Uchi showcases the culinary talents of executive chef and sushi master Tyson Cole. Follow our sister restaurants @UchikoAustin, @UchiHouston & @UchiDallas.
We're thrilled to be listed as one of the Top 50 Restaurants on @austin360's 2019 Best Restaurants in Austin roundup! Thank you @odam for including us! apps.statesman.com/austin360/eats…
“I had the best meal of my life at the sushi restaurant Uchi." — @kirstendunst quote from yesterday’s @WSJ feature on the talented actress. Thank you, we are so honored. #atxeats #uchiaustin wsj.com/articles/kirst…
RT @new_worlder: Peruvian chefs @renzogaribaldi + @Mitsuharu_maido plus @UchiAustin's Tyson Cole are heading to the Hamptons this summer fo…
RT @hipharpy: Dinner at @UchiAustin tonight, loup de mer carpaccio (mediterranean sea bass, blackberry nikiri, hausbar tomato). Amazing. h…
Just a friendly reminder that we will be closed for Memorial Day. Hope to see you this weekend! #uchiaustin https://t.co/7J10myve8m
Usuzukuri is a Japanese term that means "thinly-sliced”, and it’s a technique typically reserved for fish. We like to bend the rules, so we applied it to the mushrooms pictured here to create a vegetarian-friendly version of our popular hirame dish. #uchiaustin https://t.co/1Mx1VisKJP
We aim for perfect bites, but we also strive to provide a comfortable place where people can gather to talk about food and life. It's pure magic when it all comes together ✨#uchiaustin https://t.co/qjZimUAfcG
We really love this mention from @EaterAustin ❤️We love making memories with the whole family. bit.ly/2vKgi6E
Recently, our sous Chef @ChefBlakeLuecke took some time away from the kitchen to experience food in a different light at @TheChefsGarden. Check out this amazing video to learn more about Chef Blake's perspective on food & time in the garden. #chefstage @HaiHospitality twitter.com/TheChefsGarden…
RT @TheChefsGarden: Chef @ChefBlakeLuecke from @UchiAustin has traded his chef’s coat for a green bucket slung around his hips with a leng…
Have you tried this month's sorbet trio yet? The flavors are apricot cardamom, cherry with a touch of white balsamic, and pistachio with a touch of almond and cashew. They're all vegan friendly, too! #veganeats #uchiaustin https://t.co/tvImzqSVuM
Last month, @austinmonthly featured two of our regulars, Janna and Steve Paulson. We have been graced with Janna and Steve's presence every other week for the past 16 years (!) and we couldn't be more grateful for their patronage. ❤️ bit.ly/2VIWU57
RT @HaiHospitality: Cats out of the bag! See you soon #Miami twitter.com/odam/status/11…
RT @CultivatePR: @CondeNast says our client @UchiAustin still "reigns supreme" since its opening in 2003 as one of the 18 Best Restaurant…
Until next year 🙏RT @hipharpy Home from the Uchi Bowl. Alas, our team did not score the most points. Great to spend off-duty time w/ the folks who work so hard to make the magic happen @UchiAustin & @uchikoaustin. Thanks for including us. https://t.co/slgDzFRpFC https://t.co/qWz5YPMFZl
YASHINOMI :: coconut • yuzu • sake 🥥 https://t.co/qNIXbn7j53
LEMONGRASS PALOMA :: grapefruit • ginger • sake 🍹 #uchispecials https://t.co/jI6lFdUNCM
BLUEFIN OTORO :: extra fatty tuna belly ✨ #treatyoself https://t.co/lS5OSkcNGI
SUNOMONO :: seaweed • ume • boquerones • almond #uchispecials https://t.co/AafePMvlzO
KAMO NASHI :: duck breast • blood orange • five spice • pear 🍐 #uchispecials https://t.co/pqtOPx9gMi
SHIRO EBI :: white shrimp 🦐 from Japan 🇯🇵 #uchispecials // 📸: @nay._.homeski https://t.co/7wbZysw8pW
RIBEYE :: strube ranch wagyu • kohlrabi • peanut 🥩 by Chef @joeshusband https://t.co/Avf21iqdy0
These grilled gulf OYSTERS are lit y’all 🔥🔥 topped with Cajun lobster butter & Chinese sausage relish #uchispecials https://t.co/nGKBm6CYgw
LOBSTER NIGIRI :: lemongrass thai chili beurre blanc • trout roe✨ #uchispecials https://t.co/7nqcrk2O13
Excited to share that our very own @arianaquant will be part of the @beardfoundation #JBFTasteAmerica Dinner alongside several notable local & regional chefs. Coming this November 16th to @whotelatx. Link in below for tickets. 👩🏻‍🍳bit.ly/2RnObCV https://t.co/nMv3so9O75
Throwback to sushi chef @bigler_cruz ‘s beautiful Tokyo tamago dish from F1 weekend!✨✨#uchispecials #tbt https://t.co/DTa0i3Altv
🙏 RT @CultivatePR Congratulations to our clients @BrewersTableATX, @elnaranjoaustin, @UchiAustin, @uchikoaustin, Holy Roller, and @loroaustin for continually raising the bar in Austin's great food scene! Cheers y'all 🥂 apps.statesman.com/austin360/eats… https://t.co/iNFzJat5o1
BLUEFIN TORO NIGIRI 🍣 🤤 repost : @cheftysoncole https://t.co/fAQrlMTfhD
RT @HaiHospitality: We have purchased bottled water from safe sources, trucked in ice from outside of Austin and are using boiled water and…
RT @HaiHospitality: Regarding the Austin city-wide boil water notice: All Hai Hospitality restaurants are taking the necessary precaution…
MAGURO SASHIMI & GOAT CHEESE✨‘tis the season..🍃🍂 coming back soon! #tbt https://t.co/HZ9qfP5Lss
POACHED MADAI :: sea bream • brown butter • fermented mustard greens by @chef_blakeluecke 🌿 #uchispecials https://t.co/xYwx4d3qfp
The new PORK JOWL spec is like eating fall on a plate 🍁 with braised cabbage & apple miso purée 🍎 by @sattwood06 #uchispecials #acl https://t.co/FlsBcU77s4
an oldie, but a goodie 🍣 madai nigiri :: Japanese sea bream // repost: @cheftysoncole https://t.co/Oh8k2uiyI3
Because a meal of perfect bites is not complete with out the sweets. bit.ly/2IRaca7 https://t.co/MIWTtIyRUF
KAMO ABURI :: duck breast • rau ram • coriander by Chef @jacqueskuso 🦆 #uchispecials #acl #sundayfunday https://t.co/k02OFdbfBM
NASU YAKI :: grilled eggplant • black bean pesto • aerated coconut 🍆 by Chef @bigler_cruz #uchispecials #vegan https://t.co/GiH2q5KZ40
the ultimate handoff :: social hour nigiri 🍣 // repost: @sushigirl_atx #sakesocialhour https://t.co/BXMCMnlJZb
44 FARMS NEW YORK STRIP :: date chutney • sweet potato • tamarind demi-glace 🍁 by Chef @sattwood06 #uchispecials #falliscoming https://t.co/6VcYuzPhff
the ultimate handoff :: social hour nigiri 🍣 // repost: @sushigirl_atx #sakesocialhour https://t.co/Vj1orGdzya
PANDAN CAKE :: mango • coconut • cucumber 🥒 🥥 by Chef @a__kolbe #uchispecials #freshtodeath https://t.co/ktwBsUwpIM
RT @etdebruin: This is how I love my Sapporo served. Teeny tiny glasses. @UchiAustin #7ctos https://t.co/0G1M7md2rJ
move over Juicy Juice, there’s a new box in town! #sakewithastraw #notforkids https://t.co/vh82SBcHa9
SHIRO KANPACHI :: amberjack • cashew • cherry 🍒 by sushi chef @unlimitedstarpower #uchispecials https://t.co/uDwkWvcAQ4
TOMATO NIGIRI :: burnt eggplant miso • candied garlic 🍅 by Chef @sattwood06 #uchispecials https://t.co/DlE6bkDNfi
UNI PASTA 2.0 :: santa barbara sea urchin • crab butter • smoked trout roe by Chef @bigler_cruz 💥 limited availability #uchispecials https://t.co/zJWpaEvblL
HAMA KAMA :: yellowtail collar • schug (Israeli hot sauce) • heirloom tomato by Chef @chef_blakeluecke #uchispecials https://t.co/00C9zeh9PZ
Look ma, we made it on to Racheal Ray's list of restaurants! 🙌 rach.tv/2oZPzzB https://t.co/UJ6zHzsjEy
grilled shishito peppers & kimchi emulsion 🔥 #uchiaustin https://t.co/03Tyk8zo36
BINCHO MAKI :: albacore • fermented apricot • crispy onion by Chef @bigler_cruz #uchispecials https://t.co/o8tnCVga7w
SAKE CRUDO :: salmon • thai basil • charred pickled shallot 🌿 https://t.co/stSglJTX3g
RT @TexNin: Finally tried @UchiAustin after living a few hundred feet from it the past 4 years ! #yummy #foodie #chef #sushi #foodporn #atx…
MASU VICHYSSOISE :: ocean trout • smoked ikura • potato chip by Sushi Chef @daisy_occupies_wonderland #uchispecials https://t.co/zh16xRjNsB
While our cuisine isn't always inherently gluten-free, our team is knowledgable and flexible enough to guide GF diners to an unforgettable meal. via @EaterAustin bit.ly/2w7QZM6 https://t.co/lzV0kscTez
up close & personal with the wagyu tartare maki 🐮// repost: @milehighmunch https://t.co/AoWRjWP8uO
HOTATE :: hokkaido scallop • lemongrass consommé • tomato by Chef @bigler_cruz #uchispecials https://t.co/cLvlVEvJ72
MASA SAN + KING CRAB 💥 #uchispecials // repost: @cheftysoncole https://t.co/MWTUTtit1V
It's no secret that our #sakesocialhour menu is one of the best deals in town. Big thanks to @EaterAustin for the friendly reminder. bit.ly/2LipMLE https://t.co/iX0zYSBpFW
RT @jstrelitz: And 4 places worth time in a car/bike: @UchiAustin (try to get a seat at the bar); @lenoiratx for beautiful wine; @contigoau…
44 Farms New York Strip :: grilled cucumber • gai choy • lion’s mane mushroom by Chef @joeshusband https://t.co/i48OWukbAv
RENKODAI :: golden snapper ✨ #tsukijiselection #weloveyouchester https://t.co/4UdCkPNrGa
KAI MUSHI :: manila clams • chinese sausage • grilled apricot sambal by Chef @joeshusband #uchispecials https://t.co/N0RReTepEr
A Bouvet a day keeps the doctor away 😎 #monday https://t.co/lczHYRKkxF
NEGIHAMA USA 🇺🇸:: yellowtail • scallion • smoked trout roe • vichyssoise #uchispecials https://t.co/uBcZM64G0z
New specials are upon us✨ stay tuned... magic by @arianaquant https://t.co/ASsg47YUr8
SORBET TRIO :: guava passion fruit • strawberry tamarind • banana citrus 🍓🍌 #uchispecials #summatime https://t.co/SW8nYpp3M0
H O K K A I D O. U N I. 💥 (repost by @thenopantslife) https://t.co/mSsbZej0bw
Yup, it’s a popcornsicle :: popcorn ice cream • caramel corn • black pepper caramel🍦 #uchispecials https://t.co/Myn2GkAYjm
It was such a pleasure hosting the Chase card members. Thanks for sharing this great interview! bit.ly/2uZLoXC https://t.co/1dWvOCpziL
With a great video, too! RT @LizLoerke Check out this profile I wrote about @tysoncole & @UchiAustin for @Chase! Apologies in advance for making you hungry. 🍣 bit.ly/2LEQwLi https://t.co/hGpclBB49k
That's awesome! RT @Potter93Scott #IfIWereAFlavor Brussels sprouts from @UchiAustin --game changer
the coconut tapioca is the perfect dessert for the hot summer days here in the ATX ☀️ https://t.co/NDKlatDTjT
In case you don’t know who this is, it’s Chester & he’s adorable. Also, a 45lb tuna head 🐟 #ienjoyworkinghere https://t.co/3p5HwgtABV
We’ve still got a few seats left for our upcoming beer dinner with @blueowlbrewing 🍻 Join us on July 29th for a 7-course dining experience with Blue Owl beer pairings. Call 512-916-4808 to book. #uchiaustin https://t.co/01LKNB1eaI
🙌 RT @CultivatePR A huge congratulations to Arlo Grey, @loroaustin, @BrewersTableATX, Holy Roller, @LeRoyandLewis, and @UchiAustin for continually raising the bar in Austin's restaurant scene 🙌 Check out the great feature from @Thrillist below! thrillist.com/eat/austin/bes… https://t.co/epEX6a94nT
Always nice to know we've still got it. Thanks, @Thrillist! bit.ly/2LisZPk https://t.co/SLTvJE7Ih7
We’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting a 3-course beer dinner in collaboration with our friends at @blueowlbrewing on Sunday, July 29th 🍻 To reserve your seat, call our reservations team at 512-916-4808. #uchiaustin https://t.co/L9Q1NtG5ee
ROASTED PEACH :: shishito purée • turnip • miso butter 🔥 🍑 by Chef Ryan Coates #uchispecials #vegetarian https://t.co/rJASftU9fB
Great job to all of our Chefs! Be on the lookout for some new dishes hitting our specials menu next week✨ #onehouse https://t.co/jmC2dxsXe7
NASU :: Japanese eggplant • lemon miso 🍆 fabulous photo by @makayla__ayana https://t.co/dYXKwwPMRH
RT @DorseyBarger: Awesome use of HausBar Farm hoja Santa! Uchi is amazing. @UchiAustin joeshusband #hausbarfarmherbs #Repost toomanyfoodpi…
RT @BoyGeorge: The food at @UchiAustin was beyond. The waiter a scream. Hurry there but wear a cape!
New month. New social menu. Introducing the salmon leche de tigre now available on our Sake social menu 💥 #sakesocial https://t.co/VbzKfCzTRa
We’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting an all vegetarian dinner July 8th! To reserve a seat, call (512)916-4808. Please have a credit card available as one will be required to hold your reservation. #uchiaustin https://t.co/UWaz3YDFXQ
〰️eat between the lines 〰️ #uchiaustin https://t.co/2aLA7Wec9i
TAKO 🐙: Spanish octopus • sweet potato latkes • piri-piri by Chef Ryan Coates #uchispecials #sundayfunday https://t.co/XbAB0KgysM
AKAMI TE is back for the summertime ☀️ 🐟 🍉 https://t.co/BEwVbldJLy
Enjoy this sweet treat on our patio, Sunday - Thursday starting at 9 pm. bit.ly/2JXMits https://t.co/sEgAiLzk7j
RT @HaiHospitality: To Anthony Bourdain, food was a conduit to understanding people. Sharing a table was a way to find common ground. To c…
🙌 RT @faliceajr @fallinlovia Uchiko or Uchi, the best sushi in town @UchiAustin @uchikoaustin
That one time at Uchi 😂 RT @KevinsBBQJoints Super cool to chat w/Dylan Taylor @dylant78702 from Taylor BBQ about his amazing BBQ journey working at @TerryBlacksBBQ, @la_Barbecue, @truth_bbq, & @TheBodaciousBBQ(oh, and time at @ ... youtube.com/watch?v=IPnU3x… https://t.co/ejdZJXDtYn https://t.co/fBLvtDhyR3
HIRAMASA CARPACCIO collab feat chef @joeshusband & @unlimitedstarpower #uchispecials #latergram https://t.co/s1zH0zNITl
bluefin collar 🐟 by Chef @joeshusband feat. blossoms from @hausbarfarmsatx 🌿#latergram https://t.co/3OKQyRyVsD
RT @HotLuckFest: Hot off the press! Be sure to check out this months @bonappetit featuring @LoroAustin on the cover & @HotLuckFest #ChefFam…
RT @poachedjobs: @UchiAustin is looking for a Sushi Chef, click the link in our bio to apply today! . . . . . #sushi #sushitime #uchi #uchi…
RT @TrevorScottATX: Today on @weareaustin! My #food-filled wknd at @hotluckfest! Interviews w #AaronFranklin of @FranklinBbq, Chef Callie S…
✨CLOSED FOR THE EVENING✨ We’re hosting a private event tonight. Please enjoy this gorgeous shot of our sushi bar, courtesy of @miamiamine, until we reopen tomorrow for #sakesocialhour See you then 🥂 #uchiaustin https://t.co/5JYZsKq1K2
BANANA LIME :: rum • toasted cashew by Chef @a__kolbe #uchispecials https://t.co/eyomKCcpBA
Cauliflower larb :: toasted rice • fried shallots #uchispecials ☀️ https://t.co/Gu8CBCBkKE
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