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RT @WendiAarons: Austin: Don’t miss Terrence McNally’s “Immortal Longings” at @zachtheatre. I saw it last night and the audience was rivete…
"Staged with artful care...Immortal Longings...provides its own sense of the past through sumptuous visuals." - @AustinChronicle
Did you know we have an Acting Conservatory? #zachtheatre🎭
Lifestyle blog, Haute in the Hill Country, gives you a quick history lesson and her thoughts on #ImmortalLongings
These two are just the best! 😍 @tkirdahy and Terrence enjoying the world premiere of #ImmortalLongings at ZACH. Only one week left to catch the show!
#ImmortalLongings Playwright, Terrence McNally, went on @overheardpbs to talk industry, career and the power of theatre. Check out the episode early right here!
From the Page to the Stage: Leonide Massine The successor to Vaslav Nijinsky in both Diaghilev's heart and his Ballet Russes. Costumes brilliantly designed by Susan Branch Towne.
Tune in LIVE to 91.7 FM until 2 p.m. to hear Wyatt Fenner and Steven Epp talk all things #ImmortalLongings on OFFSTAGE and ON THE AIR!
From the #pagetothestage! Continuing our behind the scenes look at #ImmortalLongings, let's take a look at another of Susan Branch Towne's designs for Nijinsky.
"I wasn't in the theatre last night. I was on Mt. Parnassus. -- The entire cast was excellent." #ImmortalLongings
From the #PagetotheStage! Let's take a look at one of #ImmortalLongings Costume Designer Susan Branch Towne's iconic Diaghilev designs.
A look into the life a living legend. Stream Terrence McNally: Every Act of Life here:
Don't miss your chance to see the world premiere #ImmortalLongings! Check it out:
Austin American Statesman calls #ImmortalLongings "Prime McNally-- Sheer artistry."
"Funny and genuinely profound." #ImmortalLongings
It's Premiere Day! Happy Opening Night to Terrence McNally, the cast, and the crew of #ImmortalLongings! #worldpremiere #zachtheatre #zachpremiere
Tonight, @PBSAmerMasters premiere the incredible documentary charting the life and six-decade career of legendary, and #ImmortalLongings, playwright Terrence McNally. Don't miss it tonight at 9/8c!
"She has the chops, she has the grit, she has the heart, and now...she has the role." We have our #ANN!
Terrence McNally knows how to bounce back. #ImmortalLongings
“The world needs artists more than remind us what truth and beauty and kindness really are.” - Terrence McNally
What's happening tomorrow? 🤔
Reminder! Pay-What-You-Will Week for #ImmortalLongings starts tomorrow! You can purchase tickets online (starting tomorrow) right here:
RT @AmericanTheatre: "I wish I wasn’t the only woman directing a musical on Broadway on season. There’s so many women and artists of color…
It's #TonyAwards Night! Congratulations to Terrence McNally on his Lifetime Achievement Award! We are so honored that you chose to premiere your latest play, #ImmortalLongings, right here at ZACH.
It's the #TonyAwards Day! Who is ready with the watch party? 🎭❤️
Get to know our Producing Artistic Director, Dave Steakley! #zachtheatre
Check out Part 2 the Terrence McNally feature with @AustinChronicle and find out how the business of theatre has changed over the past six decades!
Our friends @AustinChronicle sat down with Terrence McNally to talk about all things life, theatre, and #ImmortalLongings. Check out Part 1 of the interview!
What's the scoop around town? 🤔
#YoungPlaywrightsforChange is back! Come see the staged readings this Saturday! The best part is it's FREE. Who knows? You might get to see Kim Stacy make ridiculous faces again 🤣 Only one way to find out:
Congratulations to all the Critics Table winners! Special shoutout to our teams from Notes from the Field and Sunday in the Park with George.
It's #Pride Month and ZACH is joining the fun!
Swingin' into a new week of rehearsals like... #ImmortalLongings World Premiere:
On Mondays we do Theatre. #SummerCamp☀️ There's still time to register:
It's almost time for #YoungPlaywrightsforChange again! Come see the next generation of writers next weekend!
Love. Passion. Obsession. #ImmortalLongings. A World Premiere from Terrence Mcnally.
We're looking for teaching artists! Join our team and help bring theatre to the next generation of Austin youth!
Happy closing to #TheBalladofKlookandVinette! Even though the show closes, the musical soundscape is something we'll remember for a long time ❤️
Terrence McNally goes to the theatre to share in humanity. Why do you go to the theatre? #ImmortalLongings
How has the work of being a playwright changed? Find out from The Bard of American Theatre himself. #ImmortalLongings
That's Dr. Terrence McNally to you. 🎓 Congratulations to Terrence, #ImmortalLongings playwright, on such an honor!
Why is art and playwrighting so important? Just ask #ImmortalLonings playwright Terrence McNally.
Why is #ImmortalLongings playwright Terrence McNally so legendary? Just take a look at his contributions to Theatre! Any favorites or surprises?
Fantastic and Intoxicating. Have you seen this brand new musical? #TheBalladofKlookandVinette Check it out:
"Fantastic and intoxicating." #TheBalladofKlookandVinette
Well deserved for #ImmortalLongings playwright, Terrence McNally!
Let's go backstage with Black Texas and #TheBalladofKlookandVinette choreographer Christa Oliver!
The Critics Table nominees are in!
Happy closing to Matilda! We'll miss you! 😭❤️
"Can true love save us from the vagaries of a harsh world?" #TheBalladofKlookandVinette
“Featur[ing] some moments of powerhouse pop-soul that are pure stunners...#TheBalladofKookandVinette at ZACH is an evocative production that looks and sounds great."
Tune into KAZI 88.7 FM at 11 a.m. this morning to hear Roderick Sanford and CHANEL live talking about #TheBalladofKlookandVinette. Who knows? You might even hear them sing 😉
Check out Every Act of Life to learn more about the legendary playwright behind the world premiere of #ImmortalLongings at ZACH! #TerrenceMcNally
Director Dave Steakley chats with our friends at @NAMT about #TheBalladofKlookandVinette and producing the new musical:
"[The Ballad of Klook and Vinette] is an emotional roller coaster that will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love all over again..."
Our very own Mariela Denison is being honored by the Austin Critics Table! Go ZACH PPC!
Go behind the scenes with #TheBalladofKlookandVinette and Musical Director Christian Magby
RT @amylaytonatx: Hear from #MusicDirector Christian Magby on the new musical 'The Ballad of Klook and Vinette' @zachtheatre Experience lov…
Another #RedHotandSoul in the books. Huge thanks to Carolyn and Marc Seriff, Mindy Ellmer, and Brian McCall! See y'all next year! 🎉 Feature:
Y'all ready to party tonight? #happiesteverafterparty #rhs2019
Take one last look behind the scenes of #MatildaTheMusical with Black Texas and Sloan Johnson Full interview:
"Am I in your heart... you know you are the best of me." It's opening night of The Ballad of Klook and Vinette! These performances are next-level, people.
Our #MatildaTheMusical series by Black Texas continues with another round of 20-questions played with Ryan Gu! Full Interview:
Another round of 20-questions with Black Texas and Wilkes Goodner, or as you might know him, Bruce! Full interview:
"Rich with witticisms, emotional exchanges, and some of the best vocabulary I’ve seen." #TheBalladofKlookandVinette Full review:
In case you missed it, we've cast the World Premiere of Terrence McNally's new play Immortal Longings! Check out the cast:
RT @ATXbonvivant: The Ballad of Klook and Vinette at the @zachtheatre is thought-provoking and entertaining, plusf it wields an emotional s…
Next up in our backstage look at #MatildaTheMusical with Black Texas, let's chat with ZACH Theatre Pre-Professional Company member, Mercy Bovik. Read the full interview:
Well deserved! Congratulations to playwright Terrence McNally who will be world premiering his new play #ImmortalLongings here at ZACH this June. Read the full article:
Let's play 20 questions with one of our talented Matildas! #MatildaTheMusical #ZACHPPC Article:
RT @NAMT: #HappyOpening to The Ballad of Klook and Vinette (#namtfest29) at @zachtheatre!
Happy #WorldBookDay! Matilda is all about that reading life. What are some of your favorite books? #MatildaTheMusical
Enjoy the best of Austin Nightlife right here at ZACH! Party with us:
Raise your hand if you're ready for CHANEL to take over our stage next week? #TheBalladofKlookandVinette 🙌🙌🙌:
Ever wanted to be in a ZACH production? We are auditioning for several roles in next season's #JUNGALBOOK! Audition info:
Looking for something to do this weekend? 😉 Here's a list:
"His smile is like the sun" #TheBalladofKlookandVinette
Did we mention that drinks are on us?🎉 #HappiestEverAfterParty Paty on-->
We're throwing a party ONSTAGE and you're invited! #HappiestEverAfterParty🎉 Join the fun-->
"A fantastic whirlwind that sweeps us along from beginning to end." Read the full review--> #MatildaTheMusical
RT @ATXbonvivant: I have seen many great shows at the @zachtheatre, but Matilda the Musical was the all-time greatest. Absolutely amazing.…
No seriously. Y'all.👏 Are. 👏 Not. 👏 Ready. 👏 For these kids. #MatildaTheMusical Revolt:
Find out what Mayor Adler has to say about Notes From the Field: Change the conversation. Change the system. #communityconversations
You are heard. What do you want from your local theater? See what other's have to say -->
RT @ElAlma_ATX: Who wants to go see #MatildaTheMusical at ZACH Theatre? Sign up for our e-club now to enter! Visit
Y'all aren't ready for these kids. Just two more days before Matilda takes over ZACH. #MatildaTheMusical Revolt:
You know what doesn't suck? Starting your day to the sounds of kids having their first theatre experience. Wake Up, Brother Bear! is changing the game. 🐻
Community voices are being heard. Speak up. Speak out. #NotesFromtheField
Michelle Alexander and Kriston Woodreaux of #NotesFromtheField joined FOX 7 Austin to discuss the themes of the show. Read to join the conversation? -->
RT @fox7austin: #NotesFromtheField is being performed now at the @zachtheatre. @AmandaOnFOX7 talked to two of the show's stars…
ICYMI: We've announced our 2019-20 Season! Dracula, Janis Joplin and more! See the full season here:
Wake Up, Brother Bear! Brother and Sister Bear conquered ZACH North now they are out here on our Downtown Campus spreading more theatre magic to the little ones of Austin.
Share the magic. Be a hero. #MatildaTheMusical
The suspense was killing us, but we are happy to share our 2019-20 season with you! Announcing a few of our favorite things:
The suspense was killing us, but we are happy to share our 2019-20 season with you! Announcing a few of our favorite things:
The suspense was killing us, but we can finally share our 2019-20 season with you! Announcing a few of our favorite things:
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