A new restaurant concept by @FSAustin in collaboration with celebrity chef Richard Sandoval. Ciclo offers Texas flare with Latin influences.
It's still Champong season in these parts. Order a premium bottle and we'll set up a game on the lawn. https://t.co/Q5yImquYbn
If you've chosen to dine outside, you've chosen well. https://t.co/YrA5IqXPdT
We ❤️ @cicloatx and @FSAustin! Can’t wait to taste what you’re cooking! twitter.com/fsaustin/statu…
We’ll see you then!
Everybody's working for the weekend—brunch, that is. https://t.co/Xk9r4EIZXo
Raise the steaks on game day. Longhorn-branded Wagyu steaks will be served at Ciclo during the UT game tomorrow. https://t.co/7jfIkD06l2
The $5 wine starts flowing at 5 o'clock sharp. Will we see you at the bar? https://t.co/bZMhyfOXQJ
Whatever you're craving, we're serving. https://t.co/nDRUeRpoYb
You've come to the right place for Latin-inspired cuisine with a Southern twist. https://t.co/4kr7HuVKvK
To sipping and savoring every moment from the lawn. https://t.co/JfgQzPEhkW
Our chefs couldn't help getting started on Thanksgiving plans. Reserve your spot around our table for a buffet including options like hand-carved turkey, pumpkin-spice roasted cauliflower and caramel apple cheesecake. https://t.co/UHcI5F8ZpQ
"Sunday brunch buffet is decadent! Price is perfect and ambiance serene." Take a cue from Sundaybrunchgoers on @OpenTable and join us for a rave-worthy brunch this weekend. https://t.co/bFomYpf5se
Served with local pecans, the Austin Hippie Salad is delicious and nutritious. https://t.co/LDvRDPpYlQ
Let the good times bubble over. Let us set up a game of Champong on the lawn. https://t.co/FEkRDFLQKl
Earn your brunch with Austin's best. @Equinox instructors will be leading yoga on the lawn this Saturday, and participants can enjoy 15% off brunch right here afterwards. bit.ly/2OjiX1u https://t.co/GOIi5YEktk
It ain't easy eating green—but it's easier on the patio. https://t.co/tSCpwD6jaw
Heading out to ACL, ATX? Enjoy $5 draft beer, $5 rotating specialty cocktails, $5 select wines by the glass, $20 select wines by the bottle, $39 Moët et Chandon by the bottle, and $9 Patrón y Tamarindo during happy hour. https://t.co/Ie1c09WWfj
"We had the best service, food and experience at Ciclo and will definitely return." - Brent E. from Austin on @OpenTable. Let your fellow neighbors know your thoughts in a review. https://t.co/P8zsJVhssg
Happiness is served, ACL fans. Enjoy $4 bites, $5 beer, wine, and cocktails and complimentary valet parking every day of the week. https://t.co/rhdl7KLuBh
Celebrate National Taco Day on a sweet note. Chocolate Tacos are $1 today during happy hour and dinner! https://t.co/K1WJyNpWdx
RT @ChefRSandoval: Happy 1st Birthday to @cicloatx! If you're in Austin, come celebrate tonight with a special happy hour featuring a DJ, p…
One year down, many more to go. Thank you to all who have wined and dined with us over the past year. https://t.co/wtQFQXmnx8
Bend and sip. Learn about wine during a Vino & Vinyasa class on the lawn, followed by 20% off Saturday brunch at Ciclo. https://t.co/zIe5ggdrfP
Meet Chef de Cuisine James Flowers, who's always proud to put his work on display. https://t.co/Y4ni4UiLYd
If you're craving it, we're serving it. https://t.co/bp6D2Bqfgq
Chop, chop. Our Saturday ceviche classes won't last forever! (Photo credit: @thehungrychronicles & @passporttofriday) https://t.co/5QHB4gVryH
Summer may technically be over, but it's still very much patio season in Austin. https://t.co/CFuRGXkdVF
Discover why the light, flaky flavor of our Pan-Seared Bass has made it one of our most ordered dishes. https://t.co/DhnSkQ03gv
Support local musicians during your post-work happy hour. Free to the public, Bruce Robison, Kelly Willis, and Sir Woman will perform September 24 to support HAAM, Health Alliance for Austin Musicians. bit.ly/2lOq71t https://t.co/SgXx43AXp9
"This was a great dining experience. From the moment you walk in the door you are getting the Four Seasons treatment." - Sharlene S. via @Yelp. If you thought the service spoke volumes, let us know on @Yelp, @TripAdvisor,or @OpenTable. https://t.co/5zKDjrKhpb
See if your ceviche skills are a cut above the rest. Join us for a Saturday lesson led by our culinary team on the patio. (Photo: onechelofanadventure/IG) https://t.co/doQnmontuf
Sending you sizzling National "I Love Food" Day vibes from professional food-lover, Chef James. https://t.co/nZe9ITmwN1
Don't drop the ball this weekend—order a bottle of premium champagne and we'll set up the Champong table. https://t.co/k632eOx676
Get your fill of Peruvian skewers, or Antichuchos, the newest addition to our award-winning happy hour menu. https://t.co/FeQhzSbiro
Your childhood called—it wants @cicloatx's new Chocolate Tacos, stuffed with Amy's Mexican vanilla ice cream and drizzled with ancho chile-infused ganache. bit.ly/33BxScv https://t.co/qOEFknPAqS
After our Saturday ceviche class, you can whip up Ceviche Amarillo like the best of them. Join us at 3 pm to learn techniques from our team of chefs. (Photo: @onechelofanadventure) https://t.co/9vPgia9NR3
"My expectations were blown away. The staff was exceptionally well versed on the exceptionally comprehensive wine list. Every single dish was remarkable in depth and originality. It was amazing!" - Suzanne. Before we pour a glass to celebrate—have you shared your review on @Yelp? https://t.co/Zwh0N3f8ny
Ready to eat your way through Wednesday? (Photo: @thehungrychronicles) https://t.co/IzZDK6m4Ec
Pour a glass for yoga class. Join us for Vino & Vinyasa this Saturday and unwind in style on the lawn. (Photo: @onechelofanadventure) https://t.co/KxKbqirNW9
Tonight, help us support our local partner, @laflacaatx, after a year of massive crop losses. Happy hour and live music start on the patio at 5 pm, and 25% of proceeds will benefit our farming friends. https://t.co/JQlR2SrUsC
RT @ChefRSandoval: You'll like the bright hue of @cicloatx's Ceviche Amarillo—but you'll love the serrano pepper kick at the end. https://t…
We encourage getting saucy on #NationalFiletMignonDay. https://t.co/RU1pVZo4UN
The rest of the day can wait—you've got Sunday brunch plans. (Photo: @onechelofanadventure) https://t.co/iEcJPfMQLu
Our partner, @laflacaatx, has suffered massive crop losses this year. To help support a local farm in need, join us for happy hour and live music on Sunday, August 18, where 25% of proceeds will benefit our partner. https://t.co/EgzZ8YIqi1
There's nothing like good ol' Southern home cooking. https://t.co/mV3FePht0W
Be like @austinfoodstagram and bring your party to the patio. https://t.co/pxhNEJLx3z
This just in: our @ATXRestWeeks menu is posted! Reserve your table now to savor 3 courses for just $50 from August 15-September 2. bit.ly/2XQ8jQX #ComeAndGiveIt https://t.co/xF0DpwfRCH
"The place was excellent, the music outstanding and the food delicious. Probably one of the best meals I have had." - Rafael S. on @Yelp. Spread the love and share your review today! https://t.co/HpIc32x5o6
It's Friday and it's summertime. Get your Champong on. https://t.co/WKJg7weto7
It's a beautiful day in Austin—soak up every lakeside moment that you can. https://t.co/ZKJ9X2EdPv
Signature margaritas all around. Happy #NationalTequilaDay! https://t.co/TLZrDWTJbf
Let's do brunch. Every Sunday, we serve an elaborate brunch buffet with—wait for it—$1 mimosas. https://t.co/U7I8KGHekW
It's more than a team—it's family. https://t.co/713covbgJO
How do you happy hour? (drewdavismusic /IG) https://t.co/6RX9HrIS9H
"Wonderful service, great team on hand to take care of every little thing and wonderful new atmosphere worthy of the Four Seasons." Your feedback is our favorite. Review @cicloatx on @TripAdvisor, @Yelp and @OpenTable today. https://t.co/d71nXvrojl
Bring your date here, and they'll already be impressed. https://t.co/1Lj21KxOAZ
The kitchen's fired up and ready to serve. Will you be joining us in the dining room soon? https://t.co/fO4ifCpSRb
Happy hour deals should actually be a deal. Thanks to @EaterAustin for including ours among the city's best thanks to its $4 bites and $5 cocktails. https://t.co/64arzjg8dE
It's Taco Tuesday. Did you have another order in mind? (biteswithmyboyfriend/IG) https://t.co/yYkNvmWR8d
"It sounds like the perfect party." Get a lesson in Champong from @KXAN_News ahead of your next happy hour visit. bit.ly/31pjymc https://t.co/5HFA6YFWkz
"It sounds like the perfect party." Get a lesson in Champong from KXAN ahead of your next happy hour visit. bit.ly/31pjymc https://t.co/CjHdrrO8yS
"Our new favorite gourmet foodie experience in Austin. Under-recognized and over-achieving across the board." - OpenTable diner. Can't stop thinking about @cicloatx? Review your experience on @OpenTable, @Yelp or @TripAdvisor. https://t.co/swyEAqFa59
All in for the USA. Join us at @cicloatx for a Fourth of July BBQ within walking distance of the firework show. bit.ly/2Z4RXVs https://t.co/qcC0HFsPp0
The first day of summer vibes are strong at Ciclo. https://t.co/D1l8UZJJgx
It's a fine night to wine and dine at Ciclo. https://t.co/8045tdayD1
It's a Tuna Poke party in a bowl, and you're on the guest list. https://t.co/1O7pshAMBb
First one goes to dad today. Happy Father's Day! https://t.co/y3AXgmFJOR
Special thanks to @AustinChronicle for honoring our Latin-Texan menu with a First Plates inclusion. bit.ly/2XIxpSr https://t.co/seCWxpMNbU
Palate-pleasing, no matter what mood you're in. https://t.co/XdkcXp1jyM
Simply put, the Pancake Duo is a breakfast option you'll flip for. https://t.co/MCtT8woKsJ
Lighten up a meaty main dish with our citrus-spiced Heirloom Carrots. https://t.co/cMCTjQIL8l
Purchase a premium bottle of Champagne, and we'll roll out the Champong table where you can indulge in your favorite college standby on the lawn. #FSChampong https://t.co/bbMMGbSo3n
Let the weekend begin. (Photo: karlakzarate/IG) https://t.co/FpS9sB4k17
Tonight, sit down to Dry-Aged Wagyu Filet Mignon sourced from Texas farms. https://t.co/qCQEuegx4g
Soak up these long days of sunshine the proper way—with a cocktail in hand during happy hour. https://t.co/a8kVfKM3hP
Fan of cooling off with ceviche in the summer? Guests can now join Chef James Flowers on Saturdays to learn tips, tricks and international preparation styles. https://t.co/HKdzVyxIiw
Have you joined us for happy hour and loved your experience? @Austin_Monthly wants to hear from you. Vote for us in their Best of ATX awards by June 2! bit.ly/2VoLItj https://t.co/2IwkqK0rSV
"The staff was exceptionally well versed on the exceptionally comprehensive wine list. Every single dish was remarkable in depth and originality." - Suzanne V. Have you shared your experience on @Yelp yet? https://t.co/yGd0gOAgcV
You say boquitas, we say Tuna Tartare Tacos. Enjoy a plateful for $4 at our daily happy hour. https://t.co/IoO61INf92
Bring your date here, and they'll already be impressed. https://t.co/5hXlrCiP9f
Proud to be an American. Thinking of all those who gave their lives for our freedoms this Memorial Day. https://t.co/96qP6xfxTr
You know what would be sweet? Voting for our happy hour in @Austin_Monthly's Best of ATX awards. bit.ly/2VoLItj https://t.co/1qBBBOr7HP
In Austin, it's always the right time for a margarita. https://t.co/xCYVnFJUoG
Create your own culinary winner's circle this weekend. https://t.co/MgxFQruaev
Smashing, isn't it? Kick off your weekend by savoring Smashed Avocado Toast. https://t.co/nyBm6n6gW9
Guaranteed likes are coming your way. https://t.co/NGB7eBXIey
Open wide. On #NationalChocolateChipDay, it's our Signature Cookie's time to shine. (Photo credit: @checkmarkeats) https://t.co/AokIXCt8wg
"We sat outside on the beautiful patio. It was the perfect treat. Highly recommend." Don't believe us, believe guests like Brittney M. on OpenTable. https://t.co/NaIFTJRCz6
Mama like. Have a satisfying Mother's Day, y'all. https://t.co/WDcIAr1Ddl
Patio season is our favorite season, and that's saying something at Ciclo. https://t.co/NWzsDYfure
$5 cocktails and a walk by the lake? Happy hour doesn't get better than Ciclo's. https://t.co/JsspTL8lrD
Plating and passion go hand in hand in the Ciclo kitchen. https://t.co/5vBNF5awz6
RT @shelleyseale: Getting a taste again of my recent trip to Peru and reliving those memories with Peruvian ceviche at Ciclo, the new Four…
🗣 @Austin_Monthly's Best of ATX Award nominations are live! Help Ciclo earn its chops for Best Brunch, Happy Hour, and Patio before voting begins Friday at 10 am. bit.ly/2Y9SZiE https://t.co/XrC1vEj8GU
Happy Ciclo de Mayo! Our fiesta is underway, and there's still time to join us on the patio for live music, piñata smashing, face painting and more. https://t.co/Go1kmlgKQb
Brush up on your Cinco de Mayo history before you sit down to Ciclo's Cinco de Mayo brunch. bit.ly/2Li0Zwi https://t.co/Azf6WwKcIt
T-minus three days left until Ciclo de Mayo! Don't miss out on Latin-inspired brunch, music and more at our lakeside fiesta. https://t.co/PM4MX8FJBh
Have you ever seen a prettier way to present jumbo shrimp? https://t.co/Rym7ifLC4H
Shouldn't every cocktail come in a large-format pitcher? https://t.co/t1er2yLQXj
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