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Blonde and blended by juliebatxhair. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/BeO3ipgF0WT/
Choppy #lob on chenoabrookins.artistry by lemadelon #balayage by hairbyrasp. @ Austin, Texas instagram.com/p/BeO3OZSFLiZ/
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Super sonic space buns by mad.krazy! @ Austin, Texas instagram.com/p/BeL_KscFv_a/
Cutie lizzylenoremusic rocking her new bob and BABY BANGS by hannahperezhair! Can’t get enough… instagram.com/p/BeL4mbLlNev/
Blonde bombshell by locksinloveland. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/BeLpytWFDVj/
✂️✂️✂️ by locksinloveland. @ Austin, Texas instagram.com/p/BeJPOGLFmiB/
Warm like caramel 🔥by _katiedoeshair. @ Austin, Texas instagram.com/p/BeIs5SKl7nI/
Peacock blend by locksinloveland. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/BeG-NKOlDfz/
Platinum by littleannamal. @ Allandale, Austin, Texas instagram.com/p/BeGmD2xlElV/
Baby light perfection by _katiedoeshair! @ Allandale, Austin, Texas instagram.com/p/BeGiw7ol768/
Platinum by paigebeautyatx. @ Downtown Austin instagram.com/p/BeES7lzlw4h/
Words of wisdom from one of our greatest. #mlkday2018 instagram.com/p/Bd-ZhgDF2V5/
Best of both worlds by mermaidhairbyjoeli! 🌗 @ New Orleans, Louisiana instagram.com/p/Bd6R7F3FUpJ/
Here in #NOLA with the best salon manager in the 🌍 @kim_lite! We can’t wait to see what’s in… instagram.com/p/Bd6Hf7ZF8f6/
Hidden gems of pink by @Maggie_Mccawley. @ New Orleans, Louisiana instagram.com/p/Bd4EcAWllMQ/
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Check out _katiedoeshair showing how she creates simple beach waves in her hair! instagram.com/p/Bd3Ggh1lfXJ/
Bob + balayage by littleannamal. @ Austin, Texas instagram.com/p/Bd2ssxEldni/
Check out chenoabrookins.artistry showing us how to do a half top-knot! @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/Bd06EFcFZ90/
New @bumble color gloss shades are here! Boost, brighten, & liven up your tresses. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/Bd054ziFuMf/
Five reasons why we love threading. Click our blog below to find out more. urbanbetty.com/blog/five-reas… https://t.co/Wb9RoK8Vm6
Foil conversion ✨ by _katiedoeshair Model: @sarahkettles @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/Bd0SPDYFlaI/
Amen! We totally agree. Thank you @ninezeroone! @ University Hills and Windsor Park,… instagram.com/p/BdyX6oxlpGr/
MIMI ❤️❤️❤️ Wow. Hair by hairbyrasp “What a privilege today was!!! I’ve been doing Mimi’s hair… instagram.com/p/BdyKhYKjUC1/
Dramatically angled 📐 by paigebeautyatx. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/Bdx8KMADimw/
Summer meets winter blend ❄️ by paigebeautyatx @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/BdvgBz6FOy6/
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Red, Red wine.🍷by manesbymelly @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/Bdu88velZD_/
🌊 Waves of Balayage by _katiedoeshair. Model: @tessa_yessuh ontherightbarefoot @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/Bds2qFYlxVF/
Color by artbylaurenalyse. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/Bds2QGKFqa6/
Dimensional greatness by hannahperezhair! @ Austin, Texas instagram.com/p/Bdsj8PCl6-6/
RT @anaperezworld: Let’s rock-n-roll 2018! #NewYear #NewLook #Hair @UrbanBettySalon thanks @mad.krazy loving this cut! https://t.co/zujEPdl…
manesbymelly put some life back in this blonde! @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/Bdn7F9tlpEo/
Another perfect piece of art by lemadelon. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/Bdld9MLlram/
Today is Urban Betty’s 1️⃣3️⃣th Birthday!! Thank you to all of our guests for help making this… instagram.com/p/BdlAGOFFn-x/
✂️✂️✂️ by locksinloveland. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/BdkpduXFGTg/
Betty of the month for January, Holly McDermott aka @nicole_holly! Holly is one of our… instagram.com/p/Bdiy3NFlNg-/
Warm pastels by jamiglamour. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/BdifWFGlv8b/
We got to spend the day with the one and only michaelcolebgtd! Thank you for gracing is with… instagram.com/p/BdgQsGaluXF/
Into the New Year hair 🍾 by paigebeautyatx. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/Bdfco4ClhK_/
If you’re lookin’ for the coolest guy in Austin, he was just spotted over at Urban Betty with a… instagram.com/p/BddOs0ilKuG/
When mindfultherapyatx comes in for a haircut, you give her a braided crown for the queen that… instagram.com/p/BdbLN1hF7ZY/
Purple with hints of pink by @mellyshipwreck. (Swipe for before.) @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/BdYaQ8OFBDH/
Step one into blending 8 inches of new growth 💥 by _katiedoeshair. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/BdYZopNlNaP/
2 gorgeous babes from #bettyball2017! @ The Infinite Monkey Theorem instagram.com/p/BdV9JlSl-pz/
3.5 hour transformation by chenoabrookins.artistry. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/BdSeS25FUzN/
✨SO RICH ✨ by lemadelon. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/BdQX2aulG_M/
A subtle Balayage and almost a foot of hair gone by @mellyshipwreck. ☺️ (Swipe for before.) @… instagram.com/p/BdNxdUFFKuW/
Cafe Au Lait by mad.krazy. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/BdNVEOOlOZq/
Cool Caramel Balayage by littleannamal. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/BdLgCHYl15q/
Smokey lavender🔮 by ang_delange. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/BdBSzhjF520/
Soft balayage by lemadelon. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/BdA6vGTFrRt/
We ♥️ giving back! Kudos to @TXWeddingHair, lemadelon, & @nicole_holly! ・・・ “Showing some Urban… instagram.com/p/Bc8h7QOFt8O/
Asymmetrical cut by @juweuhh. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/Bc75KhtlUu7/
A cool toned Brunette Balayage by @mellyshipwreck. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/Bc56uk3FXvx/
🌸☁️The dreamiest tones☁️🌸 by littleannamal. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/Bc5UDNDFepf/
Absolute perfection✨by @TXWeddingHair. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/Bc23yYUlqii/
Getting lighter with every Balayage by @mellyshipwreck. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/Bc2qRXsl8q-/
Balayage Forever by @mellyshipwreck! @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/Bc2eXs6lJQV/
Color & cut by chenoabrookins.artistry Zero words! 💓💅🏼💓 styled and 📸 by hairbyrasp @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/Bc0UzdpFmET/
A butterscotch Balayage on a brown/red base by @mellyshipwreck. 😍 @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/Bcz1NnGlVvJ/
Before and after magic by chenoabrookins.artistry. Swipe to see all the photos. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/BcyLVSAlBSt/
Blunt and Balayaged by _katiedoeshair. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/BcyK0UzlDfg/
It’s been 2 months since her last balayage and it still looks 🙌🏼 by chenoabrookins.artistry @… instagram.com/p/BcxYFYVFEXI/
Subtle and chic 👑 by chenoabrookins.artistry. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/BcvZv54lPiL/
Copper copper copper by mad.krazy! @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/BcvE-58FOUj/
Shag 🤟🏻✨ by andreabhair! @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/BcslL4tlI79/
Check out our blog for three quick and easy styles to try out this holiday season. urbanbetty.com/blog/do-it-you… https://t.co/cTb7bbaVEU
Copper and a touch of strawberry blonde by mad.krazy. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/Bcp2KpdlAOf/
What’s that gold envelope on our Christmas tree, you ask?! Well... Urban Betty's Annual Giving… instagram.com/p/BcnhTrWl37G/
Behind the scenes wedding hair by lemadelon. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/Bcm6JENlg5G/
That money piece 💰 by paigebeautyatx. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/BcldQZMlpCL/
Who says you can’t go lighter in the ❄️?! Beautiful subtle blonde hair painting by andreabhair.… instagram.com/p/BckwfJuFn5Z/
Check out artbylaurenalyse who played with some warmer tones on @ucanbyounique! We ♥️♥️♥️ it. @… instagram.com/p/BckhsnJFYLU/
❄️Custom mermaid color melt by mermaidhairbyjoeli ❄️ misswillis_ came in with some unwanted… instagram.com/p/BciDyvqF5lY/
Virgin hair, natural level 7, first time balayage 😍😍😍. This is literally the hair of everyone’s… instagram.com/p/Bch4Hk7FZsC/
Mahogany extensions for the holidays🥂✨by mermaidhairbyjoeli. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/BcfcDbRlcuq/
Platinum transformation by @mellyshipwreck. Swipe to see the before photo. @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/BcfVnEul9LE/
RT @pinkcatminhT: New silver fox hair thanks to the lovely ladies at @UrbanBettySalon. New septum clicker from @bodyartforms as well! https…
We’re dreaming of a white Christmas AND soft hair using Superfood masks by @pureology . Who says… instagram.com/p/BcctCJ8lk8z/
Rich copper by mad.krazy! The highlight is a natural strip of hair that just happens to grow in… instagram.com/p/BcaOktrltse/
We ❤️@pulpriothair done by chenoabrookins.artistry! @ Urban Betty instagram.com/p/BcaH-3fFzPv/
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