Voter Registration,
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