Uchiko showcases the culinary talents of executive chef and sushi master Tyson Cole. Follow our sister restaurants @UchiAustin, @UchiHouston & @UchiDallas.
We’re as addicted as ever to serving our guests and raising the bar on all aspects of true hospitality. #uchikoaustin https://t.co/ARBxMvMn5n
10/10 would recommend the ebi maki roll - amazing texture and craveability. If you like the shag roll, you should definitely try this you're next time in. #uchikoaustin https://t.co/P13mA4qDMk
One of our newer additions to the specials menu is the yaki asparagus dish from Chef Cristian. On the plate, black and white asparagus is accompanied by leek ash, lemongrass curd and fresh mint. #kodailyspecials https://t.co/tES2l9Lldf
NEVER FORGET ❤️RT @andrewzimmern #tbt to 3 weeks ago... it took years for @phil.rosenthal and I to find ourselves in the same town on the same night... dinner was at @uchikoaustin during @sxsw and the food was superb, as was the ... bit.ly/2CKbtxN https://t.co/aPgzXvfuH7 https://t.co/K5QwC24Yg7
RT @andrewzimmern: #tbt to 3 weeks ago... it took years for @phil.rosenthal and I to find ourselves in the same town on the same night... d…
you guys are too cute ❤️ RT @andrewzimmern More fun in 3 hours than I’ve had in a long time. My face hurts from laughing and eating so much. Thanks to the whole team at @uchikoaustin @cheftysoncole ...Caviar and Hokkaido sea urc ... bit.ly/2F6bDRK https://t.co/bmKuxtNPPO https://t.co/vEQoeHbLWZ
You heard it from The Man first. RT @Andylanger ProTip: At @uchikoaustin they’ll let you in around 4:30pm to claim seats for the super-affordable 5pm happy-hour menu. And while you wait, servers/bar staff DJ: last night, we heard the entire first side ... https://t.co/CQfiIDfdeb https://t.co/ku0ZCkPyqY
We're known for more than just sake here ... We've been ranked one of the best places to drink wine in Austin! 🍷 #Uchiko bit.ly/2TskBhb https://t.co/H8M0fOAcZ4
We're so excited to be on the @FoodNetwork's Top 27 Restaurants in Austin!👏 bit.ly/2BdiruG https://t.co/nq81d2ZTLa
🥂 RT @popeofwelding Great double date night tonight. Celebrating Ted & Shemane Nugent’s 30th Anniversary!! So Awesome for such great couple. Of course we mowed down a ton of grub at @uchikoaustin I feel like… instagram.com/p/Bs1voXglI_T/…
OM to the muthafuckin G. Why you gotta be so good @uchikoaustin ???? I could eat here every day! Thanks to the one and only cheftysoncole for the lovely grub and to @lisabelcher for the… instagram.com/p/Bs11YeuHuL6/…
Stopped to PU a roll and soup @uchikoaustin for my daughter on my way home. Wow the bartender is in a bad mood toni… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
Hey @timarndt we'd love to hear a little bit more about this so we can address it. Service is our top priority. Would you mind sending us some contact info where we can have a manager reach out?
RT @markyatx: Grabbing dinner at @uchikoaustin and I’m so ready to eat! Guys, Uchiko is a must try here in Austin - reservations are encour…
✨ Now on our main menu ✨ BEET CRUDO :: fennel • grapefruit • avocado 🌿 *vegan friendly* https://t.co/kmHaVGz8k4
Case of the Mondays? Enjoy this adorably tiny Hot Rock, just because ☺️ #minimonday https://t.co/mrhURa6XNy
ITOYORI :: thread fin bream 🐠 #kodailyfish https://t.co/g4UujIk7VD
LOBSTER :: grits • solera vinegar • black truffle by Chef Zach https://t.co/UAODWXKS0B
PHEASANT DUMPLINGS :: squash tea • fennel • salsify by Chef Cristian @cristiancane #kodailyspecials https://t.co/cXi7TtKqdq
KOHADA :: shad • tamari • fresh wasabi #kodailyfish 📷: @cheftysoncole https://t.co/ZwWnNi9ZxR
SHORT RIB :: butternut squash • maitake • sage gremolata #kodailyspecials https://t.co/V6F3iYN7Bg
🙌 RT @CultivatePR Congratulations to our clients @BrewersTableATX, @elnaranjoaustin, @UchiAustin, @uchikoaustin, Holy Roller, and @loroaustin for continually raising the bar in Austin's great food scene! Cheers y'all 🥂 apps.statesman.com/austin360/eats… https://t.co/OYn26fRiPs
Donuts for happy hour? Yes please. 🍩 #sakesocialhour https://t.co/OdpAuyxdop
✨Truffle party! If you stop by this weekend, ask your server to recommend a dish that you can jazz up with a little black or white truffle. Go ahead, treat yourself! ✨ https://t.co/UR3pWik5Hd
Seared rainbow trout with sous vide squash and pickled fresnos, over a smoked trout roe and potato brandade 🌈 #kodailyspecials https://t.co/Ele4uN9nNq
🙏 It's our pleasure, truly! Thank you for your support. RT @KacieGonzalez Thank you @uchikoaustin for being consistently excellent and world class. My fav restaurant in the world! #atx https://t.co/6BFmCqNebo https://t.co/3y2fC6SHvd
SIRLOIN CAP :: kimchi emulsion • smoked apple butter • pickled radicchio by Chef Ed @esura25 #kodailyspecials https://t.co/ZIiizyEx5J
RT @pancakeSTACKER: when the world is your oyster, so you stuff yourself silly with @uchikoaustin’s 10-course tasting menu... and then deci…
RT @OpenTable: Brussels sprouts @canerosso @uchikoaustin @tupelohoneycafe + more will make you a fan even if you aren't one yet: https://t.…
Cauliflower & gruyére is a tough combo to beat. #hottastings . . . . . #uchikoaustin #savory #foodies #instafoodies #foodlovers #japanesefood https://t.co/ClAjC5vGIs
Just so we're all on the same page... #precisioninthekitchen #talentedchefs 🔪 . . . . . #uchikoaustin #precision #bestchefs #foodies #instafoodies #japanesefood #sushi #sushitime #nigiri #sushilovers https://t.co/ggUnUQYbZa
Check out our chalkboard mural created by our very own Erin Mainwaring and @UchiDenver's Matt Kramer. The masterpiece illustrates the vast and varied plants and vegetables we use in our cooking 🎨🍆#uchikoaustin https://t.co/R7zgDXuJWa
SAKE :: scottish salmon • preserved lemon • skyr yogurt #uchikoaustin https://t.co/6LSJTXsBL8
RT @seattlefoodgeek: My photos do no justice, but @uchikoaustin was incredible. I would not have believed that sushi of this caliber existe…
When culinary worlds collide ✨ The gyuntan carpaccio is born. #uchikoaustin #delicacy https://t.co/dSfrBcleCg
RT @moneyinccom: @uchikoaustin Congratulations for making Moneyinc's list of Top 10 Restaurant in All of Austin! Please feel free to share…
You want s'more? We know you do. 🙌 https://t.co/fUPqcOVXTp
RT @UchiDenver: ✨ OCTOBER 4th ✨ Mark your calendars, Denver! We will officially be open to the public at 5 pm on Thursday, October 4th. Res…
Not that into fish? While we'll probably encourage you to give at least one piece a try, we've truly got something for everyone here. Like our current chicken breast special, Kuro Sasami. #uchikoaustin https://t.co/ACpUPaA7VB
Kinmedia, or Golden Eye Snapper, is a fish most commonly known for it's slightly sweet flavor and one of a kind texture. We're currently featuring this bite on our specials menu if you haven't had the chance to try it. Definitely a fan favorite! 🍣 https://t.co/4b1nHwkXhp
RANGER CATTLE WAGYU :: panang • peanut • maitake by @ianlockhart007 https://t.co/O9GcVLUe5v
Would you look at that team work?! The food looks pretty good, too 😎 #haienjoyworkinghere https://t.co/WQh4QrO0hA
Treat yo self! It's Saturday after all. *Available during Sake Social Hour only.* #sakesocialhour https://t.co/onr4QoACMN
You can never go wrong with hamachi nigiri! Served over rice and finished with pickled apple relish & serrano. #nigiridreams https://t.co/R4GgIFlx2K
RAINBOW TROUT :: brandade • squash • peanut • fresno chili by Chef Ed @esura25 https://t.co/nvg1iuidXB
Look ma, we made it on to Racheal Ray's list of restaurants! rach.tv/2oZPzzB https://t.co/kcjtlHn1ng
Well done! RT @BessieTheDuck this is a new and amazing dish by the team @uchikoaustin Crab, uni, corn sabayon I ate it all by myself #austinmagician instagram.com/p/BnhgzJ4F6wX/… https://t.co/B3jLVlT0zz
Join our kitchen team! We are currently looking for experienced sushi chefs, line cooks, and prep cooks. All interested applicants can send their resumes to the following: Sushi :: Charlie Wang • cwang@uchirestaurants.com Line / Prep :: Ed Sura • esura@uchirestaurants.com https://t.co/Z9GFOVGeZW
Fun beer of the day goes out to the Cup O’ Beer from @cbpfortworth. This Gose is brewed with ramen noodles and it’s absolutely delicious! With a mildy tart flavor rounded out with notes of ginger and lemongrass, this beer pairs nicely with almost anything on our menu. 🍜 https://t.co/XKt94GHV7N
RT @RosaMCas1: Had the best Brussels sprouts of my entire life @uchikoaustin 🤤
KANPACHI :: amberjack • tamari • kizame wasabi :: now available everyday on our main menu #kosummermenu https://t.co/uvqiREx3a9
OM KHA MAKI :: cured albacore • pickled mushroom • cucumber by @subiesan_sti #kodailyspecials https://t.co/uMWJcGkDmY
PISTACHIO CHOUX :: yuzu ice cream • fresh berry by Chef Ariana @arianaquant #kosummermenu https://t.co/BNybLloq0m
Can never go wrong with a little bit of charred edamame while you pick out the rest of your meal 🌿 by @prestonsmain https://t.co/ODLQFleOlH
RT @diningwithliz: “Try something new every day.” Had such a great time enjoying bites sent out by sushi Chef Angela at the Sushi Bar at Uc…
CHICKPEA "TOFU" • pickled peppers • eggplant • tomatillo by Chef Ed @esura25 #kodailyspecials https://t.co/Y4Lsne3IeV
KAMO KEMURI :: seared duck breast • carrot • pecan • smoke #firstdayofsummer #kosummermenu https://t.co/Xqaj9gMHbX
RT @diningwithliz: Had such an incredible meal at @uchikoaustin — if you’re in #Austin, don’t miss out on this experience. Check out my ins…
KINOKO MUSHI :: porcini • summer truffle • cilantro 🍄 by @ianlockhart007 #kodailyspecials #vegetarian https://t.co/im1wztMhhB
RT @faliceajr: @fallinlovia Uchiko or Uchi, the best sushi in town @UchiAustin @uchikoaustin
:: Kinmedai / Golden Eye Snapper / Alfonsino :: A deep water fish, Kinmedai is characterized by it's big eyes (adapted to see light at great depths) and bright red color. Our Kinmedai comes from the Izu Peninsula of Shitzuoka, Japan. #fishtionary #haigherlearning https://t.co/mfeWLVddcw
What a blast! It's always good to have old friends in the house. Thanks to the @juniperaustin chef team and Uchi/ko alumni - Amanda Turner, Daniella Singleton, and Allie McKeever - for revisiting their old stomping grounds and creating one heck of a meal. Cheers 🥂 #kolab https://t.co/9sXzGGOjmE
Calling all vegetarians and veggie lovers to share their favorite veggie dish on our menu - go! 🍅🍆🥕🌽 #welovevegetables https://t.co/TIFsqh4PlP
RT @PatKobor: @petersagal @waitwait @uchikoaustin Such a great restaurant! In a city with truly great food, Uchiko is a star.
RT @JMJATX: @petersagal @waitwait @uchikoaustin Mmmmm Hama chili
RT @petersagal: Every time @waitwait goes on the road, for many years now, we have a Family Dinner at whatever restaurant the locals like.…
ARTICHOKE TEMPURA pickled green garlic • lemon balm #kodailyspecials https://t.co/Uj7eCIK8HO
HALIBUT (By Chef Ed) harissa • curry • summer squash • almond • lamb’s quarter @esura25 #kodailyspecials https://t.co/ocYsB1C2Bv
Can never go wrong with more 🥑🥑 📷: @UchiDallas https://t.co/v28gUm8Gzf
Edible Bachelor Buttons from @HausBarFarms💙 https://t.co/rsemwJDoj4
TOMATO SALAD (By Chef Ed) marinated melon • cucumber • basil @esura25 #kodailyspecials #vegan https://t.co/PtiLs3iRWx
It's that time again! Reservations currently available for our next Nigiri Class on Monday, May 7th. Come learn some sushi skills with our chefs, while enjoying yummy snacks and sake. Tickets for the event are $95 a person +tax & gratuity. To reserve your spot, call (512)916-4808 https://t.co/gVxCvUFPw2
We had fun joining forces with our older sister at The Contemporary Austin Art Dinner! 🍣🎨 #haifamily https://t.co/DyU9fvUtY7
MORELS (By Chef Ed) goatmilk • dashi • pistachio @esura25 #kodailyspecials https://t.co/YP2spG3YPf
Finally patio weather ☀️🍓 #waitfood https://t.co/3BMZTpQMkC
CRISPY RICE CAKE (By Chef Ed) short rib • grilled ramps • herb-avocado puree @esura25 #kodailyspecials https://t.co/KGwlgfX6CY
ORA KING SALMON (By Daniel) peanut • bonito • atchara @manila__ice #kodailyspecials https://t.co/oDSaXURo4k
FOIE GRAS CHOUX (By Chef Ariana) duck fat • blood orange • marcona almond @arianaquant #kodailyspecials https://t.co/Jk2lIIoco7
Special shout out to our uchi/ko fam who ran the Cap 10K yesterday! https://t.co/QDSmriqi3r
RIBEYE (By Chef Chad) grilled oyster • broccolini • korean chili @chadcooksfood #kodailyspecials https://t.co/Ov1836fxFR
Chopsticks Optional 🍗 #kowings #sakesocialhour https://t.co/q0rqwl1Aj0
This breezy spring evening calls for a warm Take Nabe 🍄 https://t.co/dEbXd80BuJ
Happy Easter! We got to enjoy some adorable cookies from our pastry team today. We are open this evening for regular business hours 🐰 https://t.co/qqgPgiTyKh
Blueberry Matcha Popsicles 🍦#waitfood https://t.co/XL8iIYyqiA
Hosts that match together [unintentionally], stay together 👯 #kofamily https://t.co/Bf1GayXazX
GRILLED SCALLOPS (By Mel) asparagus • frisée • pine nut #kodailyspecials @tipsyygypsyy https://t.co/I2qX4I9ayA
MASU CRUDO (By Chef Zach) tasmanian ocean trout • strawberry • bronze fennel #kodailyspecials @ouiouinus https://t.co/58tyN1Qomx
LOBSTER SALAD (By Chef Ed) pea custard • mint • chili #kodailyspecials @esura25 https://t.co/x16YwdSu6H
Join our team! We are currently looking for experienced sushi chefs and line cooks. Come in to apply any day between 12:00-4:00 👍 #kofamily https://t.co/uTRyajPTLL
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