A new restaurant concept by @FSAustin in collaboration with celebrity chef Richard Sandoval. Ciclo offers Texas flare with Latin influences.
No need to pick a favorite. We look forward to serving our hotel guests their favorite Ciclo dishes for dinner from 5-9 pm every Saturday night, along with a la carte brunch on Saturday and Sunday. https://t.co/HPF3fRxDFJ
Consider the Fourth of July weekend ready. What do you plan to throw on the grill? https://t.co/60MBBm9MpT
Like for the Austin Hippie Salad, retweet for Lomo Saltado. Or type it out and tell us—what's your favorite Ciclo dish? https://t.co/8u85R9C7gc
Chef Gerry has shared his recipe for celebratory Carnitas Michoacanas on our Instagram Story. Traditionally cooked in a cazo, or Mexican copper pot, a grill will do to slow-cook this fall-offf-the-bone meat that we recommend pairing with chimichurri or a guacamole side. https://t.co/3f42AA9i1E
Look familiar? Pretend you're on the patio and download a custom Zoom background for your next virtual call. #DreamWithFS https://t.co/joDVQfvYPP
Consider Executive Pastry Chef Amanda Pallagi-Naim an influencer, because she just took the Dalgona Coffee craze to a whole new level with her Dalgona Matcha Latte. Recipe available now on our Instagram Stories! https://t.co/FHIX85usz2
Chef Gerry is emerging from the past few weeks with a chicken coop in his own backyard. Have you made any additions to your household, perhaps a garden or animal pen? https://t.co/jaIDpo43Ep
Proof that the Ciclo chefs get creative in and out of the kitchen, Gerry celebrated his birthday last week by making his favorite Carnitas Michoacanas in a copper cazo (cooking pot) on top of a fire pit. https://t.co/AfTLzIuMDG
Until we can serve you a margarita, the Ciclo chefs have ensured your Cinco de Mayo celebrations will be just as cheers-worthy. Whip up our signature Lobster Tacos at home by following the recipe on our Instagram Story. https://t.co/LP3jdVpMVC
What fresh fruit will you top your Amaranth & Pumpkin Seed Granola with? The recipe for this tasty, aromatic daily staple in the Ciclo kitchen is now yours to keep. Head to our Instagram Stories to screenshot the ingredients and instructions. https://t.co/5KhCL03VAA
Comfort food tastes even better when it comes from your kitchen. Try your hand at making our Brisket Tator Tots, and don't forget to share a photo of your accomplishment with #FSConnectsAtHome. cicloatx.com/recipes/briske… https://t.co/8J619Ob7Pb
Missing the taste (and smell) of our Signature Parker House Rolls? Find the recipe here and treat your family to a buttery dinner side they won't soon forget. cicloatx.com/recipes/parker… https://t.co/IeDMILIhEr
This year, you can do one better than dyeing eggs—you can make your own Easter peeps! Executive Pastry Chef Amanda Pallagi-Naim has shared a recipe for this easy homemade treat on our Instagram Story, so be sure to screenshot and get cooking. https://t.co/pDKos4wYKc
To make Ceviche Amarillo at home, mix diced tuna, scallops, or shrimp with kosher salt, 4 oz. leche de tigre, and 6 oz. aguachile. Let sit, then adjust seasoning as needed and garnish with herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Drizzle with EVOO and sea salt and enjoy! https://t.co/vW9Y70FQP4
In response to the evolving COVID-19 situation and the new measures announced by the state of Texas, we have temporarily closed Ciclo at Four Seasons Hotel Austin. We'll inform you when we reopen. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to welcoming you back soon. https://t.co/zWCOZ6JKMk
An extra hour of sunlight is all the more reason to join us for Sunday brunch. $1 mimosas and Bloody Marys, along with our sumptuous spread of hot and cold options, will be available from 10-2 pm today. https://t.co/12fTYYEOtQ
Mix your sip session with a study session. In the next Masters of Craft class, guests can delve into the world of French and New Zealand varieties, along with a lesson in the winemaking styles and climates that produce different flavors from the same grape. https://t.co/7gnUz70pFX
Is your aura red or white? Find out in our March 21 Vino Vinyasa class where poses are paired with a comparative wine tasting. Even better—attendees can enjoy 20% off a Saturday brunch entrée and 50% off select Champagnes until 2 pm. https://t.co/zXzQWpRme7
Up the ante on your Southern food cravings by ordering our Lobster Tacos, topped with chile de árbol salsa. https://t.co/ETKn9Uq2UY
Cheeseboard plating is an art. Master it in our next Masters of Craft class, centered on chocolate and cheese. bit.ly/mastersofcraft https://t.co/PS1fSmLCAc
Nominations are now live for @Austin_Monthly's Best of ATX Awards! Share the love for @cicloatx's Brunch, Happy Hour, Romantic Dinner atmosphere, and Patio by February 28. Then, cast your vote for your favorite dining and drinking spots starting March 2! https://t.co/akdaVuvwvk
Mimosas and bloody marys are $1 during our Sunday brunch buffet? We'll toast to that. https://t.co/TPBuyrMCsk
Time's running out to nominate @cicloatx in the @Austin_Monthly Best of ATX Awards! Nominate your favorite Brunch, Happy Hour, Romantic Dinner spot and Patio by February 28, then come back to vote March 2. https://t.co/LG3SHNfObU
Mmm, mango pico de gallo. This burst of citrus is the perfect pairing to Seared Yellowfin Tuna. https://t.co/XImbt4IeFA
If you're in Austin for #NationalMargaritaDay, you're in luck. All day long, we're offering happy hour pricing ($5) on the city's favorite cocktail. https://t.co/qa7L3DIciJ
Learn how to make and accurately choose your tortillas from Chef Gerardo Lopez, in addition to recreating our signature Ciclo Margarita in tomorrow's Masters of Craft class. bit.ly/mastersofcraft #NationalMargaritaDay https://t.co/3elq4bFsHa
One for each hand, just how we like it. Enjoy Gorditas filled to the brim with cusco chicken, rajas and corn for just $4 during happy hour. https://t.co/tGc6jc0Joc
Austin's little secret? Our Saturday brunch service, where select Champagnes are 50% off. https://t.co/HTmAudRYBO
Make it a double date. With purchase of a premium bottle of Champagne, we'll set up a game of Champong on the lawn. https://t.co/cGt09lwoTx
Locally sourced Wagyu Filet Mignon is the only kind of filet mignon you should have in Texas. That's why ours is brought in from Beeman Ranch. https://t.co/SZTli92UQF
At $3 each, no one will judge if you order thirds of the Dirty Chai Paletas during happy hour. https://t.co/pPWXoXy4DF
Good champagne, better company. Celebrate your better half with a glass (or two). https://t.co/17XfVfmswc
Expand your palate for dessert wines with a lesson from certified sommelier and @cicloatx manager, Joe Pena. This Masters of Craft class will focus on Brachetto d’Acqui and Barolo Chinato from Northern Italy. bit.ly/mastersofcraft https://t.co/yUuAIpG6fE
Make sure your next date night rocks. Everyday starting at 5pm, stop by for live music from Austin's top musicians. https://t.co/626RN09yXE
Chef Gerardo Lopez has designed a five-course Valentine's Day menu so you can eat your heart out. Reserve your table for an unforgettable night. cicloatx.com/valentines-day… https://t.co/zaXXsxz5wS
We're more than okay with Tuna Poke. https://t.co/VhbsDfrZ0p
The soundtrack to your Ciclo experience is coming to you live. Every day at 5 pm, local musicians perform to enhance your time in Austin. https://t.co/L4F0D3M6Ti
Taco 'bout a fun Saturday afternoon. On January 25, our Chef will lead a Masters of Craft Class in making Tacos Dorados, salsa verde and sala roja for our guests. https://t.co/KBvh0WOVFJ
A little sweet and wholly satisfying, the Crispy Cauliflower with orange and togarashi fills you up without weighing you down. https://t.co/tj4I4mJ91y
Meet Chef Elmar Prambs, the director of the Four Seasons Hotel Austin kitchens for over 30 years. It's thanks to Chef that we offer seasonal cuisine, unique flavor combinations, and stunning presentation in every dish. https://t.co/nNnxuiPbbi
In our new selfie spot by Jason Eatherly, the grackle represents its Latin roots, and its perch on a live oak branch pays homage to its frequented new home in Austin. Snap a photo the next time you find yourself on the back lawn! bit.ly/fsmural https://t.co/m1KJ4oZ8sV
Let's take this outside. "This" being happy hour, of course. https://t.co/DodlseHUtN
Sea Scallop Tostadas: perfect for sharing, light enough to enjoy all yourself. https://t.co/vzHqEK3ErB
Love a heated competition? Get your tickets to watch our own Chef @abygalindo12 compete in the Fork & Flame Live Fire Competition hosted by @dishndames, @sonya_cote of Eden East on January 16. https://t.co/f4NMZxYDzq
Are you on "board" with our next Masters of Craft Class? On January 18, guests are invited to learn how to craft the perfect after-dinner board of chocolates, artisan cheeses and sweet accoutrements. https://t.co/3odgR4QTjF
"Ciclo hits the nail on the head for quality of food and service. By far our best meal experience was Sunday brunch. The spread was amazing, it being so rich and full of quality foods." - HoustonFoodAndWine on TripAdvisor. So, brunch anyone? https://t.co/MtWhpL7j86
Have you considered how resolution-friendly our Platos Pequeños are? The Cusco Chicken, a new happy hour menu item, is topped with root vegetables and a huancaína sauce. https://t.co/PPuWWIqWet
Make a pour decision during your stay this Saturday. Our Masters of Craft Class will be a tasting of Nebbiolo-based wines, one of Italy's most potent grapes. https://t.co/WeCKhD2ibg
If you've resolved to dine better, you've come to the right place. https://t.co/c0UQgN4Llp
3, 2, 1...happy new year, from your friends at Ciclo! https://t.co/QawU6e6m0w
See how you stack up in the kitchen at one of our Masters of Craft classes, taught by our chefs, mixologists, and sommeliers every Saturday afternoon. #FSMasterdish https://t.co/Qbxh17MS8N
Sugared, spiced, and everything nice—it's what you deserve. Happy holidays from the Ciclo team! https://t.co/O9joYkNXF2
All that stands between you and Christmas morning is our delicious feast. We hope to see you there! https://t.co/dz50eku6lw
A feast for $4 each. Join us for happy hour between 5-7 pm to enjoy a sampling of our tasty boquitas. (Photo: ammietheexplorer/IG) https://t.co/VufBDGPGzy
To start 2020 off on the right foot, you'll need to start it at our extensive brunch buffet, starting at 10 am. https://t.co/kMwzC9hPCs
Take a break from holiday planning for a game of Champong on the lawn. https://t.co/mSDmIuhDaG
Vegetarians, rejoice. The Thai Green Curry Bowl features a flavorful mix of tofu, edamame, squash and jasmine rice. https://t.co/PfHmGdpYyS
Between our daily happy hour, Champong, and live music, we think we've pinned down where to host your next party. https://t.co/gSW3eQOSbI
Count down the clock over dim sum at Ciclo. Take your pick of oysters, caviar, anticuchos, Champagne and more from our dim sum-style cart during New Year's Eve Dinner. https://t.co/NLhypg9RtR
It's Lamp Lollipop time. New to the happy hour menu, the Platos Pequeños feature tapas-sized versions of our most-ordered dishes. https://t.co/Ii5A2SScZY
Hungry? Head to our patio for post-work goodness. (Photo: thevendorsdaughter/IG) https://t.co/hKrtZ1BbBa
Sip your margarita outside and soak up Austin's December weather. (Photo: agirlfromtx/IG) https://t.co/VRJbNhBL4O
Feast your eyes on @cicloatx's festive Christmas Day Buffet menu. Join us for a delicious holiday spread from morning until 3 pm. cicloatx.com/christmas-menu/ https://t.co/qZtleRONuS
Served in the ballroom and our restaurant, this year's Christmas Day buffet features delicious holiday favorites and festive décor. https://t.co/wov6w47Nev
Nothing says "Happy Thanksgiving" like a Pecan Hand Pie made with local candied- and spiced-pecans. Inspired by Chef Amanda's favorite holiday aromas, we hope everyone loves this addition to today's menu. Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! https://t.co/aQ7a2RopsN
"The attention to detail and the particulars needed by our party was outstanding. Thank you so much. We had a wonderful evening. The service was amazing.” - RozF. Outstanding is what we aim for. Tell us about your experience on @TripAdvisor, @Yelp, and @OpenTable. https://t.co/cFSSsGUZJC
Ciclo's getting a head start on giving this week. Stop in to sip all-new cocktails, including the Pumpkin Mezcal Old Fashioned, Celery Rye and Baked Appletini https://t.co/CnRIlOqg9o
At $1 each, mimosas are a must at our Sunday brunch buffet. https://t.co/dJDkWgXdeB
And the Live Music Capital of the World lives up to its reputation once again. https://t.co/w1PJU0tefF
It's still Champong season in these parts. Order a premium bottle and we'll set up a game on the lawn. https://t.co/Q5yImquYbn
If you've chosen to dine outside, you've chosen well. https://t.co/YrA5IqXPdT
We ❤️ @cicloatx and @FSAustin! Can’t wait to taste what you’re cooking! twitter.com/fsaustin/statu…
We’ll see you then!
Everybody's working for the weekend—brunch, that is. https://t.co/Xk9r4EIZXo
Raise the steaks on game day. Longhorn-branded Wagyu steaks will be served at Ciclo during the UT game tomorrow. https://t.co/7jfIkD06l2
The $5 wine starts flowing at 5 o'clock sharp. Will we see you at the bar? https://t.co/bZMhyfOXQJ
Whatever you're craving, we're serving. https://t.co/nDRUeRpoYb
You've come to the right place for Latin-inspired cuisine with a Southern twist. https://t.co/4kr7HuVKvK
To sipping and savoring every moment from the lawn. https://t.co/JfgQzPEhkW
Our chefs couldn't help getting started on Thanksgiving plans. Reserve your spot around our table for a buffet including options like hand-carved turkey, pumpkin-spice roasted cauliflower and caramel apple cheesecake. https://t.co/UHcI5F8ZpQ
"Sunday brunch buffet is decadent! Price is perfect and ambiance serene." Take a cue from Sundaybrunchgoers on @OpenTable and join us for a rave-worthy brunch this weekend. https://t.co/bFomYpf5se
Served with local pecans, the Austin Hippie Salad is delicious and nutritious. https://t.co/LDvRDPpYlQ
Let the good times bubble over. Let us set up a game of Champong on the lawn. https://t.co/FEkRDFLQKl
Earn your brunch with Austin's best. @Equinox instructors will be leading yoga on the lawn this Saturday, and participants can enjoy 15% off brunch right here afterwards. bit.ly/2OjiX1u https://t.co/GOIi5YEktk
It ain't easy eating green—but it's easier on the patio. https://t.co/tSCpwD6jaw
Heading out to ACL, ATX? Enjoy $5 draft beer, $5 rotating specialty cocktails, $5 select wines by the glass, $20 select wines by the bottle, $39 Moët et Chandon by the bottle, and $9 Patrón y Tamarindo during happy hour. https://t.co/Ie1c09WWfj
"We had the best service, food and experience at Ciclo and will definitely return." - Brent E. from Austin on @OpenTable. Let your fellow neighbors know your thoughts in a review. https://t.co/P8zsJVhssg
Happiness is served, ACL fans. Enjoy $4 bites, $5 beer, wine, and cocktails and complimentary valet parking every day of the week. https://t.co/rhdl7KLuBh
Celebrate National Taco Day on a sweet note. Chocolate Tacos are $1 today during happy hour and dinner! https://t.co/K1WJyNpWdx
RT @ChefRSandoval: Happy 1st Birthday to @cicloatx! If you're in Austin, come celebrate tonight with a special happy hour featuring a DJ, p…
One year down, many more to go. Thank you to all who have wined and dined with us over the past year. https://t.co/wtQFQXmnx8
Bend and sip. Learn about wine during a Vino & Vinyasa class on the lawn, followed by 20% off Saturday brunch at Ciclo. https://t.co/zIe5ggdrfP
Meet Chef de Cuisine James Flowers, who's always proud to put his work on display. https://t.co/Y4ni4UiLYd
If you're craving it, we're serving it. https://t.co/bp6D2Bqfgq
Chop, chop. Our Saturday ceviche classes won't last forever! (Photo credit: @thehungrychronicles & @passporttofriday) https://t.co/5QHB4gVryH
Summer may technically be over, but it's still very much patio season in Austin. https://t.co/CFuRGXkdVF
Discover why the light, flaky flavor of our Pan-Seared Bass has made it one of our most ordered dishes. https://t.co/DhnSkQ03gv
Support local musicians during your post-work happy hour. Free to the public, Bruce Robison, Kelly Willis, and Sir Woman will perform September 24 to support HAAM, Health Alliance for Austin Musicians. bit.ly/2lOq71t https://t.co/SgXx43AXp9
"This was a great dining experience. From the moment you walk in the door you are getting the Four Seasons treatment." - Sharlene S. via @Yelp. If you thought the service spoke volumes, let us know on @Yelp, @TripAdvisor,or @OpenTable. https://t.co/5zKDjrKhpb
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