Waterloo is an independent record store located in the heart of Austin, Texas opened in 1982. We host regular in-store performances and artist signings.
Today at 3:30pm we have an in-store performance by @SteelDrivers celebrating the release of their new album Bad For You. See you soon! https://t.co/UhUQTbBqdj
This Friday we are hosting a listening party for the new @caribouband album. There will be prizes, refreshments, and vinyl galore! See you then! // @mergerecords https://t.co/0cczf4IbTq
Join us tonight, February 21st, at 7pm for a @BestCoast listening party! We'll have some pizza and you can enter to win an AUTOGRAPHED Test Pressing of the new album : Always Tomorrow https://t.co/DMB5TFaDUd
RT @amethyst_heels: Great indie-grunge show from #atxmusic luminary @ASinclairmusic @WaterlooRecords - a super-high note to leave town on,…
Join us tonight 2/20 at 7pm for a King Krule Listening Party. Come by and Enter To Win an AUTOGRAPHED LP or purchase the new album 'Man Alive’ early!!! // @KingKruleST #KingKrule https://t.co/prlGZVsbrV
Don’t forget we have @SSPU playing at 6:30pm tonight! https://t.co/sMUHFJn2Sk
RT @nodepression: We polled ND staff, industry pros, and roots musicians to come up w/ a list of 75 of the best record stores in the US. Su…
RT @Do512_Free: In celebration of her newest album, @katedmonson is having a FREE in-store LIVE performance @WaterlooRecords TODAY. https:/…
We are very happy to announce @SSPU will be performing live at the shop on Wed 2/19! #silversunpickups https://t.co/wKqGRSs8yZ
We are very happy to announce that @katedmonson will be doing a live in-store performance on Monday 2/17 at 5:30pm presented by @KUTX . FREE refreshments from @lagunitasbeer and @rambleraustin // #loveaustinmusic https://t.co/x7Sg1gWTat
We are very happy to announce that @katedmonson will be doing a live in-store performance on Monday 2/17 at 5:30pm. FREE refreshments from @lagunitasbeer and @rambleraustin https://t.co/vfvfwHsh61
RT @chucit: The radio guy, @JodyDenberg @KUTX says it's going down at @WaterlooRecords at 5:00 pm. I guess the early #bicycler gets more @l…
Come by the shop and enter to win a @GreenDay Prize Pack New album "Father of All Motherfuckers" out 2/7 ! https://t.co/0zq8pzhUWg
RT @TheGloriousSons: AUSTIN! Come by @WaterlooRecords today for a in-store acoustic performance at 5:30pm.
RT @allen_stone: Austin! Playing a free in-store show at @WaterlooRecords before my SOLD OUT show at Empire. Feb 6th at 5:30 https://t.c…
Today at 5:30pm! Enjoy some FREE @lagunitasbeer and @rambleraustin while you’re here! twitter.com/TheCuckoosATX/…
RT @Do512_Free: You know them, you love them! TODAY jam out to @theparanoyds911's new album Carnage Bargain at @WaterlooRecords at 5:30 p.…
We are very happy to announce that @TheGloriousSons will be doing an Instore performance with us on 2/5 at 5:30pm 😁 https://t.co/u2Uoopb8Yp
Come by the store at 7pm tonight Thurs 1/16 for our @PinegroveBand Listening Party! We'll have some free posters and you can buy the album early !
RT @TheCuckoosATX: We’ve got TWO special shows scheduled this month to celebrate the release of our debut album! 🖤Hope to see u there 🖤 @C…
We are in the midst of our sponsor search for our 2020 Day Parties! 28 bands over 4-days! If you know anyone who might be game for sponsorship don’t hesitate to send them our way.
Here it is, our overall Best Albums of 2019 according to Waterloo Records staff. #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/v1yLc3mTjO
And we're finishing off our 2019 staff lists with Chad's. Up next the overall best of list! #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/f29P0M7VEB
Kesey has a few records he liked this last year. #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/BWK3sC2tfX
It may be 2020 but we have just a few more lists before our final tally. I’m the meantime here’s Paul’s #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/YDalKULI4T
Lindsey has some opinions about 2019. #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/PEh16qIiNh
We will be closing at 6pm tonight and will reopen at noon on New Years Day. Have a happy and safe New Years Eve!
Here are some albums Edmund listened to more than others. #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/HACMoZa4is
Jon has some picks for ya! #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/Qw48PAWO4U
Have a gander at Cameron’s picks for 2019. #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/z0rxbuTh9P
Merry Xmas! We give you the gift of Ashley’s list 🎁 🎄 #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/uiPiL5chEE
While you're waiting for Santa why not check out Marcel's extensive 2019 list. #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/bAqS4Jjj0V
RT @goldendawnARK: Grab our latest release at Waterloo! #recordsmakegreatgifts twitter.com/WaterlooRecord…
Need to do some last minute shopping? We are open until 6pm today.
It’s Bill’s list everybody! #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/mSAwWdHjBu
How about some picks courtesy of Jessie. #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/GAfPK0G1Fo
Jonathan would like to share so music with you. #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/b2rDQYN3MK
Kelsey's 2019 picks coming at ya! #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/F6QzJTSy9u
RT @TheTylerSchmitt: Georgia: Hey Dad, I want to go look for some records, would you take me? Me: 😍 Coming at ya @WaterlooRecords https:…
RT @KUTX: On the latest This Song podcast, recorded live @WaterlooRecords, @AllisonMoorer talks about "Every Breath You Take." "Somehow I…
We have a special Best of 2019 guest list from Adrian of @BlackPumasMusic #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/Wek519XSlx
Enjoy Patrick’s favorites from 2019. #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/lPG74LhVJR
Due to the busy holiday season we will be suspending used buying of CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Rays from Saturday through Monday 12/24.
Allie has lots of 2019 picks for your perusal. #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/hFR3HM9Gvg
RT @TraceySchulz: That's a lot of band. Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band at @WaterlooRecords. https://t.co/YCaiwv2hM5
Check out Nico’s favorites of 2019! #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/722U44FeBO
Check out Ellis’ picks for 2019! #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/JdRRnMYOaS
Prepare to be dazzled by Ian’s picks for 2019. #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/ck00C5R4cR
Dennis would like to share his favorites of 2019. #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/rBmKDUNrLy
Time for Cory’s favorites of 2019! #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/EsY3pb0NpX
The power exuding from Adam’s 2019 favorites list is palpable. #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/2TeiU6bdwf
The power exuding from Adam’s 2019 favorites list is palpable. https://t.co/dNEFOH2S7F
Better late than never. We now have the @davematthewsbnd #RSDBF19 release in stock. Pick one up while they last. https://t.co/1OWccn9qZp
The first TWO people who come to the store and purchase ONE of the following albums receive a pair of tickets to the @gorillaz documentary! *Plastic Beach (Picture disc) LP *Demon Days (Picture disc) LP *The Fall LP *The Now Now (Picture disc) LP *The Now Now LP https://t.co/sfDEe1tMFL
RT @thirdmanrecords: Happy Holidays! Make a stop at your local record store for the special "Bored and Razed (Live at Cain’s Ballroom)” gre…
Well looky here. Cynthia’s favorites of 2019! #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/gk9ETSNSBZ
Have a glance at Corby’s favorites for 2019. #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/ylcxKIXCIC
Enjoy these fine picks from Christina. #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/FyPThDUEkR
Enjoy Gus’ favorites from 2019. #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/OKcF4oANj3
Check out Kerby’s picks for Waterloo Records Staff Best Of 2019 picks! #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/twjRrVBJ0u
More staff Best of 2019 lists coming at ya! Enjoy Alexa’s picks! #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/TFfFFipBB2
It begins! Here come Waterloo Records Staff Best Albums of 2019! We're kicking things off with Jay's list. #WaterlooBest19 https://t.co/OIvdMCTeBO
RT @HeadCountOrg: Today (12/2) you can #RegisterToVote with us at: Miranda Dodson @WaterlooRecords https://t.co/fAJ8yzUSri
Unfortunately, the @mirandadodson in-store performance scheduled for today has been cancelled. Stay tuned for rescheduling info.
We have some @Rodriguez autographed copies of the #RSDBlackFriday Desperado LP. Order yours before they’re gone. bit.ly/34F3BtC https://t.co/OZbvg4FK7E
RT @TonyTamayo512: Had a blast at @WaterlooRecords today meeting @Rodriguez again. I’ve been fortunate to have worked on a few of his movie…
Today at 4:30! We still have some copies left for purchase. https://t.co/m48PsRsL6a
Happy 🦃 Day! We hope you’re having a lovely Thanksgiving. We’ll be open at 9am on Black Friday. Check out what we have happening this weekend including an in-store appearance by Robert Rodriguez! https://t.co/2m8L8E5duJ
Due to Black Friday madness we wil not be doing CD or DVD/Blu-Ray buying on Friday 11/29.
Congratulations to @BlackPumasMusic on your Grammy nomination!
RT @Blackstock360: At @WaterlooRecords for @TheDeerMusic, one of Austin’s best bands, playing songs from their stellar new album “Do No Har…
RT @KUTX: Join us @WaterlooRecords tomorrow at 4pm for a live taping of the This Song podcast! Singer, songwriter and author Allison Moorer…
RT @TheDeerMusic: *poink poink poink poink* "hey guys i am small but i wanted to tell you we're playing a set @WaterlooRecords today to cel…
We're starting to share employee Spotify playlists. Check out some of Jay's current favorite jams. spoti.fi/2Or6lnw
@ACL_RADIO Broadcasts Vol. 27 is almost here! You can preorder yours now: bit.ly/37atoLV https://t.co/Oaufunv0EE
Come out today at 5:30pm for a FREE in-store performance by @LasNubesMiami with FREE @lagunitasbeer https://t.co/HGUtWsfzA9
In lieu of the recent announcement of the sale of our location, we want everyone to know we're not closing. We're ready to face the future &, rest assured, Waterloo Records will live on! As we get details we'll share them. For now, come on down & shop to your heart’s content!
RT @Blackstock360: This week's @austin360 On The Record looks at new releases from @TheDeerMusic and @FoxyLoxyRecords' Christine Smith, plu…
Come on out today for a very special in-store performance with The Zoltars! https://t.co/Ey78LEMTX6
The Warren Hood Band will be doing an in-store performance at 5pm on Friday 11/1 to celebrate the re-release of Uncle Walt's Band's sophomore album ,“An American In Texas” DLX CD w/ 25 tracks! Come hear Warren and his amazing band playing some of your favorites! https://t.co/dvpXpUd7FX
The Warren Hood Band will be doing an in-store performance at 5pm on Friday 10/1 to celebrate the re-release of Uncle Walt's Band's sophomore album ,“An American In Texas” DLX CD w/ 25 tracks! Come hear Warren and his amazing band playing some of your favorites! https://t.co/sH12r6x94H
RT @jeremyjnail: @WaterlooRecords in-store performance this afternoon at 5, with the full band. Come hang out and grab a copy of the new re…
@wilco were kind enough to sign a bunch of copies of their new LP “Ode To Joy” while they were in town ❤️ Come grab a copy while they last! // #wilco #vinyl #vinylgame https://t.co/qL53LXKnv8
Our friends at @24DinerATX are going to be celebrating their 10th Anniversary and we can’t wait! https://t.co/HV1iW31rgQ
RT @FASTBALLTHEBAND: AUSTIN, TX! We'll be at @WaterlooRecords today at 5pm for a FREE in-store performance! Come on out! #TheHelpMachine ht…
Here’s your chance to learn more about your turntable and possibly win a new model turntable courtesy of @ProJectAudioSys !! Plus there will be FREE beer and discounted records! https://t.co/NBtPHGDsh8
DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS We've a few copies left of the Limited "Prowler Edition" !!! While our friend @GhoulishGary was in town for MONDOCON...he dropped off some copies of the new 2nd edition of his book GHOULISH ! Comes with the limited 3-D print !! https://t.co/jhLIogtu9z
RT @KeeledScales: Austin, TX-- Jordan Moser plays a FREE full-band instore today at @WaterlooRecords at 5pm sharp. Free beer from @lagunita…
Thursday at 5pm we have an in-store performance with Jordan Moser followed by a listening party at 6pm for the new @_GuidedByVoices album “Sweating The Plague” where we will be giving away a FREE test pressing! // @KeeledScales https://t.co/usItjrbJXQ
RT @bigwildmusic: Austin! Tonight, I’ll be doing a short in-store performance at @WaterlooRecords, signing some vinyl/merch and hanging wit…
We’ll see you all at 5:30pm tomorrow for our @bigwildmusic in-store performance! twitter.com/CounterRecords…
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