The mission of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is to conserve, restore and create healthy landscapes.
The Wildflower Center will close at noon today as we gather together for our staff appreciation party. Thank you for understanding — we'll be back with normal hours tomorrow!
Why is this holly so jolly? Well, being an evergreen in winter is pretty special, for one! Yaupon Holly (Ilex vomitoria) is a popular shrub native to the lower 48 and popular in residential landscapes, no doubt due to its picturesque good looks and excellent posture. #nativeplant
Friday’s Luminations event has been cancelled due to extreme weather. Luminations is a rain-or-shine event, however, due to a strong forecast for thunder and lightning, tonight’s event is a no go. Your Thurs/Fri tix can be used Sat. or Sun. - just show up with them in hand!
The paths are lined with light and the air is electric with anticipation! We can't wait to welcome all our guests to Luminations (Thurs. - Sun., 6 - 9 p.m.) and to witness the wonder of @BlueLapisLight 's performance (Twice nightly: 7 & 8:15 p.m.). Tix:…
Far more than just a fad flavor for Starbucks' winter lattes, Juniper is a beautiful and important native plant. Behold the powdery blue berries of Ashe Juniper (Juniperus ashei). In spite of its allergy-laden rap sheet, it plays a vital role in our ecosystem... (tbc in comment)
.Cedar sage, cedar sedge and cedar rosette grass are three native plants that occur almost exclusively in association with cedar; they take advantage of the rich, well-draining soil that builds up under decomposing juniper leaves.
Yesterday 75 individuals from 10 agencies across the region gathered at the Center to refresh their fire skills, test their physical fitness, collaborate, and plan for the coming year of #goodfire. Congrats and thank you to all who work the fire lines in the name of conservation!
Wildland Conservation @AustinCityParks Rangers & Forestry @TravisCountyES Districts 6 & 10
Though these fan-shaped dwarf palmettos (Sabal minor) look pretty summery all year, we know winter is near when the shrub puts out clusters of little black berries. These fruits are a food source for birds + mammals and fit perfectly into the leaves’ grooves for a cool display.
It’s #GivingTuesday and time to detox from our shopping-weekend hangovers w/ donations to the orgs who keep giving every day! At the Wildflower Center we are tending to native plants that are here now and always planting for the future. Please & thank you!
Happy Cypress Monday, everyone! #naturesgifts
11.25 is #MuseumStoreSunday! Find books, gardening tools, toys, apparel, Austin originals, seeds, homewares, body care + so much more are in our gift store. 25% off quality gifts that inspire, educate and support the Wildflower Center tomorrow for Museum Store Sunday. #BeAPatron
Wherever the holidays take you this year, we hope you experience the beauty of the landscape speaking "in its own regional accent," as Lady Bird Johnson described it. Listen closely: You just might hear the wildflowers, grasses and trees saying, "Thank you!" Us too: Thank you!
If we love spring for its colors, then we love fall for its textures...
The cold and frost may have Malvaviscus arboreus looking down, but these native buds are still beautiful. Wondering how to care for this marvelous mallow later in the winter? One of our experts says, “... cut it down to about 6 inches above the ground after it becomes dormant.”
Featured Fort Friday: Foam Follies This fort, designed and created by a class from @utsoa, invites you to imagine & invent new spaces through the playful manipulation of its units. Together, they create a family of forms with an almost endless variety of combinations. #Fortlandia
A big, bright aster salute to all our veterans today. Thank you ⭐️💜
#Fortlandia Friday! An inviting construction of wood + colorful plastic glass, Rainbow Room provides opportunities for musical reverie & reflection. Designer Zach Nash says: “I hope to share the delight I have felt experiencing music, color & nature in the best times of my life.”
In the language of flowers, poppies are gestures of rest & recovery, consolation, peace in crisis, and remembrance. California poppies are resilient + beautifully bright, always capturing the attention and hearts of those who encounter them and sparking hope even on dark days.
Make the most of these shorter days with exciting classes and programs! Our Nov. 10-17 roster includes: 🎥🍂 Stop-Motion Workshop 🌳TX Arboretum Tour 🔥💦Fire & Water Walk 👨‍👧‍👦🐦Family Bird Walk 🌿Foraging for Native Edibles 🙋🏽‍♀️Ready to learn and do?
“The challenge we now face is to build on the record of the past, to continue accepting new responsibilities and seeking new opportunities to serve.” - Lady Bird Johnson, as true as ever. Today’s opportunity to serve? #GoVote
QUIZ! Can you identify the subject of this close up? #nativeplants
It's butterfly season again, and our beloved monarchs are passing through on their fall migration to Mexico. Here's a little guide to telling two of the most popular winged royals, queens and monarchs, apart!…
We may be the #Wildflower Center, but our #grasses are pretty wild too! Like this blush-colored gulf muhly (Muhlenbergia capillaris) + fluffy big muhly (Muhlenbergia lindheimeri), many grasses become particularly striking as they bloom in fall and winter. #prairielife
📷: Cedar Elm (Ulmus crassifolia)
“Dig holes and plant trees. It’s really, really effective... And when I have fury in my heart or excess energy, it’s nice to be able dig a big hole... and put something positive in there. Something that will grow big and green and strong and help our earth.” - Anjelica Huston
Sweater weather, wetter weather — is it better? It sure is pretty... 📷: rain on Ferocactus hamatacanthus
The team from @Do512Family recently came out and took a tour of Fortlandia! "For kids, there’s nothing more exciting than these ultimate hideouts to spark wild stories and pretend play." See their pics and recs here:…
RT @Do512Family: There are 10 new whimsical spaces @WildflowerCtr that make up #FORTLANDIA! We had the chance to explore them all last week…
Nature just *knows*. About a week before our fall weather arrived, these vibrant violet bloomers started showing their pretty little faces around the Center! Fall aster (Symphyotrichum oblongifolium) is an aromatic perennial native to more than half of the United States.
Bonus: We will hold your plant purchases, then you can go explore FORTLANDIA and just drive up and grab your plants when you leave! We want to make enjoying native plants easy breezy.
Are you coming to our Fall Native Plant Sale? Members get in free (+ can shop a day early, today!). Join or renew online or IRL today or tomorrow and get 3 free plants at the sale, ++ free membership all year, Wildflower mag in your mailbox, + free admission all year.
Our Fall Native Plant Sale is this weekend! What better time to identify your gardening style? After all, self-knowledge is power. Take our quiz, get to know your horticultural self, and come prepared tomorrow (Members) or Saturday (public)!…
It’s #WorldMentalHealthDay! Go outside, slow down in nature, walk a trail and be present. Put your hands in the dirt. Sit in a garden. Breathe some fresh air. Touch a flower or some soft grass. There are so many ways nature calms, heals and delights us — get out (t)here!
TX lantana is a bright delight in any garden. It has stellar drought tolerance, can grow in poor (well-drained) soils & loves the sun. Birds + butterflies think it's the bee’s knees, but deer don’t find it appetizing. Find it at this weekend's Plant Sale!
#Fortlandia Friyay! The congregation of colorful cages of In Bloom takes inspiration from live oak motts in Central TX. Mesh cylinders of varying scale + hue can be entered & this fort's transparent color is interesting to look through up close or from a distance. @SandersArch
Only four spots left in our Native Bees of Texas class this weekend with UT Austin's Jha Lab!…
Work With Us Wednesday! We're seeking plant people who are people persons too! Come work at Texas' official State Botanic Garden & Arboretum, part of the The University of Texas at Austin but outside the bustle of downtown.
Tuesday Trivia! What's this white stuff on the opuntia? #SmartyPlants
Fall is a great time to get plants in the ground after the heat of summer but before the cold of winter. Our Fall Native Plant Sale features hundreds of drought-resistant trees and flowers to make your garden look like TX!…
"A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all, it teaches entire trust." - Gertrude Jekyll (from Wood and Garden) 📷: Prairie goldenrod (Oligoneuron album)
Forts are HERE! Fortlandia opens this weekend -- come explore!
It’s time to get FORTified with some Vitamin N(ature) in the Texas Arboretum: FORTLANDIA opens Saturday, and most of the ten unique forts are already up and open for curious hands and minds to explore! Exhibition is free w/reg. admission. #Fortlandia
Both photos by @elissarphoto !!
Which is more romantic: "Moody Sky Over Sweeping Meadow" or "Rainbow Over Courtyard?" #VoteNow #Romantic #Landscapes
How is your garden reacting to all that rain, Central Texas?
The wait is ALMOST over! Next weekend we reveal FORTLANDIA in our Texas Arboretum. #Fortlandia is a collection of unique forts by local architecture and design firms, individual artists, and students from The University of Texas at Austin. #AustinTX…
Sunday is Austin Museum Day! Pick up this week’s issue of @AustinChronicle for this year's FREE Austin Museum Day schedule w/over 44 participating organizations. See the Wildflower Center sched w/games, tours + storytimes here: #MuseumDay2018 #atxmuseums…
This Sat., 9. 22, 9 a.m. - 12p Discover edible native plants that are safe for your plate🍴 (and cup)🍵, such as prickly pear, TX persimmon, yaupon and more on this identifying and harvesting tour. #Foraging #AustinTX Space is limited, so register now!…
RT @DellMedSchool: If you're passionate about conservation & sustainability, join the @Planet_TX team for an event at the @WildflowerCtr on…
Telescopes and astronomers give us the tools and knowledge to explore the heavens, but @UTAustin is turning the lens to earthly ecosystems at the @mcdonaldobs in the name of #restoration and #conservation. #UTSOA Read more from @UTSOA
Telescopes and astronomers give us the tools and knowledge to explore the heavens, but @UTAustin is turning the lens to earthly ecosystems at the @mcdonaldobs in the name of #restoration and #conservation. #UTSOA…
Showy palafox (Palafoxia hookeriana) w/its lush display of blushing ray + disc flowers is a charming garden annual & summer/fall bloomer. Also known as “sand palafox”, the species thrives in sandy soils with sun (or part shade) and requires little water. It's also butterfly food!
This weekend! Dog Days of Fall are here. Bring your pup to the Center for trails, treats, demos, doga (dog yoga) and more!… #austintx
Seeing red is a very good thing when that red is a patch of bleeding heart/wax mallow (Malvaviscus arboreus) — especially if you are a hummingbird! 😍🌿 In the same family as okra and cotton, this hardy perennial shrub grows rapidly from seed in disturbed areas. #nativeplants
RT @Planet_TX: Being a resilient, inclusive, and just community in the year 2050 takes all hands now. PT2050 invites all who are passiona…
Yes! Cenizo (Leucophyllum frutescens) is correct! It's Texas' official State Native Shrub. Great job!
Up close pop quiz! Who knows the plant producing this flower? We'll show the whole plant and answer in a tweet later today! #nativeplants #texas
Join us for Dog Days of Fall at the Wildflower Center this Sat. + Sun.! Invite your friends and their fur babies, and be sure to check out all the fantastic orgs that will be here to make a PAWSitively wonderful weekend.…
When this huge dark #butterfly flew past us in the gardens, we thought it was a large day-flying bat! In fact, it’s a black morph of a female Eastern tiger #swallowtail (Papilio glaucus). You can see her faint tiger stripes as she sips nectar from the #nativeplant buttonbush.
We're growing! To best serve our increasing # of guests + mission to inspire the #conservation of #nativeplants, we're working with ATX design heroes on a new Gateway Plan. @dwlegacydesign w/@LakeFlato,@TenEyckLandArch Urban Design Group & @Vermeulens_Inc…
We are tickled by this bride’s coneflower-colored bob and playful pose in the Family Garden. A botanic garden is always a great setting for letting love and color shine! #NatureLovers #bridalhair Photo by Fallen from the Clouds Photography.
More hours for flowers! Tuesday Twilights are back as we fall out of summer... Open ‘til 8 p.m. every Tuesday in September and October.
For a #FancyFriday it doesn’t get more flashy than the late summer stunner, eryngo (Eryngium leavenworthii). Often likened to a pineapple, #eryngo is actually in the carrot family (Apiaceae) — also often mistaken for a #thistle, one of its common names is “false purple thistle.”
But this might ACTUALLY be the happiest place on Earth, don’t you think? 📸: Anna Szczekutowicz Photography
Back-to-school = growing up on campus, which is exactly what this living wall on the side of @UTSOA's Goldsmith Hall is doing! Read more (link) or visit IRL when you're up Guadalupe way. It's just beyond the Cactus Café (how appropriate is that?).… #UTLIFE
Are you following us on #Instagram? Because if you're not, you're missing out.… #FearOfMissingOutOnWildflowers
One week left for military families to visit the Center for free! We thank you for your service. The Blue Star Museum program offers free admission to the nation’s active-duty military personnel and their families, incl. National Guard & Reserve, from Memorial Day thru Labor Day.
Enjoy this piece from our Wildflower magazine on how to harvest and prepare the incredible edible opuntia. If you try the recipes or have your own, let us know! #pricklypear #friyay #recipes…
How sweet is Lindheimer’s senna? So sweet we just want to snuggle with those velvety leaves. In addition to being a late-summer-blooming beauty, this shrubby perennial provides important food for birds, butterflies and bumblebees.
Work With Us Wednesday! We are presently seeking 2 seasonal gardeners. These are 10-week positions at 32-40 hrs p/week. Should have at least 1 yr of pro gardening experience. Applicants, email your resumé and cover letter to #austintx #botanicgardens
“We learn from our gardens to deal with the most urgent question of the time: How much is enough?” — Wendell Berry 📷: Gaillardia & Coreopsis #blanketflower #poets #gardeninglife
The green lynx spider (Peucetia viridans) relies on camouflage + agility for hunting/predation rather than a web, so its uncommon to see one so easily — but @tiedyedinatx caught this garden friend backlit on a splendid sunflower. Share this with anyone who needs some #spider 💚
Beauty follows beauty. Fruit after flowers, birds after berries 💕🌿🐦 American beautyberry (Callicarpa americana) #beautyberry #birdfood #foraging
🌟Star-shaped pollen — further proof that gardens bring the heavens down to earth. Have a magical week! ✨ #echinacea #plantmagic
#GIVEAWAY ALERT! Head over to the 'Gram to enter to win our Stay Wild, Stay Cool summer giveaway!…
GIVEAWAY ALERT! Head over to the 'Gram to enter to win our Stay Wild, Stay Cool summer giveaway!…
Thinking of Indonesia. Thinking of California. Thinking of everyone who could use some sunny petals and blue skies in their mind, eyes and heart right now. #thepromise of nature 🌿💛 is #newbeginnings 📷: River Primrose (Oenothera jamesii)
In spite of being one of the most common scorpions in the US, the striped bark scorpion (Centruoides vittatus) is still strikingly cool. #Scorpions are viviparous, meaning these lil' hitchhiking babes were not hatched but live-birthed (after about an 8-mo. gestation period!).
"There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” - Nelson Mandela #MondayMuse 📷: Passiflora foetida
This great purple hairstreak (Atlides halesus) had us doing a double take. The fancy critter has some really fluttery “tails” + special flare on its hindwings that resemble a second head complete w/ feeling antennae, especially when it rubs them together like this. #fancyfriday
RT @LBJLibrary: Remembering Lady Bird: She was bold, a visionary, an adventurer, and our environmental First Lady. 🌷 Learn more about her l…
RT @UTSOA: Lady Bird Day at @WildflowerCtr is this Saturday! Join in on the celebration with guided tours, themed snacks, Mrs. Johnson's ho…
Hear our ED, Patrick Newman, talk about why we offer FREE admission this Saturday (9 a.m.- 5 p.m.) to celebrate Lady Bird Day! #freefuninaustin #do512 #ladybird…
Happy Monday, busy bees! We hope you are surrounded by the sweet scent of wildflowers and are abuzz with joy this week. #echinacea #bumblebees
Butterflyweed (Asclepis tuberosa) is a milkweed in all its blazing glory, minus the milky sap. True to its name, the plant attracts butterflies (& hummingbirds) and is an excellent nectar source. It's also a larval food source for monarchs, queens and grey hairstreaks. #Milkweed
Cardinal feather (Acalypha radians) may sit low in but absolutely glows in a garden! These little spurges add great texture to a garden + flower for nearly 1/2 the year! They do great in a rock garden with full sun. Don’t let tall plants throw shade or the feathers won’t thrive.
Our #MondayMuse @yogawithadriene delivering self care movement for every body. Bookmark this one: "Whether you are an actual gardener or a metaphorical gardener, this practice is for you." If you're going to fruit and flower, you need tending too!…
Day off? Learn a bit about caves in Austin! Thanks, @KVUE for this important story. The Wildflower Center provides several opportunities each year for the public to tour our two explorable caves. Stay tuned!…
We ARE open and the high is 92 today! Happy 4th of July! 📷: Buttonbush! (Cephalanthus occidentalis)
Some flowers fade in the thick of a Texas summer (and we get it!) but rock rose always turns it up to 11! 📷: Pavonia lasiopetala = #HOTpink #rockrose #nativeplants
Want an easy-peasy way to help the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center? If you're a @reliantenergy customer, sign up for EcoShare and you can support orgs like us while offsetting your carbon footprint! Neat, right?
Our friends at Healthy Parks Plan Parks want to maximize health benefits, improve equity, & help local communities expand park access for all in Travis, Bastrop & Caldwell counties. The survey takes 10 minutes and you could win a $50 prize.
#FancyFriday! Frogfruit (Phyla nodiflora) are tiny, tough and always look festival-ready in their flower crowns (don’t tell them that’s so last season — they’re evergreen!). Whatever the weather, from drought to flood, this fanciful flora holds its ground. #nativeplants
Are you a water spirit? Come out to our final Free Nature Night of the 2018 (tonight, 6 - 9 p.m.) where we’ll be exploring hydrodynamics, splashing, mud painting, cave-touring + more! For deets, check out the link in our bio. #freefuninaustin #do512family #waterflower #atxkids
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